Monday, September 18, 2017

C Drive Crap

Secret Service helped set-up the Shah's secret police.
This pissed-off many.

Savak, the Shah's Secret Police Force
The Shah's brutal secret police force, Savak, formed under the guidance of CIA (the United States Central Intelligence Agency) in 1957 and personnel trained by Mossad (Israel's secret service), to directly control all facets of political life in Iran. Its main task was to suppress opposition to the Shah's government and keep the people's political and social knowledge as minimal as possible. Savak was notorious throughout Iran for its brutal methods.

The interrogation office was established with no limit of using horrific torture tools and techniques to break the arrested dissenters to talk in a matter of hours.

The censorship office was established to monitor journalists, literary figures and academics throughout the country. It took appropriate measures against those who fell out of the regime's line.

Universities, labor unions and peasant organizations, amongst others, were all subjected to intense surveillance by the Savak agents and paid informants. The agency was also active abroad, especially in monitoring Iranian students who publicly opposed the Shah's government.

Interrogation, torture and long term imprisonment by Savak for reading or possessing any forbidden books. The prohibited books were removed from the book-stores and libraries; even the Tozih-ol-Masael written by Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini was forbidden.

Over the years, Savak became a law unto itself, having legal authority to arrest, detain, brutally interrogate and torture suspected people indefinitely. Savak operated its own prisons in Tehran, such as Qezel-Qalaeh and Evin facilities and many suspected places throughout the country as well. Many of those activities were carried out without any institutional checks.

The monarchy was toppled in Iran on February 11th, 1979 (22nd day of Bahman 1357, Persian calendar). The Savak dissolved and then the Iranian people along with the political prisoners tasted the blossoms of freedom (Bahar-e Azadi) for a few months. The banned and forbidden newspapers, magazines and books started republishing until the religious dictatorship took place then Savama was created that resembled Savak in different forms of oppression.

TO: ABC 15 Assignment Desk
FROM: William Hughes
KEYWORDS: Facebook, Mistaken Identity, $250, Howard Hughes

The Facebook message asked for a call. The person in Phoenix was not making sense, partly due to a cell tower fit for E.T. movie sound effects. Given the Hughes pitching this before the weather report “fluff piece” studied Communication Arts, he’s been in both TV and radio stations. Why the Political Science degree? “I’ve got more credit hours” the intrusive were told. The 20+ year career in mental health? Not relevant here except to note this is why I thought Phoenix resident “B.C” was not nuts.

Therefore, I called again. With a slightly better digital transmission and “B.C.” providing a more cogent explanation, here’s what we’ve got, cub reporters. A man with my name apparently made off with $250 and the car keys. I was so empathetic, I said, “I’m stupid enough to go back to LA, so I’ll stop by and pay the other guy’s debt.” This thrilled “B.C.” who is poor and not in a tremendous Malibu beach state of health.

Neither am I, after an illogical ass-kicking in California, but now, I’m on a first name basis with John McCain’s posse. Though a liberal, I read Barry Goldwater’s books, and John knows it. Not related to “The Aviator?” Google “MELVIN DUMMAR” and “HOLOGRAPHIC WILL.” Melvin & Bonnie’s phone numbers have been on my cell phone too long. First call? “Melvin’s out slopping the hogs.” (From an LA pay phone homeless). My Los Angeles joke? “They know who they are talking to,” thus I got stories about Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. from people old enough to be truthful. I can also tell you the Bosnians use real film when they take my 5x7 glossy. I also said, by Union Station, “You’re from The Congo? In Africa?” She said, “Yes, and I speak French too.” How can a guy who has made no more than $43,000 per year as a clinical social worker have met someone from every nation on Earth? They know what I would not admit to myself until 2007.

As a legal intern in Virginia said, “Sounds to me like they put people on vital records who aren’t related.” Bingo, Ben! And, at Civil War soldier Felix Hughes’ cemetery Ken said: “It’s getting mighty interesting out here.” My latest media-ready line: “DNA tests are for criminal trials.” Howard flew airplanes; I research rather controversial reasons they crash. We both like/liked chocolate chip cookies a lot. Females? My late mom said not to trust them, so I don’t. Howard had an Ava. To my Eva, who pranked by saying she had artificial breasts, I guess you had to be there when I looked down and said, “They look real to me.” MGM Taryn? Not without a TV producer “Green Light.”

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This One Bears Repeating

The Dirty Look and the Dollar

“For the first time since Soviet times, large-scale anti-terrorism exercises are being carried out in Russia, involving all government agencies responsible for state security."

_Oleg Ostrovsky

 " That is completely crap."

_Gennady Gudkov

Good quotes bear repeating on the blog run by Word Press commies and Nazis that keep trying to kill me.

