Friday, October 13, 2017

Got Negroes? (11.9%)

Mr. Hilton had stock to sell, not me.

11:21 a.m. How fast things change in this Internet age! Sgt. White gave me the car model of the woman who struck my late dad’s Nissan. He said she was driving a Jeep Cherokee. Seems to me when I first arrived back in your city I had a “wall banger” and phone hacker next door who drank all day and drove around St. Louis County in a red Cherokee like he owned the road. Later, people in a blue Cherokee were next door and thought it was O.K. to look in my window and yap on a cell phone. The curtains have remained closed since then and nobody cares what they were doing next door for many months. Perhaps it is time to claim a movie deal that has been delayed since I was offered money for a screenplay in 2010. It was late 1986 when I walked into Paul’s Books in University City and bought a book by Syd Field. Google his name and learn something. I leaned I was wrong about the woman who was involved in this accident since I wrote the text below. Sgt. White said she does live in the area and I have no intention of contacting her when I discover the name. We’ve all heard of a professional called a “lawyer.” I sure need one, and not because of anything but the civil and criminal liability of people who are far too interested in me. The family joke was: “What did he have for breakfast?” Since age 14 I’ve skipped that meal in favor of a cup of coffee because I’ve always been a very busy fellow. Thanks again for providing some information.



Chief Carson –

I am pleased to report your mayor has agreed to research these accidents I have told Mike were absolutely not “accidents.” The first incident, on November 17, 2005 was to trigger what Hollywood calls a “Meet & Greet” on the side of the road. This has been done to me many times. Typically, since Charles E. Hughes was an excellent driver, as am I, the wreck was skillfully avoided. However, if someone simply “rear-ends” your car, what can you do?

I told Mike that when a guy from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS did that to me in Burbank, California I got out and said, “Why did you hit my car?” (There was no damage). My car was later wrecked more seriously, and I think it is clear we have a definite pattern of wrecking cars driven by a fellow named “Hughes.”

On September 1, 2006 a woman I believe intentionally “totaled” Charles Edward Hughes’ Nissan Maxima. I stuffed 6’ 2” Charles into the back of my Nissan 240SX and investigated the scene shortly after the “accident.” Without question, THIS WAS AN ATTEMPT TO MURDER CHARLES. The retired music teacher and witness that day, Elizabeth Ebling, I must assume is now deceased. (She had already been diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the time).

My Nissan was also later wrecked. Why? I will be happy to tell “The Media,” or a federal court jury. Many idiots seem to think I am going to discuss these matters on bus stops and on motel parking lots. I think your department has some work to do, and I will not speak to any Saint Louis County police official, and why would they be involved? Charles Hughes so many times said, “It’s so simple” and this is. I’ve simply asked Mike for the NAMES of the people who caused these “accidents,” and my exact words were, “I’m not raising a war party,” but that said, I am sure the woman who hit the Nissan Maxima is no longer residing in this area if she ever did.

An additional point here is that your police surely saw Charles going back and forth to the Harrah’s Casino (Now d.b.a. Hollywood Casino). Charles did not drink excessively, and did not abuse his prescription medications, but people need to realize that gambling is an addiction. Who just murdered 58 people in Las Vegas? A “Gambling Addict.” By the way, what did Mr. Steve Hilton say to me? “I sold my stock.” (He was speaking of Harrah’s). Many do not want me back at his foundation in Agoura Hills trying to enter politics. The line would be: “Tell your niece I need some money.” He would, and Bill Hughes wears no disguise to lunch with Paris Hilton or anyone on this Earth.

William C. Hughes

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Got Asians? (9.8%)

Back when I was a human being in Moonvale Heights, I did not smoke at the mental health conference, but I stood outside with them waiting for a Mafia "drive-by" that never happened. 10-01-17? We need to talk about Las Vegas "Number Kooks."

