Thursday, June 27, 2013

Missing Authors? Pat Hyland & Michelle Obama

08.20.1977 - I was where? Getting that, "You're still alive?" look.

Now, let's bore everyone with stories. Why did the following events happen as I started to write this on Internet Explorer?
--The Google warning came on--no upload.
--The post would not save, either.
--The security certificate was questioned--again & again.
--The library session timed-out.


1. I think I still have the library receipt bar code for Michelle Obama's "missing" autobiography.
2. I think many are engaged in criminal activity around here.
3. Consequently, I've been referred to your non-existent "social services" AGAIN, with three jobs waiting in Missouri--along with a few trillion bucks. No, EUROS!! Bye! See 'ya!!! Why not dig in the knife again and ask if I need a disability check? 
4. Good news? The library boss & Deputy Director know I'm sane, and have known this since May, 2009. [I wanted a map of Newbury Park back then, not genealogy info.] Why "Call the cops," when I'll beat you to it?
5. Incidentally, I might be the C.O.G. POTUS--so kindly don't kill me until the "real government" perishes. Thanks! [Wanna get scared? George W. Bush taught us they can activate it without being deceased]. And what's going on in Africa? Wouldn't you like to know, spy-creature-creep!

Yet another Ed--blame this post on him.

6. NASA & JPL on a parking lot, plus foreign dignitaries? Why? Ed's been following Voyager(s) a long time. He's old now, as am I. BBC News informed me Ed's spacecraft are about to leave the solar system. This is a big deal. Want a bigger one?
7. I've had Chinese persons living in two previous residences before me, and some were murdered over this. Over what? I DON'T THINK NASA'S SPACECRAFT ARE THE FIRST TO DEPART OUR SOLAR SYSTEM/GALAXY. MINE WAS--WITH ME IN IT. Now, call the Funny Farm. No, that's why too many nutty people are following me around, in addition to the political angle.
8. Yes, before I'm left to die in the California sun homeless, let it be noted the "test drive" was not mental illness, nor was seeing my spacecraft in the California desert--Kettleman City, to be exact. UFO? No, that's when it is "unidentified." Get the bad joke? I saw the inside--NOT A DREAM, then the outside--MAN THAT THING GOES FAST!!! 
9. Space travel haters/flat Earth types, you can kill me now, because as with the Howard as grandpa FACT, it took a long time to think over the FACTS and wonder, where is my spacecraft hidden?
10. Soon, I hope, the 19th Century courts will love it! "Your Honor, I want my property."

Q: How does it handle, Hughes?
A: It tugged a bit to the left in spiral galaxies, however, I was able to compensate by...

...RETURNING TO ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, WHERE THE MERCURY & GEMINI PROGRAMS WERE RUN OUT OF "MR. BILL'S NEIGHBORHOOD." I'm allowed to opine that the U.S. space program went down the toilet when it moved west, starting with three crispy Apollo astronauts, right NASA Chris? Right! When I get access to a TELEPHONE--again denied today--we'll talk it over. Kooks, apparently I was already "out there," so please, find something better to do than think I'm going to talk to you about it. JPL knows--that's why we discussed the Mars program, not my Star Trek stuff. Deny it? You can't!

NOTE IN GREEN: The above post reminds me of my late business partner, who would speak of his safe, and if he died do this and that. Defense work? Not for me! "Northrup Man" dead yet? I'm calling those cases--including both of my parents--MEDICAL MURDERS. Stay out of California hospitals, if you can.
I'll get right on all those crimes against Hughes, sir. After you're back from Africa? 2016? No rush, right?

Creatures, We Have Two Missing Books

 St. Louis Globe Democrat

 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

What was he doing in the GRANT R. BRIMHALL LIBRARY?

"Rob Nabors?" Is that a name, or a plan?
No, I am not talking to you, or you, or you, or you, or.....
May I have a new library card?
May I read about CREW & Palin's clothes.
As Rick said, "William, it's all on the Internet."
As .gov said, "If it's on the Internet, it's not secret."
Spy agency "crown jewels?" As they say in 1000 Oaks...
"You talkin' about me?"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not me, brother!