Moving on to the famous daughters…

Ms. Obama
This Hughes always disbelieves until there are rational, credible people sending sexy Facebook pics in order to better fiddle for Romans and thereby ignore race riots and nukings that are in the works. I don’t have John Kerry’s cell phone number, but someone does. Seems to me if they’d all get off and sit down like sensible Iranians, we’d no longer hear Japanese air raid sirens. Too simple? Of course it is! I knew something was up spy orifices when a guy I call a “baldie” sat next to me in the Brimhall library. Baldie always had a silly grin and a “memory stick.” After I was 100% convinced the stick was recording my Internet surfing, I received a visit from a .01% of the population person. That was a 14 year-old African-American female in Zip Code 91362. As she slowly sat down and her face was about a foot away, I thought, “Oh my God, that’s Malia Obama.”

Of course I did not try to peek at her screen, per local custom. I did dare to look at a side profile with the hair tied up in that little bird’s nest and thought, “Nah, that’s not Malia.” What happened next, Bill? She was there for about 45 minutes, and when she got up she looked around the library like an Uzi submachine gun was needed. I concurred, and thought, “That sure does look like Malia Obama.” As the pink & black bookbag was hoisted onto her shoulder I figured, “Why not watch her back?” Slowly and assuredly she went up the wheelchair ramp with nobody near. Out the doors she went into the empty lobby. The front doors to California wilderness opened, and my internal joke was: “I’m sure she has a ride.” In the solid tradition of filthy rich Hughes’, I figured I’d wait a few weeks to look at a photo. The determination? Absolutely, positively, Malia Obama. I shall treasure the dirty look, but later I found a photo indicating maybe she’s not thrilled with her daddy either. They are allowed to yell at each other, as I did with my late dad. He was never president, but Harold Hughes should have been.

Ms. Trump
Hackers worldwide know when there is only one A/C outlet available in the whole damn library, that means Hughes’ computer is going to crash. This night at the Brimhall was “standing room only” as I looked at the blinking white cursor, but could not curse. Along came “The Three Amigos,” who may have been from Australia or some such place. They saw my plight, and one guy simply nodded. I cut the power, tried it again, and the most amazing things whizzed by on my XP screen. Before I could believe my eyes, the laptop was ready to send another futile e-mail. I was then distracted by a young woman with blond hair who was in a cubicle to my right holding up a dollar bill. She also had a bookbag and looked like a college student. After accepting the dollar with a hushed, “Thanks” the investigation began. I thought, “That sure looked a lot like Tiffany Trump.” I’m so liberal, first I had to figure out which is which between Ivanka and Tiffany. Once that was established, I scoffed at my own theory, despite a mysterious St. Louis traveler who had given her name as “Tiffany.”  On to the Internet I went to read scandalous accusations about the Trump Tiffany. I live as a monk and know nothing of scandal, yet it was a positive I.D. when I noted the president’s daughter was in an exclusive school at the time right down the 101. A whole dollar? How about a Post-It instead with Marla’s phone number? As Tony R. said, “You kids would get along great.” Then, we’d have some real scandal!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Lindbergh Was a Nazi: Is Mr. Trump?

Charlie found the Japanese architect?
Of course he did!


Ms. Frank –

All of the mystery has ended about my late father Charles. And, it has been a long road to the truth since an Issue Clerk in your building said, “Even if he [Charles] is related to Howard, you can’t get anything.” I must now wonder who she was getting legal counsel from besides ROBERT MCCULLOUGH. I further recall passing a note for the court through a Sgt. Peggy Ostendorf, who I am told has retired.

I have long possessed indisputable evidence that Charles and myself are related to Howard Hughes Jr. This has been largely ignored by everyone I approach, especially attorneys. It was not disregarded by Melvin and Bonnie Dummar (See Melvin and Howard). For your information, I had a satisfying conversation with Stuart Stein, who may well have died this is taking so long. Mr. Stein was the attorney who confronted the Hughes Empire in court. He was gracious because he knew who he was talking to, whereas in this community you imbiciles deny, deny, deny the truth of this matter.

It is time to take some political scalps home to Wales. In keeping with a “last hurrah” as a citizen who has been denied the right to vote since 2006, and been denied the privilege of driving since 2010, I am hoping to assist a political campaign as a U.S. Senator’s staff helps with the documentation that will prove the assertion about Charles. Later, a Passport will take me home. I will not be “walled in” by your madman Donald J. Trump.

In my professional opinion, which is vast, your president has a severe and incurable personality disorder. I am not heeding the recommendation of John McCain’s 2008 campaign staff to “switch” political parties when I’m claiming my late dad’s status of Independent (I). Will I ever be allowed to vote again? This requires an address that not a motel fit for a wrecking ball.