10:53 a.m. My thanks go to Sgt. Rich White for giving me some information from your 09.01.2006 accident report involving my late dad. This satisfied my curiosity until I can maybe recover the Fuji camera illegally taken from me with a dozen or so sharp photos of the scene taken a few days later. We then proceeded to a Catholic shrine in St. Charles County where more photos were taken of Charles Hughes and Elizabeth Ebling. Liz’s late husband was a lawyer and…surprise…so was Charles. It was a Missouri Assistant AG who asked, “Why does your dad need (West) law books?” Where is Jeannie? Where are Charlie’s Washington University Law School transcripts? He called it “Night School” and one of his favorite TV shows was “Night Court.” He laughed at every corny joke!

I have a question for your entire department. Why would the writers of Charles E. Hughes favorite TV shows write a movie called “Pushing Tin?” Download it or rent it and you will discover what it is about. I was proud to tell my dad I had discussed the future of another of his favorite shows with the writers who wrote it. It is called “Law and Order” and they said, “We will write it as long as they pay us.” Was I paid for the words below? No! I just ordered a new Missouri state highway map because White and I established the Google satellite image is rather old. My late dad handed me a copy of that map every year, and regarding a Christmas card from George H.W. Bush my granny said, “I get one every year.” Gentlemen, it was 1988 when I said, “This signature looks real” because it was.

Have a nice day,



Chief Carson –

I am not happy to report that within 30 minutes of Sgt. White’s departure, I received a telephoned threat. Not to worry, as it has happened previously, and I ignore such calls. When I logged-on the laptop to send you an e-mail, the HP had been hacked in a manner that has not happened in 9-10 months. I fixed it, I got some sleep, I made some coffee, and here we are on Tuesday, October 10 at 8:50 a.m. (By the way, the text of the first e-mail was on this screen when White knocked on my door). See why my late dad said, “Bill, time is the enemy.”

Two Quick Maryland Heights Stories
In late 1976, my Political Science professor said, “Mister Hughes, you must see this movie.” To my astonishment, the best looking female on the Lindenwood campus said, “Okay” and we went to the brand-new Westport Plaza to see Network in January of 1977. Later, when I helped Ann move, her dad offered me money. I said, “No sir, she’s my friend.” Incredibly, the dad reappeared during a New Hampshire snowstorm in a laundromat to say, “Mitt Romney is no good.” Yes, we had a political discussion during the presidential primary won by Hillary Clinton, and I did not say, “Are you Ann’s dad?”

In 2004, I was in a Starbucks at Westport Plaza. Several men came in an announced “We’re in town making a movie.” They discussed someone named “Lindsay Lohan.” I did not know who this was, so I looked up her acting resume. I would later in 2009 discover the movie Herbie, Fully Loaded was making me late for work. Those big white trucks at Mid America Raceway were from Disney, not for a NASCAR race. In December of 2009, I was eight feet from Ms. Lohan and she was the only female actor I spoke to. I whispered, “What the f--- are you doing here?” She smiled, and answered the question with an obscene gesture. That’s Hollywood! It does not operate like any other business, hence the song that goes, “There’s no business like show business.”

Moving along to Charles E. Hughes Maryland Heights “accidents,” you were not in the house when mom accused daddy of having an affair with an actress in West Side Story. Golly, what was he doing backstage in New York? He said, “Bill, the play was about gangs, and the producers feared it might be a flop.” It was not. What is our family lamp doing in a Susan Sarandon movie? That’s because the house in the movie was one of Charlie’s business associate’s house. It was torn down after the movie was completed. The diner in the movie is where I ate hamburgers with granny long ago.

Did you say, Escape from New York? Dad knew exactly what intersection where fake Air Force One wreckage was placed. I messed around with buddies on the bridge that is featured in the end of this underrated classic, and I later walked past the star’s childhood house. I get updates on this guy by calling a woman who is hearing local gossip, not reading a People Magazine. This buys a cup of coffee for Sgt. White? No, but ten screenplays and four book manuscripts might. Today, my only income is from a meager State of Missouri pension. It is a fertile question to ask “Why?”

William C. Hughes

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Got Latinos? (4.5%)

Bill Hughes showed up for work. Others sold drugs.


Chief Carson:

After speaking with the mayor’s wife Barb last night and Emory Ransom again today, here is the deal. I’d like some political funding to file in the primary and kick Senator McCaskill’s ass across the Kansas border. There, she and her husband can buy some more nursing homes and try to run them without 800 billion dollars of Medicaid money cut by nutty Republicans.