May I "sleep with the enemy?" How about an ally?

MonkeyCop here yet? "You cannot work in the library, because we are all paid-off by Democrats to look the other way on the enormously popular drugs trade and attendant murders. We don't care about your missing friends."

"Thanks for your honesty, deputy. Now where am I supposed to go? How about the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER, where they will give me a new purple jacket, and then, MI-5 girls, MI-6 gayboys, KGB killers, CIA dog turds, fbi pukes, NSA Huskies, DEA Burnt Bodies, DIA Lost Airmen, TSA Gropers, and a diminutive FCC secretary can all wonder why Ron Brown's plane went down before and after Bingo, as Rachel, who brings out upper SS management when she gets a ToGo's sandwich, can be stared at as Bill awaits that rock star's daughter."

She smiled. She said "Hello."
Man, it's hard to run for president around here.
Is Paul going to South Carolina because Sarah said okay?
I hasten to point out Ross Perot boasted of doing fine on 6 hours of sleep, and was never accused of being a mental case. 

He was?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Extra Kredit e-ssay Kuestion

It's the "Ditto" heard round the world.

"Just like they did with ObamaCare, some in Congress intend to 'Pelosi' the amnesty bill. They'll pass it in order to find out what's in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable ObamaCare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-pound disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans."

--Sarah Palin

"What would happen to the USA and world if Mr. Hughes became a Vice President like Dick Cheney?"


A KLOS 2fer

Q: "What is the difference between Ventura County Deputies and Russian cops?"
A: "Check your GPS."

Q: "What do you call sex with no talking?"
A: "Rape."

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Don, I have some bad news for you."

"Gawd, he's boring. Is he finished yet? I've got another appointment in Topeka."

Howard tossed a net over a whole one? Let's see...Roger was in the Navy, my VP from high school has gone "missing," and...."

What's that f-word that upsets them?

If anarchists take over, what are my responsibilities?
Will you pick up the trash?
Will the Metrolink be on time?
Will my Microsoft products operate properly?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden Stashed in Bellefountaine Neighbors

Pam Blum is already under arrest for espionage. Get your stupid California kops off me.
Let's see...who's trying to kill me for not entering politics?

Right-wing Jews.
Crazy Christians.
Lutherans (All Synods).
Anti-abortion crackpots.
Radical tree-huggers.
Mexican drug thugs.
A-rabs "burned" on 9/11.
Irate PTSD soldiers.
Pot farmers.
Obama's dog.

"You looked kind of scared, and I don't speak Spanish, so maybe we could..."

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Somebody's gonna get killed." NOT ME!

What's on top of my rocket, girls? The two-word google clue from a 14 year-old? Not tonight. Sony's got a billion dollars, don't they?

Where did the back of the sub go? I refer you to U-Man and spinning Bill DeWitt Cardinal hats during the 7th Inning stretch.

Hired hands. Doesn't she look lovely?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Arrest Pamela Blum Today


mafia! mafia!

This is not Howard Sr.
This is not Howard Jr.
This is not Charlie
This is one homicidal Bill Hughes

Let's ask a LEGAL question: "What does it take to make Bill Hughes ready to kill?"

The answer is: Eleven years of U.S. Government-sponsored psy-op TORTURE, going on five years of state-sponsored illegal detention....more? Read my upcoming federal lawsuits. They are not "secret." However, Hughes v. Finkel (2008) might be. Unseal it , now!!! Or, I'm coming for Barack in a goddamn tank. 

Homeless? Even "MonkeyCop" in Ventura County does not argue with my legal address:

30 Centre Street, Apt. 1
Concord, NH  03301

I MAKE THE RULES for myself and ALL of my substantial capital, because I have no spouse and no dependents. There is no engagement. I am a heterosexual with no girlfriend. I am legally competent. I am not mentally ill. Therefore, the WILL posted on:
 and is valid.
Why? NO LAWYER IN THE USA HAS EVER AGREED TO REPRESENT ME. (With funds to pay, or pro bono). What is that? A collective William V hint. 60+ lawyers have said, "Sorry Hughes, can't help you." since 2002? Nuts! Not me. 
Was PETRA WRIGHT sending me gmail? I think not. I think the United States Department of Justice knows she wasn't. I further allege C.I.A. is up to very stinky business in the USA, where they do not belong. Mr. Snow~done does not appease me. Arresting "Gary" and "Jeff" DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. Why not? GEOFF is the one who needs the federal handcuffs. Monday? Has the President resigned yet? Has a BLUM been arrested yet?