Did you say Ferguson? I took great offense to recognizing your police chief as a man standing on Central Avenue watching me as if I’m directing the unrest in North County. Remind me to get around to filing a lawsuit against CBS for continually lying out of 1120 AM and sending a “fake” television reporter. What did they gain? They recorded my voice and possibly video as well. What I’ve discovered is, when I send mail, they sell it. I send a fax, and they sell it. I cannot identify the mobster’s daughter who said this in 1987: “Bill, I’m going to save your letters and sell them.”

This puzzled me, even though I write well and have often been published. The next year, I confronted Charles about the genetic link to Howard. He issued no denial and never denied this relationship. The year after that, I received a visit from four of your police officers who alleged I was “nuts.” The facts spoke otherwise that day and speak loudly today, so I’d be pleased if Chief Belmar flips his badge in a bucket and resigns today.

Bill Hughes 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Who is Allen?

Mom liked that Tiger Lilly movie Woody made.
She was not nuts.
Are you?


Mr. Surinski –

Here are the FACTS, as briefly as I can state them. In 2008, I moved to the State of California. The IRS and SSA have just verified I was receiving mail at 2200 Empire Avenue in Burbank. After a woman with a pig hanging from her rear-view mirror bent over with a short skirt on, the mail stopped.

Next, I found an apartment at THE GALLERY in North Hollywood. I paid with a personal check for the $99 Move-In Special. A man wearing an ANNAPOLIS sweatshirt oddly stared at me as I did this. I returned to AMERICA’S EXTENED STAY HOTEL, and the PENSKE TRUCK containing everything I’ve ever owned was “missing.”

I did not call police because the desk clerk named MYOKO, and later manger “SAL” said they saw a Penske tow vehicle on the lot. I called them and recorded it for better customer service. “They should have sent the auto glass man” I was told. Instead, the truck I had paid for was towed to their lot on OLYMPIC AVENUE in Los Angeles. Why? Someone intentionally broke a truck window under a security camera to seize my property. I think the perpetrator was, and is, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

Thus began a quest to offload the contents and return to Saint Louis, Missouri. I had the money to: A) Pay a balance due on the Penske truck rental; B) Pay for the U-Haul truck. Instead, a woman who called herself THERESA COLSON screamed at me irrationally. Bizarrely, two gentlemen and a female sat in the office with a large parrot as I listened to Ms. Colson rant. Given Ms. Colson made no sense, and I had recorded this encounter with a Sony recorder in my pocket, I departed.

On the street, I was surrounded by young people wearing “bud headphones” as if they were providing security. I did not, for one second, think they were the “Secret Service.” I stayed at various motels and tried to recover my property. There were phone contacts, many voice mail messages, and documents faxed. In the process I was given many names, like “DAVE CARGO” and “CHRISTY SNOW.” In real-time, I figured these were aliases. I also thought every communication with them was “Wire Fraud,” because when Penske stopped giving full names in favor of “DALLAS,” I doubted I was about to talk to a Vice President of the company as promised, or DICK CHENEY.

My housing ended at the PREMIER INN. I had delayed paying my bill because the phone did not work, as with every major hotel chain. Shortly after check-out time, a man appeared and said “Get out or I’m calling the police.” I offered to pay. This was refused. I departed. I accessed more funds via MONEYGRAM. Property I had left outside my motel door was stolen by the time I returned. I called the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and said, “I’m about to be homeless.” I called my alleged sister MARY E. BEHRNS. She said, “You are crazy for trying to sell a screenplay out there,” and offered no help.

I slept in a dumpster and dined on discarded swordfish my first night homeless. I thought, “I’ll get out of this mess somehow.” I still have not, with eviction currently threatened by the same sister/landlord at 216 Nagel Avenue. I want her arrested for assault, terroristic threats, and selling illegal drugs. Get it?

Back to Social Security, I became so dehydrated, malnourished, and weak, I went to a public computer in about May of 2009 and filed a disability claim. The confirmation print-out was stolen. As my possibly murdered father Charles Edward taught me, I wrote the number down in several additional places. Those documents were stolen. I called a “Mr. Garcia” at the local SSA office in Thousand Oaks, and recorded the conversations with his permission. Later, the tapes were stolen.

Now, let us hear the Obama Administration claim there was nothing filed. I will go to the last step of the process and demand a federal trial much? In 2010, I called Social Security on a pay phone. I was astoundingly told, “We can’t tell you anything, because EQIFAX has locked your account.” I told her Equifax has nothing to do with my earnings since 1971. Later, SSA would not answer after as much as a 40-45 minute wait on hold. I still do not have the figure on disability and retirement at 62 because they will not disclose the number no matter what I do.

My Lifetime Earnings Report was apparently sent to the Burbank address in conjunction with my 60th birthday. I called the Burbank Post office, where I sent a Priority Mail envelop to the United States Supreme Court, because I had begun to allege I’m related to CHARLES EVANS HUGHES, as “Charlie” Hughes had hinted in 2006.

