Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Got a crack rock in U. City, Sarge?

Did they erase the video of my torture in California?
Only JOE EDWARDS knows for sure.


William C. Hughes
216 Nagel Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63111

University City Police Department
6801 Delmar Blvd.
University City, MO  63130

Dear Cops:

This Hughes tires of the Bush-Obama police state, so how about a lie? “He’s screaming at pedestrians.” “He’s walking in the middle of the street.” “He did not pay a ticket written on Westgate from 1975.” The first one brought out the Internationally Accredited and big joke cop force in Clayton last winter. The second one was a gem from the Ventura County Sheriff out in Callyfornia. The deputy, after receiving my denial, pecked on his computer and said, “I thought I had two calls.”

Later, I’d surmise hackers at Amgen who started out with the Sheriff are maybe a tad antisocial and Deputy Dawg’s comment was a hint, like Mexicans pantomiming how deputy sometimes handcuffs them and shoots them in the back. If that big Oreo Holder hadn’t resigned at the U.S. Justice Department, I’d give him a call.   

Sorry I’m so good at whatever you call this. For the record, when I was a vainglorious light marijuana smoker, I was told, “Don’t ever get stopped by the U. City cops. They will take your pot and money.” “What about an arrest?” I asked. My informant said, “Oh no. They want to sell the pot, so they don’t do that.”

Perhaps Mister MO AG should probe on such behavior today, eh? Decades later, as I wrote a still unpublished book on drugs, terrorism, and national security stuff (Don’t ever do that), a U. City cop would smoke a cigar at the register of the tobacco shop. When I purchased my cheap cigar, I could not help but notice his gun was sort of sticking up, and there was nothing to restrain it. In other words, I’m about one foot from saying, “Free cop gun! Everybody get down!” I would never do that, but in The Loop, your City Council should agree someone else might.

Still later in the sick 911 St. Rita Avenue saga, a guy had issued some type of threat, and in those days I had a properly licensed and insured motor vehicle. I fled to it, had the guy cornered, and was thinking about how nice it would be to hop the curb and crush his thug butt against the wall of a U. City trinket shop. Who drove by slowly surveying the scene intensely? Why, that U. City cop car! I now allege he or she has some sort of “George Jetson Tech” to where the Star Wars Cop© ™ $ knows all, but prefers to take a donut break, just like 1945.

The latest? I’m 1st Amendment protected to bitch audibly about both the #97 Metrobus and John Kerry. Problem for you? No one was near me. New legal term coming soon: “Normal Acoustic Range.” In other words, if your cop/spy/soldier ears are not close enough to hear it, the speech was not legally spoken. And, I don’t need an $800 an hour big-shot LA lawyer to win that point. In court, or on the bus stop? War criminals! Terrorists!! Drug dealers!!! And? Mister Hughes has but one I.D. that is not expired. Don’t dare ask for it again.

So, we saw the U. City cop pull into the round building’s parking lot. Later, I saw two of them at my Royal Bank. On copper break, bank robbery attempt, or “spying?” I want answers, because if I’m going to fill out money orders on the street, I might as well go live homeless with soon to be insurrectionary rabble on the streets of downtown LA. One small riot for mankind, and Mayor Garcetti might talk to me, he might not.

What’s the big deal? If police agencies have the technology to be everywhere a crime is about to occur, or has occurred, why don’t they show up? Oh, they might get shot! Hence my slogan of, “The bullet and buck still work.” (When your device is low on juice, the car won’t start, the Sheriff has an eviction order in hand, etc. etc. etc.). Not last winter, but the one before, a #40 bus informant said, “The Sheriff will take awhile to get him out of there. He’s got a gun.” And my dmh.mo.gov meeting with a circuit court judge on the topic of Saint Louis City deputies with a case of “The Slows?” Not for yet another complaint letter to “The Authorities.”

The 1970’s were narcissistic? The 1980’s glorified greed? I had a job for the entire 1990’s. Then, the World Trade Center fell down. Jeb Bush is the Republican frontrunner? I gotta run. (Up to 7/11 for some cigarettes). Don’t ask what brand, please.

