Friday, November 29, 2013

Hughes v. Obama (Remove him from office, please)

 See the suspicion on the face of our "ally." Spying a bit, Mr. President?

Where is that piece of monkey crap?
I'm at Panera on Broadway by the brewery. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


WANTED: Female with royal DNA and name that includes "the Great."
Election? What election?  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Church of Family ReUnification

Don't run to court, because they won't do squat.
What did I say?
"Never took it."

What did I say prior to sleeping on yet another bus bench? "I've got a good mind to break-in my old apartment building and punch the landlord in the nose. You didn't hear that."

TO: Carolyn, Kim, Ellen, Bob at the Probate Court.

We need to talk. Charlie was Howard's son.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Margaret! (Mom's name was not Sophie)

Looks like Aunt Cathleen. Don't tell anybody. Younger sister of Wilhelm II? Amazing! 

Rather spookily, as the sci-fi movie that is very real gained speed, the library staff person at GRANT R. BRIMHALL said, "We have an excellent genealogy department!" I thought, "That's nice, and we're not looking into it today" (May, 2009). What year is it? What day is it? Want a DNA sample the right way, girls? 

How long ago? "It's Alexandra, not like the city in Egypt!"

>More updates from the Hughes Stewpot of Royal Genetics as they become available

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bigger Than Bush's!

How well I remember starving behind the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER in "OccultLand" Thousand Oaks, California. When the bean can was gifted, my ESP/STP saw the future of eating them raw. A woeful administrator saw my plight and gave me a can of diet root beer and a cup of Ramen noodles. What are you wearing to court, ladies?

Shocked I was not in failing to find a photo on Google or Bing of the .gov gizmo I probably manufacture that has grown in size from being mounted on the nose of an SS helicopter to the size of large bombs strapped to the left side. Two of them thar choppers over the Hughes head today? Remember, I know what you're doing.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Push the Button

? Not my dad! Like Howard Jr., he had more sense than that. As for me...don't look at me like that. I'm calling Hill's boss tomorrow.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


I'm like Charles Edward? I'm like Howard?

Think again.

Some speeches are easy to write, some are not. Can you crazed Utopian control freaks spell "never?"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

NASW Key Word = "Conundrum"

The Wi-Fi was off immediately when the commentator at KOH in Reno said, "It's like the Wizard of Oz..." [TIME TO REBOOT, BILL] Your terrorists in USA killed-off everything but my heart that still beats and the consciousness that still is.



Obama? LIAR!!!
Kerry? LIAR!!!!
Alexander? UNSPEAKABLE!!!!!
Brennan? I know the CIA "Waterboard Girl?"
[not her, you twit!]

Can you spell it, DARPA dick?  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blogging for Better Mental Health--Yours, Not Mine

Andrea Mitchell? So hot! Where? In my NBC News VHS tape that came in a plain brown wrapper.

"We" ask the existential questions of life, like "Why didn't I ask the Barista for a fucking cup of water?" Answer in one word? BrainJacked! Hey STARBUCKS, I've got an idea besides putting a gun to "homey's" head and saying, "Ace Hardware on the Red Line--get an extension cord." Why don't I get off the street and stop complaining about Feindtein, Brown, Obama and the three varieties of bug in my pants now that it is winter in flea-bitten downtown LA.

More excitement/nightlife in St. Louis, and if you don't believe me, I'll pick you up at Lambert anytime. Yes, I used to own TWA, and I am not happy. The red & white envelopes went where? The plane that nearly came apart was retired and sits where? Daddy Charlie's ghost, let's listen to how many times the stall alarm went off over the Atlantic Ocean when even I know that's not the way to Ft. Lauderdale. Along with what I call "BrainJacked giggling?" The FAA and TSA don't care? Bye! See 'ya!!!


How long ago did I look up the 1996 law that allows my "conversion" to Dublin, IR? Over a year ago, which means that if I were not a political prisoner out in the open, I'd have completed all of the forms, received all of the documents, paid all of the fees, and Barack Hussein, you evil devil, I'D NOT BE HERE. Could someone tell him to write a resignation letter? Tired of being tortured? Deputy/LAPD, do not exit the vehicle unless you want to talk about how I'm obtaining a gun legally. Today's thug de jure? Six shots to his chest enough? Not a game, this undeclared civil war of yours. May I get to my Baptismal records for a clue on where I was born? That's right, you have long arms and bad teeth too. You look like Howard too. You have a big jaw like William IV too. And my name is? A one character e-mail reply from Canada that said....."V." Wi-Fi off yet? [INSERT "FAMILY FIGHT OVER YOUR NAME STORY" WHEN GETTING PAID, NOT LAID. Sorry, girls].


Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Cheaper Aircraft for Mr. SkinFlint

 "I'm working off my Community Service, Leslie!"

The Saudis were conducting practice bombing runs on my birthday this year? I don't carry a rifle when we redraw the North & South American map lines, soldier. How about a 100% legal selection from the infamous Hughes "NotePad Notes." Day of the Dead is a two-day decadent event? I can't take it anymore!!! Got a nuke, sailor? Before you light it, tell me what Carter did in the Navy.

First, the fortuitous Dave Cameron story. I clicked on an old 1990's technology player for the big EU economic event. Comings & goings recorded with a microphone that sounded suspiciously like the one I'm using to... Anyway, Dave was charging forward, as if he'd answer no shouted question. Suddenly, he cut sharply to the LEFT, and turned to shout over his right shoulder, "Yes!!!"

My Family--Don't You IllumiNazis Love Them?
ON GRANDPA JAMES LEONARD: "He was in the Navy."
ON GRANDPA CHARLES HUGHES: "He was a butcher."

ON GRANDPA HOWARD HUGHES: "Grandma was married three times."

I'd scratch my head and say, "There's the butcher, Bob, and who's the other guy?"
They could not say...
"Howard Hughes, Junior"

How's that mafia extrajudicial "missing" list coming, girls?