Monday, December 30, 2013

Just a Suggestion

Instead of sitting on your fat, disabled by an early onset of Bipolar Disorder (think high school) Michigan Street Carondolet neighborhood drunk & drug selling St.L hoosier ass, why not carry me on your shoulders to Lambert New Year's, and the nice Saberliner man will certainly take me anywhere I want to go, given I have borrowed Officer Friendly's gun.

No? Gather around while Mr. Hughes tells yet another 605 Starbucks tale. MARINE le PENN was sitting out there not smoking, and I thought "Gee, she looks familiar" as the SS's did not smoke on Taryn's patio either. To add to the excitement, someone actually yelled, "Oh my God, it really is the Secret Service!!" and ran out the door. Now they are selling arms to Lebanon with Saudi money? Those damn French! Take a bath occasionally, please.

As always, I continued writing screenplays later lifted by the Sheriff. For their review, of course, and if the script is good enough, they agree to play the cops in your fictional work. [If you are not murdered by some thieving Jew in "The Business"] Lern & John will "get it," if they let me in the Powerhouse. No? That tower could be a target for A-rabs. See/hear the spotter plane, kook neighbors? Nothing to do with me!

Where is John Goodman when you need him? 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mafia Mayors and Their Superior Officer

Kenyan Mafia
(With about to S.N.A.P "eat shit" smile)

Italian Mafia
(With fake CHP names and Mazda 323 snitching e-mail box. I said, "No thanks").

Lebanese Mafia
(Christopher "Kit" Bond's bridge is finally complete, but not open for A-rab terrorists yet)

Seriously, readers, how about a near head-on crash due to a drunk with a GUN in the Metrobus at 8:20 p.m. last night on the #40 southbound, but they are closed for complaint/comment until tomorrow. How about the non-emergency cop number? Today? I almost called the cop in blue over a Metrotransit nutcop who informed me Metrolink riders cannot stand inside the mafia Greyhound/waste of taxpayer money since Richard Nixon Amtrak station in The Loo. Niggers are to freeze outside, I suppose. I was among them early this morning. Brunch at the nearby Sheraton next Sunday, girls?

<BTW, I may look like a "narc," but I assure you baggypants boys I'm not.>

Thursday, December 26, 2013


"We figured you'd be the last man standing."
- S.R.

Does anybody see this blog?
Write to me at:
(CBS Radio @1120 did! And KABC @790 talked on the phone--often)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Watch Your Government Fall On c.i.a. Charter Cable

<HUGHES gave up on USA and the Lincoln photo. Go to hell! Why not write Ed Sowden an e-mail? I'm sure his internet connection works better than law-abiding Bill's. Cops here yet with a St.L trump-up? Sheriff here with a 96 hour order yet? Ken F. & Tommie H., I'd watch your mafia Democrat step. Civil Courts building open on Christmas? Got a lift to Florida? My "problem" = ONE WORD: mafia>

Not me babe, but nutcase "B.O." is obsessed with him, I've read. ROCKIN' LIKE BIG RON B. IN THE LOO. What are you gonna do about it? $$$$ CAN'T FIX IT, DEARIE. C-mon .gov hackers, keep fighting that Lincoln pic! "Savannah," it's Hollywood Casino for our big night out. Chinese for dinner first. "Disappeared" yet? Not yet? I'll call the campus cops and report you are 25 years old and a liar. Not illegal?

Now that Hughes has a pot to piss in, I highly recommend Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition. I know some of these people? I'm guessing who the "Waterboard Girl" was/is? I had sex with that woman? Do you have these kind of problems? People, no matter who this writer is, it is long past time for the USA to own up to its terrorism. A cheery holiday thought, but then again, in my old middle-class life, I bought gift cards and consistently said, "Bah Humbug!" 

Barack bring you a lump of coal? C.I.A. releasing their letter to me that said, "We cannot help you until we establish your identity." Not funny, and I got knocked off the web after I registered for "NegroCare." Ha, ha! Beat the deadline, right tax/healthcare lawyer? President resign yet? The letter is to that big Massachusetts horse's ass, John Kerry. Better write it before something blows up. My ride to O'Hare here? If I stay, I need HD TV to watch Obammy kicked to the curb. Hand him a refrigerator box in which to reside, then Michelle will no doubt run off with her soldier boy lover. "The troops?" Fuck 'em! They all volunteered, and have a job; I don't.