William Webster, fine St. Louisian and former fbi director. 

New Webster Groves, Missouri Rule:
Stalking me in two or more locations?
How about I, "Call the cops?"
Innovative! Creative!
Why have I not?
The joke is:
"Who's guarding the President?"

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Post #44: Is he dead yet?

3...2...1.."I did not do it."

"Half of your problem is gay guys."
- Ben Demarzio, 2010

"Hughes is 'bipolar' and manic, just like Robin Williams."

"Mister, Hughes, ideas are dangerous things."
- Delores Williams, 1977

It is an ugly, tragic divorce. Do not threaten me in any way, or I will end your life.

William V

Kill Bill, Re-elect the President

"Didn't we vote for him twice? Huh? My hearing aid is broke. ObamaCare paid for it, but they won't fix it. No. I don't have money for batteries. Huh? I'm voting for him again. He did? I told you, I can't afford any damn batteries. What?"

Enough humor. Obama is a terrorist. He's not mentally well. GOT A LIFT TO WASHINGTON, D.C.? FUCK WITH ME, AND I'LL KILL YOU TODAY. CAN'T COMPLAIN TO THE CORRUPT MonkeyCop when you are dead.

JAMES LEONARD -- THE WHAT OF WHERE? (T.O scrubbies, too much talk of the 'King James Bible' among the 23rd street gang. In Saint Louis! The nations's capital city when I'm 'done' with you totalitarian TERRORISTS. Joe Biden still alive? Your FL pals/buddies/assoCIAtes are fixin' to shoot you in the back, like they always do. Me? I'm homeless, helpless, forgot to kill E. Fuller Torrey [mental health pro joke, son], and need a disability check. Social Security can't cover those checks? Really? I thought Tip O'Neill (D)-MA fixed it for good. The money went for Boston mass transit? Our Social Security money went to the "big dig" in Beantown? I promise never to call the JFK Library again.

ROBERT C. BLAND -- murdered.
DORIS HEARING -- murdered.
CHARLES E. HUGHES -- murdered
MICHAEL HUGHES -- murdered.
WILLIAM CHARLES HUGHES - always in a disclosed location. Can't see me? Why not, deputy?

I do not recognize the United States Government. Bunch of terrorists!
Anybody want oil?
Porno [entertainment] industry?
U.K. Crown?

How's Diana not dead SPENCER doing?
Gray Lincoln Continental?
Honey, you are going to prison!

It's my neighborhood grocery story, where I once asked, "Did you keep a record of what movies I rented?" I thought they were going to call the [St. Louis County] cops. Ready, Interpol? "Movies! What is a movie? We rent movies? Oh, we do? No! No way! We don't keep track of that! What, are 'ya nuts?"

Clue? Yes. When, RoboSpySoldier? 1999. 2000? Got a hole in the Pentagon? Patch it, soldier!

Two colored girls, one director's chair on sale. As Charlie Hughes said, "Shop; don't buy." Therefore, when middle-class macho man Bill decided he could afford it, two of Craig Schnucks minimum wage slaves made fun of my chair. 

Clue? Yes. When? 1999. 2000? Got "Jew Flu" at the World Trade Center. It might be sitting in the Saudi desert, people. How could that be? TODAY'S HUGHES QUOTE NOT IN THE MEDIA: "If my people aren't 300 years ahead of the competition, I need to have a chat with some engineers."

MICHAEL TOWERS - today, D.O.J.? "Bunch of goddamn terrorists!"
RONALD REAGAN - His rude, crude, "typewriter code?" Not today, D.O.J.??

WI-FI STILL ON? It is? Amazing!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arrest the President

Where is my fucking bullhorn, Biden?
Bobby's ghost will bring the vodka.