May the mafia swipe your pension,

$ Starring Bruce Willis and Sandra Bullock. Opens Thursday, June 18.

Monday, November 20, 2017

420 Charlie


Mr. Brennan –

The late Lauren Engel said this to me early in my unsatisfactory LA experience: “Bill, it’s really tough when you are dealing with a bunch of nuts.” Her daughter Candy later said, “Howard wasn’t nuts, he was way ahead of his time.” (This was in reference to nutrition, not nuclear energy). Candy brought a ream of paper that would later become damp in a winter rainstorm. As for her Buick Century, the transportation excuse line was: “It will never make it.” Yes, it would have, and wasn’t Charlie Hughes a member of the Traffic and Transportation Club of Greater Saint Louis? He sure was!

Here is the proposal, and all I can do is holler for your new Bob Hyland at CBS if everyone at KMOX behaves like helpless sheep. First, I must note I saw a guy who plays the Vice President on TV (CNN). When asked about the actions of your real Vice President, he said, “That’s too scary. I can’t watch it.” That’s bad, and I mean really bad regardless of your political party affiliation. I have none, which is maybe why former Independent Senator Joe Lieberman sent a tweet.

How about this? As a show starting joke, we find some audio from Howard’s famous Nassau radio interview. Regarding the false Mormon allegations about Kleenex, long fingernails, and urinating in jars, the guy I’m alleging is my dad said:  

"If I had toenails 8 inches long, I couldn't walk.”

Of course nobody from my North County “blended family” wants to admit Clifford Irving was yet more dinnertime discussion. Not only was Mr. Irving and his book discredited, he landed in prison. As remains true today, it is unwise to lie about rich people.    

"Well, how the hell is anybody's health at 66 years of age? I certainly don't feel like running around a track. ... But my health is tolerable.” –Howard R. Hughes

I’m 61 now, and what did I say to my “Army Girl” who alleged all of the health clubs have cancelled her membership? Nothing. What did I say to the John C. Murphy Clinic’s Diane? It was: “I can’t believe what you are telling me.” I am not selling a bumper-sticker that says GOT HEALTH CARE? but for your total information, many do not. Here’s my Last and Final pitch before I start raising hell at CBS in New York.

How about two hours of moderated discussion with:


Why those people? Bill and I have been talking too long with nothing accomplished on my end. Trevor is from England, as am I, plus it was a 7-11 clerk who whispered, “Five Fifty will help you.” I’ve often told hobos and drug addicts that most government matters devolve to the county level, so let’s hear Stenger explain a rapid economic deterioration of North County and blight advancing from the city limits to the old Crestwood Mall out Old Route 66. We move to the psychiatrist in order to discuss, if you wish, all physical and behavioral diagnoses I don’t have. [Have they tossed my SLU Care chart into an incinerator yet?]

May I invent a new legal term: Medical Defamation. Yes, it is scary when a doctor says you might die, and then the “diagnosis” is proved false. This has happened enough times for me to rather go to Copenhagen and contract HIV instead of spend one more day here. Further, it is a fact that the State Hospital nurse who spent extra time with me on “State Hospital Kung Fu” quickly took a job at SLU to either guard my medical chart or “deep six” it. Litigation, anyone?

Keep it nice-nice,


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dan's the Man

Pardon me, that's the wrong Dan.


Mr. Riggs –

I’m conjecturing that when my DNA matches a famous actor, you will all be embarrassed out there. Several Lindenwood ladies of decades past have already told me, “We don’t go there” which is reminiscent of the Goebel Senior Adult Center outside Los Angeles, where several Hollywood types read my work and said, “This is good. Keep writing.” This has paid nary a bill over the past five years, so why not blame Lindenwood?

If Sandra Lovinguth does not want to talk at the Smithsonian, I have good cause to wonder why. I further suppose Ms. Nancy McClanahan is not available through death or due to whatever “curse” has fallen upon my head. My first and second year LCII advisor Lou Florimonte left all the student & staff names on a Facebook page, yet not one finger has lifted to date for me. As LC advisor, I “fired” Lou in favor of Bob White for years 3 & 4; however I liked Lou enough to call the new (1978) Theater Department custodians, “carpetbaggers.”