My dad told me stories; many stories. One was about a Japanese warship going my his unarmed boat, and McCaskill’s staff wants to take ten weeks to sign a release and get the records? I took Charles’ Navy coat without asking in 1971. It was sort of a “hippie” fashion statement in 1971. I remember him making the accusation about taking it and then  saying, “Aw, you can keep it.” Stenciled in white was the name HUGHES, and if I don’t see people arrested for taking away that coat and all I owned, I’m just about on North Korea’s side. There must me law. There must be justice here, not more delays and excuses. Of Charles Edward’s Army service, mom yelled and accused him of being a “coward.” I don’t think so when I just told Mr. Ransom of this discussion. I asked:

“Dad, weren’t you afraid of those Mafia guys?”
His answer was, “No.”

His quote about Jimmy Hoffa’s associates was:
“I told them what I needed to tell them.”

When we discussed Mr. Hoffa’s disappearance, Charles said:
“Bill, I don’t think they will ever figure that one out.”

Who were “they?” I have uncovered plenty of hard evidence suggesting he meant the U.S Secret Service, and I will be happy to discuss my roster of 28 real or “fake” Secret Service people with Mike Moeller when he has time to drop by the motel I have been “trapped” in. My thought was, “Three weeks is okay, three months and I’m pissed-off.” This is the 17th month at the motel, and I am furious.

Please name another person in this region who was twice told “Make an appointment” by a Hollywood producer. Why am I no longer thrilled about that? I’m a bit old to make a movie, but nowhere near too old to rage on from the floor of a legislative chamber until they remove me by force. Dad saw the aftermath of the nuclear attacks on Japan, and the USA still refuses to forswear first use of nuclear weapons. (Just state, “We won’t shoot first”). I’ve done a lot of reading about “launch on warning.” You too? Chief, we are about to be nuked, and that is about all that would cause Charlie to spin in his VA grave.

If this “apprentice president” does not get better advisors, I will say what we all said when I was president of my high school: “You can kiss your ass goodbye.” I met a lot of people in California from all over the world, and I am quite sure many of them hate the USA for very legitimate reasons. Dad told me much with one Pogo line: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

No more information will be sent until the mayor of Maryland Heights visits my luxury motel on old Route 66. I’m so old, I remember driving by on the way back from vacation before there was an I-44. By the way, daddy was on a committee to get those roads built. The formal name is, “The Dwight Eisenhower Interstate Highway System,” however, I have not driven on any of them lately. Did you know part of the reason President Eisenhower supported the appropriations was so you could flee a nuclear attack? Charles gave me a book about Ike and an Iranian woman gave me a hat. You would not believe who her dad is!

I’m always,

William Charles Hughes

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Water Pic


Roger –

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. If you can believe this, I discovered it is the laptop your military used to supposedly kill Osama. Of course, I ran into a foreign-born guy who said he died in a hospital like the Shah of Iran.

Takes all kinds.

Be happy when I’m not,

Bill H.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Night Court

The man was murdered by Russians.
"Climate change" it is not.
Snowing in San Diego yet?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Put Put

Any of these guys got any money?
Where was Don? Avoiding being hit up for a loan?


Professor Flanders  

I just heard a network commentator refer to President Trump as “delusional.” If he is, I assure you I already looked for a legal loophole to remove a president when President Bush sounded like he had what I call “coke nose.” Was Trump’s famous sniffling during a debate an allegation Ms. Clinton was selling cocaine, or was Trump on the stuff as a candidate? (We mental health professionals sometimes call that “projection”).

I’m quite sure Judge Wilson was not partaking of white powder, but if I got my “soapbox” a maternal grandmother said I would be forced to speak out upon, I’d allege your cops are on “crank,” and that would help them keep going during the creation of a 2.4 million dollar taxpayer bill in the City of Saint Louis, and John Belmar apparently needs $920,000 for his cops. I’ve complained about Saint Louis County police in writing to document decades of “SpyCop” garbage. Problem? No one cares! (I’ve got letters from ACLU to prove it).