Start with this? "Dude, like grandpa, I don't want to pay taxes."

Or this?

I say the latter. Where is Eva, FBI? Where is she, Secret "murder" Service? Caught red-handed!!! Her mafia-looking daddy may be ready to nuke your ass from...oh heavens! Not my Typhoon/Eurofighter! Don't worry Gotham City, I think LA needs to be "gone" as well. Did I mention I'm from Saint Louis? They're fielding such skilled spies & provocateurs out here, the word today is I'm goin' down for stealing razor blades. No, that fucker Jason Yea gave them to me []. Y'all in from Kirksville? St. Joseph? Hannibal? No? Live in T.O.? You better start praying to Baby Jesus. I do.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post #41? "We" shall speak frankly!

Older. Better. Used to beat German ass. 

Why are you hangers-around angry?
My new 100% lawful research?
Yes, apparently President John F. Kennedy gave the Cubans their second warning re: missiles on Charlie & Margaret's Wedding Day. (One day prior to yours truly's birthday. So sorry I met the man as a kid in a Chicago hotel in 1961). Why is this a problem?
YOU, whoever you are, will STOP the speculation & spying on me and my family.
Already in prison you are, no matter who wins the stupid-assed presidency.
"The patient is dead," I told my self
William Charles Hughes has no CPR for USA.
I cannot help you, and I almost died trying.

See 'ya!


President Obama and Joe Biden about to be assassinated!!
Secret Service does not care.
I will post the first paragraph of a report they do not want.
Got a C-Note for a hotel room, Mr. Democrat Pussy-Patriot?
Maybe they'll live. If they don't...

Statement On a May 29, 2013 Threat Upon the Life of President Barack Obama

This is a credible and serious threat. First, I would like to state that I was treated like an adult at age 17, not at 57, because of technologies I will disclose as your next President (#45). Brief background? Four “Secret Service Cases” with the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH). [They knew to call on Tuesday or Friday, did they not?] Consequently, I was the “intake” Mental Health Coordinator for all of them, and of those cases, I was assigned two. One closed quickly, and I am very concerned about the present-day status on the other one. I have nothing to say about that case until I am housed in a hotel at Secret Service expense, and we have a face-to-face meeting. Given what I am about to report, it had better be soon.

Rules, rules, rules. Don't I love additional California ticky-tacky regulations, when I've possibly got terrorists by the short hairs! "Camping?" Is that why Sgt. Schultz's boys put a new trash can out? For fresh citations I'm not paying? The city worker to which I refer was a U.S. Marine, and perhaps the dumbest of Jarhead has figured out they love me (in the black, of course).

The believe it or not LEGAL rule is "Let Hughes be," or you get your ass killed at this point. By me or a designee? As my boss who did more than you think in New York said often, "Not my decision." Not a movie. Not a TV show. Not a video game. Not a "delusion." For clinging types, get it through your mushy head: I DO NOT NEED ANY "HELP." I need one service only...TRANSPORTATION. To where I want, when I want to go there. The liberation of the American people by Henry Ford is in all of your schoolbooks, if you get what I mean. Where are my cars, terrorists in the United States Government?

Infuriating it is that spy-barnacles behave like they do not believe me, but avidly SNOOP for more. I'm here to tell you your act has poor cover and you are getting indicted, arrested, maybe killed. Distinctly not my problem now--if it ever was.

Believe it or not:
H: "Your husband doesn't make much money, and neither do you. How can you afford this car?"
F: "My maiden name is Ford."

"Bill, how many people are trying to kill you today?"

"Steve, the line stretches to the Great Wall of China. Fortunately, some of the killers are time travelers. Dick, I've got your back."

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Last Key Rattle: No Picture Show


"Now, they all give a big fucking speech in Moscow. I'm taking a slow boat. Then, we get those A-rab terrorist Toytota trucks and drive on into China. This will get me out of real work, and I'll learn goat herding and shit. Who's on the phone? A Navy psychiatrist. Gotcha! Nah, I worked with one. He treated Clinton for depression when he got impeached. They can start a fucking hearing. Where's that Disney employee who wanted to go to the Great Wall? We're lucky the thing is still there after all that crap out in California."