To make a long, factual story shorter, I now have an untreated bone spur, and my feet are wrecked to the point where I cannot walk without pain. I also have chronic headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain, a small untreated hernia, and lower extremity swelling that is not life-threatening, but I cannot give the diagnosis because my Saint Louis University physician has reportedly quit the practice of medicine. Perhaps I should have grabbed her blue jeaned rear end when I saw her in a Ladue Schnucks pushing a shopping cart so close, she almost hit mine. I was so surprised, I said nothing.

Perhaps her resignation from the medical school had something to do with a copy of my suppressed book on 9/11 and national security I gave her on CD-R. I know she read some or all of it, because she said, “You are like Tom Clancy. You writers know things.” This has led to a payday? Yes, if the ALJ sees it our way, and I’m guessing this could be, in a broad “guesstimate,” a between $70,000 and $90,000 SSA backpayment.

Even the City of Saint Louis official’s first line in my former “drug house” was, “Are you related to Howard Hughes?” My reply was, “Maybe.” Like Howard Robard Jr., my position is that even if I have several trillion dollars someday, I still deserve my SSD check, on time, every month. Further, I will pay all applicable taxes. No more HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE (HHMI) tax dodge, and by the way, I filed a lawsuit against them in Montgomery County, Maryland in 2008. The clerk was not thrilled with giving me the case number in 2014, but as of yet, nobody has stolen the notebook with the number, nor that for the lawsuit against HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, LLC, also in Maryland.

Like DirecTV and Dish Network? You will all be seeing a test pattern if am not afforded at least basic human rights soon. Last year, I actually asked a Maryland State Police officer if a successful lawsuit would ultimately resemble an eviction. He agreed it would, and I think the media would cover my bullhorn announcement that the crooks within have 20 minutes to exit the building, or be arrested. Many engineers and aerospace workers called me “Howard” in California. I have no plans to return there and be tortured further. Why not? The Hollywood cliché is: “You can sell a good screenplay anywhere.” Really?

William Charles Hughes 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rain? I said tort claim!

Bill was never at my uncle's house down the hill from EMERSON ELECTRIC.
If the microwave leaks, this is a tort claim, dude.

December 24, 2121

Dear 550:

See the citations below for an example of how well Russians have infiltrated your society. The article is from a journal that was recommended reading on a U.S. military website. Problem(s)? It is not December yet, and there is nobody named "Faiola" in the article or footnotes. Wonder with me why I notice this crap, when the Pentagon does not.

21. David Filipov, “‘Chaos’ Theory Is Working for Putin,” Washington Post, 15 December 
2017, A-1, A-12.

27. Ibid., Faiola, A10.

Bill Hughes, Adjunct Professor

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bill's a Missouri DMH "Share Bear"

KSHE? KLOS? How about "Mexican Guy" by the Stooges?


Dear Clinton Campaign:

What happened when I challenged Governor Nixon to obtain his own Food Stamp card, walk to my Family Dollar store, and return safely to Mr. Brown’s slumhouse on Michigan Avenue? Someone stole my copy of the letter. Perhaps Nixon still has his.

On a similar theme [TOP SECRET—SCOOTER LIBBY QT], how about you all get a look at what is fueling the Trump monster? I proposed this to the Citizen’s For Modern Transit chief and got nowhere.

Mission Requirements
$ Red dye for Hillary’s hair + cheap sunglasses
$ A blond wig for Ms. Abedin
$ Two sets of what I call “Muslim Headgear”
$ Wire rim glasses and a brown hippie wig for POTUS 42

The women are to sit in the back of Bus #73 on a Friday night. Enjoy the ride from Downtown St. Louis southward to Robert. Bill Clinton can sit up front where people ask the driver silly questions like, “How do I get to that Botanical Garden?” He will be told that requires the #8 Bus.

Why even my cheap android could run some video Fox, CNN, and MSNBC might perseverate on for 48 hours, instead of the “Fly Brain Electorate” 24 hr. industry standard. Despite the presence of downtrodden masses Trump seduces, it’s perfectly safe. (Although you may need a sentinel to walk a block north to my old stop at Nagel Ave.). There, they could be stuffed into a Lincoln Towncar expeditiously. Not safe? I’d remain behind and wait for the northbound bus.

Steal the phone!
Steal the phone!
Not with that video on it.

What would happen, Mr. MetricBreath? You would find your (D) has pulled even with the evil (R). Did I mention previously you are going to lose? If Ms. Abedin and Clinton see that mobile mess of disgruntled protoplasm, I guarantee they’d sound more like the crude bully from NY, and maybe squeak out a win. As a robbed at Raintree Apts. gent told me in 1996, “It’s bad out there, man.” Not worse today? Folks, it is 20 years later, and that man knew what he was talking about.

Bill Hughes