So, I will now submit to the Orwellian slipstream of narcissism and greed to at this point ask you to find me a damn lawyer. I got no further in your article than the “stand your ground” explanation. Yes, I will absolutely be relocating to a European town where there is a gun crime about every decade, or would I do better by joining the android-summoned Saint Louis crowd plotting to kill some cops?

For example, I am quite sure there were some black Muslims in the U.S. Army, and they were taught about explosives. The seven county region I served as a Missouri state official has a bad reputation alleging it is a haven for what I call a “Gun Nut.” And, I got to meet a few up close with only a Motorola analog cell phone that does not shoot anything when cops apparently had something better to do than provide armed backup.

I get help on this stuff, as when mysterious young women show up and have to ask “What’s going on?” three times as Dallas cops were being systematically shot by a guy with an assault rifle. These weapons are widely available despite the efforts of my namesake in Congress during the 1970’s  & 1980’s. It has been far too long since I found video of William Hughes trying to use what I’d politely call a “Procedural Maneuver” to outlaw the kind of weapon that shot at U.S. Senators not too long ago. The best part of the video is a certain “Dixiecrat” intoning “You got it, you got it” as a far younger Charles Rangel swings the gavel.

That brings me to my recently “exposed” as a Secret Service guy dad Charles. He had a gavel and a 7th Street office that looked like a lawyer’s because he was one! When I asked “Where did you get the gavel?” he simply said, “The judge gave it to me.” He was a little more ambiguous about Muny tickets, St. Louis Hawks tickets, Blues tickets, baseball Cardinal tickets, football Cardinal tickets, Harlem Globetrotter tickets, and PGA tickets, because the line was, “A guy gave them to me.” Given how much Charlie knew about the late husband of the St. Louis - LA Rams owner, I long ago concluded that “guy” must have been the team owner.

I here allege Charles Edward Hughes was skillfully “played” by the United States Government, because like Russians they determine your weakness, which in Charlie’s case was gambling and a desire for attention. They fed Charlie’s ego, whereas I was fed poisoned food often at a California homeless program. The former California AG is running for president? I’d like to politically assassinate her, and put Governor Brown in a federal prison’s rubber room. As my Lee Bus riding grandma said, “The craziest of them are out there running around.” Yes, I’m much more like Howard Jr. with a powerful desire for privacy and to simply be left alone. Mr. Hughes established his footprint in Las Vegas by asking, “How much does this hotel cost?” Five hotels later, he had to be “crazy” because Mormon and Mafia wise guys said so. How would my late mother get a handgun recognized as a .45? Borrow one from the Mormon bodyguards! (Now, try to discredit me, when I saw the gun pointed at Charles and would pass any polygraph exam in North America).

I have no intent to buy the Wayside, Chippewa, or Duplex motels on Old Route 66, and oddly no officeholder seems to want to talk about zoning their antics onto a historical society webpage. I have attempted a Brave New World “reach out” from the political left toward people like Bruce Franks Jr. who I asked to consider “bushwhacking” Senator Claire McCaskill in the Democrat primary. Republican senatorial excuses such as, “We just give out air conditioners” and “Thanks for calling, Mr. Hughes” buy not one day of housing, housing, housing. I know firsthand what HUD possibly does not. Ex-military living in vehicles sometimes preface their remarks with, “When the riots start…”

As I joked to my ex-spouse with a PhD, “Nobody likes a bread riot.” More recently to a media corporation I wrote: “All replies must be rational and be written in English.”

Good day,

William Hughes
BS Political Science,  Lindenwood University
MSW,  Saint Louis University

[My work is published often, but not lately!]

How about this p.s.? If I invoked the criteria you cite on p. 24, I could have killed three dogs and eight people in Zip Code 63111, including a postal worker who karate-chopped my mailbox. Of her tattoos and piercings an older mailman said, “That used to be against the rules.” Finally, this sentence of yours does not make any sense. I was accused of that by a California public official in a computer lab visited by fake “Secret Service,” one of whom was “fingered” as a county deputy. JOKE: Q: “What is against the law?”  A: “Any act that resulted in getting caught.” >>“There is no dispute, here, that Stockley caused the death of Anthony Lamar Smith, and did it aware that his actions were practically certain to cause the result.