Jack, I'm tired of your "drug shit."

Jack knows how to sue me if he feels so motivated

Jack, there are two very terrifying things in this life, neither of which scared me too much. 1). You've been detained, and the "Great They" won't say why; 2). You are surrounded by SPIES, and do not know what the hell they want, because you have no intelligence agency "tradecraft." (The Hughes genes will not be discussed here, but the DNA does not hurt in deciphering Ding-Dongs and their "messages").

My words are going to get like Dow Chemical Company napalm if I do not arrange for some transportation. The local cop car is now in readiness? If not a publicity stunt, as I said of my grandfather Howard Jr., not "nuts," but "kinda weird." For example, in the supposed USA, I fought a battle over use of a pay phone. City workers stated repeatedly, "It's a public park," yet I was chased from the PHONE. The NSA Greatest Hits quote from about 2002? "If I had a phone that called anywhere reliably, I'd take over the world."

Now "we" are tub-thumping in the black for a President Hughes? Lawyers, I'll call it "telecommunications deprivation" in my own goddamn pro se filing. First, since I'm basically wasting time, my sentiments on the cell phone. First, my 1993 joke. "Drug dealers seem to love them. It's a cell phone, alright." Others heard this, and they were social service professionals. 

Jack, just last night, I bragged on riding in a Secret Service car--not in the "Hinckley position," but rather, "riding shotgun." This caused two ongoing problems:

1. The "Other A-rab" is the dangerous one in that case, so just ignore me--and new info on him--until a U.S. city blows--up, then blame me to supposedly take my trillions away. Won't work, Jack.

2. Pardon me, United States Department of Justice, for solving a big crime. Details here? No, I saw this movie. Pressure me until you get all the puzzle pieces for free? I'll be happy to "fight fire with fire" against you "official terrorists" and make big BOOM_BOOM in west~lake. Not illegal, Jack, and given your posh D.C. office location + law degree, I'm sure you already know that.

Given the stench of dead drug dealers in T.O.--Westlake Village, I DEMAND THE ARREST AND PROSECUTION OF YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, AND AS MUCH AS I DETEST BARACK OBAMA, HE'S..... 
And, I think both he and Michelle are literate, if you get my drift. Yes Jack, my drifts of "snow" are always very cold, and not sent in exchange for weapons. Sad days for USA, given they were not even very good guns, according to that Kerry Committee cover-up from long ago. Jack, John needs a swift boat to hell, and don't ring my crappy cell phone for Secretary of State or VP when it gets really bad. 


p.s. Don't ever allege I drove past that airport on purpose. Per usual, a report I read, plus the groaning & squirming in my "missing" 1992 Nissan 240SX should equal victory.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nutcase, you can't use your own money!

Right Peter?

However, Mr. Jennings could raise  some money, if he were so motivated.

FUTURE SS TALK from "Clark Bar":

"We advise against it, because there is a long and robust history of trying to kill your ass in this community. We have interviewed thousands who wanted to 'kill bill', and it is simply impossible to police or provide adequate security for such an entourage as you are insisting upon. In addition, Ms. Kennedy's bizarre behavior is a concern to our Navy psychiatrist consultant, who thinks some sort of latent personality disorder is emerging due the stress of the campaign. As for you, Hughes, those capsules of 300 milligram li...
"Can you believe they're are both still alive?! Here's your next President and Vice President, William H..."[KMOX AM EBS tone]

STARBUCKS, YOU ARE GONE because I will close-out your little shitwagon of a spyin' corporation. Bye!
[What just happened at the 2755 Agoura Road location is for congressional committees, not you, little spy-fuck]. They don't do this shit in England or France, dirtball. Bye!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pot War: 2017 Don't worry, it's just a bad ABC TV show

KLOS KUIZ  Extra e-z (Melissa will have grand prizes!)
Q: What should you do with an Uzi in your face?
A: Run fast.

I'm tired of seeing these cases, kids (With no open legal cases).

Friday, June 14, 2013


Dr. Who?