“Anything to make a buck” I told actresses, comedians, scene painters, and distant cousins hanging around my 6th Street house. Later, I heard of General Spellman’s greedy march through St. Charles County and said, “Sounds like this guy is a major a##hole.” When the college was returned to its past through the appointment of Dr. Evans as president, I recall saying, “He ought to do better.” Did he? How would I know shunned like a leper with active A.I.D.S.?

Allow me to ask one question and not expect an answer: How did my late father have his marriage annulled by the Catholic Church? The only possible answers are:

A). The parents never had sex, and I’m Howard’s son. (ancestry.com? Not today; not ever).
B). They did have sex, yet it was approved by the Vatican as with Royals, because that is my heritage, and likely not yours. Why not track down more false clues, such as unrelated people calling me “Wilhelm” as a kid. I could show you their South St. Louis County house on which Charles Hughes perseverated. As for nearly running him down on the nearby Schnucks and Dollar General parking lots, I saw it, and I can spell “Nazi.”

Thanks for not helping in any way,

William Hughes


Saturday, November 11, 2017

By the way, Sheriff Dean

The D.C. "rioter" with a PhD is allowed to talk? "The Media?" 
You mean news@nazicorp.com?


Amnesty D.C. –

I appreciate the willingness to listen demonstrated by you staff person Sierra today. As I told her, this report was first sent to your London office, because I have been relentlessly tortured right here in the United States. I told her my goal is to be asked follow-up questions on a video camera. Not many are paid to appear on a U-tube video, but it might help when lawyers have refused me legal assistance countless times. The paintball attack? That and more soured me on the entertainment industry. The last shot of a paintball gun in Thousand Oaks, CA was so powerful, I thought was from a rifle. Do you want to wonder what to do in that situation? (Janss Road & 23 Highway). The liquid on my arm was yellow, not blood. The deputy’s name for my only 911 call while tortured was TOUGAS. Does a cocaine dealer get away with trying to set your hair on fire? Did the sheriff issue an illegal ticket to you for chatting with the Jet Propulsion Lab? I hope not! And, I happen to think JPL should lose their funding. Want to see Pluto up close, or survive with a Food Stamp card? That’s what my late dad called a “No brainer.”

Every word is true, and there is so much more. _William C. Hughes        

Friday, November 10, 2017

1000 Maples

Hey girls!
Nobody stole my RALPH'S hat.
Not yet.

Their generic Twinkie leaves much to be desired.
The generic Fritos?
Not too bad.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


That's the Missouri Congressman who said nice things about me.
I do know what day it is, Pam.

I heard of you on KMOX. Apparently, you’ve advised against giving out Social Security Numbers. My joke when I worked for the State of Missouri was: “I’ll post it on the break room bulletin board.”  First, allow badmouthing of a fellow local attorney—number 102 of my “Lawyer Brigade” who cannot assist Mr. Hughes since 2003.

The latest guy and his firm? They listen, but commit to nothing. Not even the filing of a Will, which was the topic of my first question. The answer given was, “Yes.” Why have I not gone to the Bank of America building, money order in hand for this man?

No one will transport me anywhere, and that insanity just might prompt Rep. Jason Chaffetz to pick up his D.C. phone that works properly. My first question for him will be, “Why did the Secret Service turn you down?” (He looks the part). In 2003? Did I mention how long I’ve been trying to secure the services of an attorney? This may not be a “coincidence,” as with my voice just like Howard Hughes’ because…? (The procedure that scares defense industry types is to plug one nostril, go up an octave and start complaining). Like? “That damn nuclear stuff is shaking my casino! This is bad for business. Get Johnny in here!”

How about a 50 minute “therapy” session? I’ll be happy to take MetroBus and be threatened with gun violence--again.

Bill Hughes
[This e-mail was supposed to support a new super-PAC. I'll be lucky to get enough Kickstarter cash for a recreation of Alaska Airlines Flight 261. Don't ask why].