Flag burning illegal? I mean a Union Jack. Cameron, you big Tory prick! Worthless!
That wasn't Princess Di not dead? Oh, yes it was!! And what did she say?
The whole staff has turned over (ran for their lives) where it was said?
In this economy? Spies! Bunch of rotten spies!!
The "royal part?" It's bad. Real bad, and not B.A.D., DSM fans.

Monday, December 23, 2013 is 50/50?
Let's see...downhill skiing class, martial arts class, yoga class, and.....

Short Chapter 17

Hughes has lived to have walked about the hometown downtown once more. Comment? “I wonder what a ‘rave’ would be like if they slipped them some of Timothy Leary’s powerful LSD?” It was good enough for the United States Army. It was used often by the Central Intelligence Agency. It was/is not a “truth serum.” Nonetheless, why not slip some to the new CIA General Counsel? She sure deserves it after starting her career as the boss by lying to Senators Feinstein and Levin all day in her confirmation hearing. Through the miracle of grandpa’s satellite and C-SPAN I saw it, I heard it, and as Mr. Horton used to say on WGNU AM, it “Sent me home” to England, Ireland and Austria. Yes, I must be related to Wilhelm I, as evidenced by my desire to kill all jackasses who get in my way.

Fortunately, “The Cops” in these territories know it would be just, so I saw just one security guard eating snack food near a poorly developed children & family attraction, and only a lone bicycle cop rode by on my bitching aloud route. Thus, when I said, “Jesus Christ! The Wainright building is still here!” only the old bricks heard me. And why was I surprised? First, I was too far west looking for it, and secondly, with that many psycho civic ideas in only five years, I thought it had been torn down for yet another taxpayer-financed fiasco.

Later, I wished for Al-Qaeda to find our/your incomplete “Ballpark Village” on their I-pods. It’s an up and coming corporate ripoff center for the whole family right next that ugly, ugly new ballpark. So depressing for the baseball fan to wish our 1960’s round “flying saucer” model stadium could be resurrected or re-erected. American fads and preferences will find a new one like that going up in about 2050 if there is enough tax base left to be bilked. As a black male bus driver told me, “It’s all about tax revenue.”

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ranky Skanky St. Louis Scumtown Stories

Later, as I was shot & killed in the CWE yesterday. I wasn't?

Dear Judge Leon -
"Hey, anybody got a f--king stamp?"
"How about an envelope?"

Andrew & Fergie do what for their money?
Got a cig? Got a light?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unemployed? Don't go there!

Q: Who started the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
A: Grandpa Howard.

Screenplay? What are you talking about? What Screenplay?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mister President, Let's Fight

Could you go without a telephone for six years? Spotty Internet for even longer? Seems my 56K modem never went that fast, and when a little antenna light lit on my 2006 model HP laptop, I tried that Wi-Fi “hot spot.” What I found was “Limited or No Connectivity” was the New Hampshire 2008 message, and then I discovered My complaining produced more service continuity I’d love to have in Missouri, but first I’d like to have a fistfight with the President of the United States.

Secret Service, could you bring him? Got an I-Pod, prick? I don’t, and I don’t want one. Mr. Obama was never in the armed forces, and neither was I. Unless he attended a Chicago martial arts class, neither of us knows how to fight like that. What’s the fight about? I AM SICK OF BEING TORTURED IN THE USA, and for me, the borders are as closed as the Canadian owned bookstores by the same name. Yes, Republicans are obstinate, cold-hearted, bigoted fools. That we all know, but as for my Democrat party, my one word slur is “mafia.”

Buck their system, and they will watch you starve to death while making light of it among equally narcissistic neocons. Got an idea? Got a clue? Sorry, my e-mail does not work unless I am on the Internet. May I e-mail the president and let him know I’d like to kick his ass? To your surprise, exoburb yuppie liberal, many black folk might be in my corner on this bout, because they missed Professor Obama’s law lectures due to keeping busy on a streetcorner selling government-imported crack cocaine.

People, it’s been that way for a long time, and I’ve been this way since I chased away the drug-sniffing dogs from my Catholic high school in the 1970’s so we could excel in college, join the military, and succeed in business. Me? I got screwed bad. May I depart USA for the EU, or be allowed to punch Barack Obama in the jaw? I think the answer will be hashed-out with an AAA Travel Counselor. For the record, I used to be one, until I was dosed with amphetamines and told I had a mood disorder.

The president? He will be remembered for destroying his political party. Ditto for former governors Romney and Palin. What then? If I return in glory to put my face on a billboard, we can discuss it like adults. Forget Howard; if I’m related to Charles Evans Hughes and run for a public office, there will be no need to cheat. A duel instead of fists? Now you Feds are making sense!