He'll sign anything? I had several bosses like that.

Have a nice day at #80 East
What did she yell?
"Lets hear more rockin'!."
Yes, ma'am.

"She was never there. He's psycho! That bitch is not from there. Off his meds. Nuts! Totally nuts!"

The goo server has rejected what?

"Steve, issue the usual denials."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hughes? He can do it all!

Memphis, 1994: "I could pop for some lawn seats, but there's too many spies out here. I wonder why. Sounds fine out here for free. Can't see the motherfuckers's free. What the hell are they looking at?"

St. Louis: 2004: "I'm not having a delusion here, but it seems that song refers to something that was said in [JOHN KERRY NO-NO] and the business card said [WALTER BRENNAN NO-NO]. Jesus Christ! Right next to the answering machine that gave up the [MICHELLE'S PIMP NO-NO]

St. Louis, 2006: "If not for that concert cancellation, somebody could have been killed. What are they all fighting over? Drugs, perhaps?"

Burbank, 2008: "The business card is from that bar. Man, this is bad. Really bad."

Westlake Village,  2013: "Mighty quiet out here. Hmmm. I could possibly be in deep shit. Aw, fuck 'em! It will all turn out okay--I hope."

They already picked out a health club?
My weights are in the car, as I recall.
Scary (not really).


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slow Simi/See Me? Suicide - Am i Disturbing Stuckbucks? [Conrad Hilton Could Not Spell Either]

I saw a robot camera in the way--a Don Kirshner pet peeve of mine--and said to myself, "Something's not Kosher here." Back for the never on the BMI paper lyric of:
"I been thinking about what I've been missing, Bill." I'm gay? No, you may be headed to "FedPen" because "The Detective" here rocks. 2013? Try 1989--a very "interesting" year. For the whole world, not just Mr. Hughes.

"We have no sound stages in Los Angeles."
"Lights? no, sir"
"Sound board? No, we are bored with spy shit." (not). 
"Personal trainer? Your money is no good here."
"Spandex? On a man your age? We're calling 'The cops'." 
"Lip-synch?" What is he saying? He's speaking in tongues!"
"Quick, get a Bible! A crucifix! Catholic? Get a rifle!"
"I'm not taking any damn yoga class! Show me how to kick people in the head."

How about a Shure SM-57? Two of them? Oh, no!!


1961 – John Kennedy, Waldorf Astoria, Chicago. IL, 6 feet.

1968 – Hubert Humphrey, Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Louis, MO, 25 feet.

1969 – Richard Nixon, Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO, 15 feet.

1976 – Eugene McCarthy, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, MO, Handshake.

1977 – Jimmy Carter, U.S. Consulate, Amsterdam, Netherlands, On phone.

1982 – Bill Proxmeier, Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI, 2 feet.

1985 – George McGovern, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Handshake.

1985 – Pete Uberroff, Doubleday Field, Cooperstown, NY, Handshake.

1999 – Bill Clinton, Metropolitan Psychiatric Center, St. Louis, MO, 20 feet.

1999 – Bill Clinton, Lambert International Airport, St. Louis, MO, 50 feet.

2004 – John Kerry/John Edwards, Union Station, St. Louis, MO, 20 feet.

2005 – George W. Bush, I-64, Richmond Heights, MO, 30 yards.

2006 – George W. Bush, Panera Lot, University City, MO, 10 feet.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reporting for duty, Mister Prime Minister (Not THAT one, you fool!)

Many times I have wondered, "Who stole my mail from 'The Israeli Army Girl'?" Many times I have wondered, "Did she stay in the military?" D.C./AIPAC, "we" have the answer, I think.  

Boys, despite the robust "BrainJacking," I know I downloaded a bunch of these naughty pics from Israel, and only ONE is left? Even poor me "gets it," soldiers. Five (5) of them? Time to go! Where? Tel Aviv has telephones; I'm sure they do.

1977 Highlights
Him: "Are you trained to, you know, like kill people?"
Her: "Yeah."
Him: "Want some more wine?"
Her: "Sure."

The near fist fight with her male boss? Not here. NOT FOR FREE!!