Friday, August 11, 2017

Doctor, Doctor

TO: New York City Physicians

I hope we can talk about mental health system issues and the pandemic of drug abuse I’ve seen from too close a distance. This makes even a liberal like me alter my opinion of the “Gated Community.” What I have observed I am starting to call simply “The Disease” (As with a mental disorder). People afflicted with “The Disease” behave like this, especially when you question official government statements or reports:

Symptom One: They immediately want to argue absurdly e.g. “Oranges are green.” You can say, “Oranges are orange” all day, yet they remain unconvinced. (See Trump flip-flop & “walk back” video for more examples).

Symptom Two: They immediately start lying. (Often this is related to drug abuse, but not always). The “patient” can be caught telling falsehoods, yet remains unfazed, and continues lying until he finds someone in agreement. (The American Psychiatric Association has long called this “psychotic,” but no one seems to care these days).

Symptom Three: They invert what was just said. For example, if I say, “I’m taking the bus to my doctor,” they say, “The subway sucks” and continue to perseverate on what you did not say or mean. I might say, “I like the Yankees” and they will insist the Mets are winning the World Series. They cannot stay on the topic, no matter how simplistic the subject. I have overused this phrase for too long: “I did not say that,” but the afflicted hear what they want to hear, like when George W. Bush had his bullhorn at the WTC ruins. Later, in 2009, I heard West Coast mobsters mumble things like, “The rubble the Port Authority carted away was not from the building.”

With the way all government agencies ignore this author’s FOIA requests, I do wonder why so many “red herrings” were swimming in a California man-made creek behind the Goebel Senior Adult Center. Notable exceptions to the FOIA trouble were NASA and CIA. As we said in a Catholic high school during the early 1970’s, “Go figure.”

-   Bill

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Government Typo

"You have informed us that medical and psychological personnel have examined J. Blum and determined him not to be suffering  from any physical or psychological contraindications. The bastard remains in control of his bodily movements and has been observed pacing and kneeling while shackled in the standing position. In addition, psychological personnel have described him as "Alert, oriented, and basically a big prick suffering from no mental impairments, unlike his sister Pamela." The Agency's 'Malpractice Model' medical and quack psychological personnel have noted that he is not experiencing, nor has he experienced, any sexual fulfillment since being assigned to a Las Vegas house of prositution on a DHS intelligence gathering operation."

Friday, August 4, 2017

Private Schlossberg

Join the military, get in a rap video. Movie deal? 
I'm too old for that shit!

Bill Hughes <>
2:12 PM (0 minutes ago)

to arctank, adultfamilycare, funmi, kmarkques, bcc: Missouri, bcc: Aimee, bcc: steven.rothste., bcc: attorney.gener.

NE Arc -
Mr. Rothstein over at the JFK informed me of your competition for some good ideas. Unfortunately, when I was an LCSW at the Missouri Department of Mental Health, what they did for over 20 years was ignore my idea and implement it later, or just ignore me.
That way the managers take credit for a community worker's idea. I'm sure you know what I mean. Lately, people seem to abuse prescription and illegal drugs so much here in St. Louis, they seem to not understand no matter what you say.
Since my Internet seldom works right, first I make sure the e-mail address is good before I give away my brilliant ideas. I will think all weekend about that winning idea. However, I warn you writers are storytellers, so I may first bore you with a tale about a guy I knew at the Kansas City Arc in 1990.
I might also mention my quasi-legal advice to a friend of my late dad who had two developmentally disabled adult children. I gave plenty of advice when the male was becoming threatening to his mother, and never charged a dime. Now I sit in a slummy motel unable to go anywhere when nobody was ever given a "run-around" at my state office. Liz's daughter managed to hold a job, so I've wanted to visit her workplace and see if she was doing O.K. for three years, but no one I've ever known here will drive me anywhere.
Must be my last name.

Bill Hughes

Friday, July 28, 2017


"Chet, our psychic correspondent reports in 2016 a woman will get two million more votes, but lose the election." 

"I heard that report David, and oddly enough a national health insurance scheme will be repealed as well."

"I don't think much of that future."

"Nor do I; good night David."

"Good night, Chet."

July 24, 2017

Senator Wyden & Staff –

Let’s go back in time and make your correspondent a Clinton Administration West Wing weasel when it was time to issue the national health card. Qualifications? A Political Science degree and a few hundred meetings on health and mental health.

Your correspondent still wonders what was so funny at METROPOLITAN PSYCHIATRIC CENTER, 5351 Delmar in St. Louis when a psychologist said, “Could you take back our trays?” Yes, they make much more money than a clinical social worker yet ate the bargain hospital cafeteria lunch. The social work boss wondered what they were doing all day. Please advise on this. The guy in line was: a). Bill Clinton; or b). Our frequently admitted patient who looked like Bill Clinton. They laughed; I went back to work. That same year, I know Air Force One when I see it, so why not delete all news stories of Clinton’s many trips to our community? I believe I said, “What is he doing here again?” (Much like what I said  20 years later about Obama and Los Angeles). Oh, they wanted some MONEY. So do I.

Send your “a” or “b” answer to

Here is how Hillary & Bill could have crafted the legislation that likely would have failed in 1994, but oddly been passed with George W. as “The Decider.” Veto? Like his daddy and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), I think he would have had to sign it, then my souvenir pen would have been taken by nutty and/or drug addicted relatives.

First, you mandate that all employers provide a basic health plan, or the CFO & CEO go to jail. (Congressmen are good at arguing over how many employees and/or how much annual revenue to have it required by law).

Secondly, you pour as much money into Medicaid as 50 sovereign state governors request. (Instead, the Navy gets two expensive submarines per year like clockwork. For what? This is assuming you are not firing nukes that could cause “climate” change” that is unarguably real).

Third, you create a pool of MONEY for people who are not working, do not have much income, are not eligible for Medicaid, and are too young to enroll in Medicare. (Like me at the present time). This they could have called the “Medicare Buy-In Pool,” or MBIP. To get in the MBIP, you simply go to the “Welfare Office” that is in every one of USA’s counties and tell them you are under 65, broke, but not disabled. Ah, but this is not a panacea for slackers, because you must pay something! Your friendly caseworker pays the rest. Then you have Medicare, and as Deepak Chopra would say, “Everyone is peaceful and happy.”

Had Bill Hughes been in the Clinton Administration, instead of being told he is being killed by a black male with schizophrenia on a regular basis, I’m sure they would have heard, “Run the numbers again” many times, because the only GOP objection would have been about the cost. I think, because I am allowed to, that the CBO would have found almost everyone insured and the U.S. Treasury not bankrupted.

As corporations tried to wiggle out of the mandate, the FBI could have written a form letter that said, basically, “We hear you are cutting your worker’s hours to get around the law, and you may be headed to jail.” And? “We hear your health provider went bankrupt, so if you don’t find another one, you may be headed to jail.” When corporate lawyers started meeting and planning to evade the law, there could have been dozens of variations of the form letter, because they are very good at screwing people, not so good at running trauma centers, doing heart surgery, keeping grannies comfortable in long-term care facilities, and so forth.

William C. Hughes