Monday, December 11, 2017


Nice teeth. All national health plans should include dental care.


Mr. Wiese –

How many true stories do I have to relate before someone besides Lewis Reed’s “Mary” wants to discuss the gunshots, yelling, and rather obvious drug dealing observed from 216 Nagel Avenue without really trying. My bad “inside joke?” “I’m allowed to look out the window.” And, since July of 2014, I do not like what I see. For example, please tell me I did not see my female mail carrier peeking in my window. Please tell me I did not hear her banging on my mailbox. Please tell me I did not order a free CD from a retired actor and the call taker said, “My mailman dented my mailbox too.” This conversation took place at the Shrewsbury Metrolink station. The pay phone there is now dead; I am miraculously not.

I’ve taken every civics class step toward one goal. This address no longer sells illegal drugs. I remember our city house on the North Side where the “Mr. Softie” truck would stop. My mother was “mentally ill?” I don’t think so, when the consistent message was, “You are not spoiling your dinner.” Yes, mom caved-in readily and said, “As long as you’re there, get me a banana split.” While “stuck” out in California, I dreamt of trying to get Lacy Clay’s job by standing on the North Saint Louis corner where the market once flourished, and a soda was ten cents. I can’t go to Google and remind myself of the intersecting street, because the old business partner turned-off the phone service I have been paying for since September of last year. No experience is required for politics, we should learn from the likes of Donald Trump!  

Why is my phone off?

On February 22 I called “Mimi” at the Citizens Service Bureau.

On February 23 I called “Gwen” at Slay’s office.

On February 24, the phone was OFF with the bill not due until the 27th.

Am I going to miss another appointment in Chicago, Houston, or Los Angeles because I lack a motor vehicle? How about an appointment in your office during April, which I would politely cancel if I am allowed to keep the one I just made in Glendale, California. I both drove and walked around beautiful Glendale and Burbank in May/June  of 2008. Later, a female hit and disabled my car. The story of what transpired after that is too long to relate. How about a “junker” car donation? How about my story of the United Way’s cheap car program the guy on a car lot told me about? The United Way response was a line I’ve heard too often. “We have no idea what you are talking about.” Where is “homeless advocate” Bill Siedhoff? I’ve got some tales that would even shock him if you and others are willing to listen.

Friday, December 8, 2017

LC Boo

What is going on at AM550? Why can't they talk right?
Lindenwood College, BA, St Charles, MO, 1979
Theatre Major & Literature Minor

Dear Ms. Lord –

See the attached e-mail to Ms. Claudia Stedelin, as I continue to battle local critters I call “DrugThugs” in a motel I’ve described as, “Like the one John Belushi died in.” While that may be true, many creative deals have gone down in the Jim Morrison “Hollywood bungalow.” I may die a very old man awaiting the arrival of a local attorney who understands copyright law and how many have actually gone to jail for stealing songs, master tapes, screenplays, completed movies not yet released, etc. etc. etc.

As they say on the West Coast, apparently “They don’t get it” here in St. Louis about how you sell the movie script, attend many tedious meetings, make the movie, and this, I am sure you know, costs a lot of MONEY. Yes, I wrote to a producer of stature and asked for 120 million dollars. On a follow-up call I was given names and contact info.! Another producer who was consulted joked thusly: 

“We’ll look for your fax in a week.”
The faxing procedure was:
Write the copy on 2002 Windows XP
Save to an external drive
Take a bus to a public library
Print the fax for 10 cents a page
Fax the fax for $2.19 at FedEx

This would take a week on a good week with all of my automobiles wrecked intentionally by first class creeps. (A guy from Universal merely applied the LA “love bump” in 2008; Dana finished the car off in Agoura Hills). As I’ve said of my life in St. Louis 2013-2016, “It’s like homeless with a roof over my head.” How do you like my life with five book manuscripts, ten complete screenplays, an outline I’d first sweep the Burbank room for “bugs” before even discussing it, a great TV idea for a reality-game show, and about 48 movie “pitches” I was silly enough to write-up and put on my “new” 2009 HP hacker infested laptop.

Nothing is “secret” with me, including my disdain for the film industry. Maybe I’d feel better with a modest movie deal. Do ask my St. Charles LCI veteran if she might have interest in helping, and only she can explain what LCII means, because I won’t.

Bill H.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rodney D. Young

Secret Service Reject
I heard of you on KMOX. Apparently, you’ve advised against giving out Social Security Numbers. My joke when I worked for the State of Missouri was: “I’ll post it on the break room bulletin board.”  First, allow badmouthing of a fellow local attorney—number 102 of my “Lawyer Brigade” who cannot assist Mr. Hughes since 2003.

The latest guy and his firm? They listen, but commit to nothing. Not even the filing of a Will, which was the topic of my first question. The answer given was, “Yes.” Why have I not gone to the Bank of America building, money order in hand for this man?

No one will transport me anywhere, and that insanity just might prompt Rep. Jason Chaffetz to pick up his D.C. phone that works properly. My first question for him will be, “Why did the Secret Service turn you down?” (He looks the part). In 2003? Did I mention how long I’ve been trying to secure the services of an attorney? This may not be a “coincidence,” as with my voice just like Howard Hughes’ because…? (The procedure that scares defense industry types is to plug one nostril, go up an octave and start complaining). Like? “That damn nuclear stuff is shaking my casino! This is bad for business. Get Johnny in here!”

How about a 50 minute “therapy” session? I’ll be happy to take MetroBus and be threatened with gun violence--again.

Bill Hughes

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fern Carlton

Auntie Fern is dead?
Better call that Hispanic ass with Internal Affairs.
What's his name?


Dear Sharpton Staff:

My late father had several overused expressions. They were:
“It’s so simple.”
But first, you had to “Put your receiving set on.”
In other words, Listen!!!

As you can see below, I discovered yesterday Rev. Lee had died. How I was informed of this is a long story.
I spoke to this man twice on your recommendation.
To get to the point, I smell foul play regarding his death at 34.
Of course, the Saint Louis American does not.

During the Ferguson unrest, their reporting was far better than the Post-Dispatch, and that was me on the #97 bus with the American in my lap. I participated in no protest back then, and none since. I have proven I’m related to Howard Hughes, Sr., however, no one cares! (In St. Louis, Missouri). The drug dealers, crooks, rancid politicians, Hollywood rejects, and dirty cops outside LA care very deeply.

To “bottom line it” as daddy also said, I’d love to give Lee’s widow the letter I never sent him. Our first and longer conversation was about Rev. Sharpton’s planned visit to a church I’d driven by thousands of times. As GUNSHOTS grew louder and the thieves thicker, I spoke with Rev. Lee again. Given my notoriously bad mail service, I hoped he could come pick up the letter. “Too busy” he said. Copies of the letter were then stolen, but I believe I have the original envelope at this motel where I have been “stuck” for 12 solid months.

I did not attend that event out of safety concerns for Lee, myself, and Rev. Sharpton. (Following the news lately?) As a rule, if my dad talked about someone, even though a Republican it meant he liked you. “How about that Al Sharpton?” Charles E. Hughes said to me more than once. He’s looking a bit Secret Service today. Why? His “cover” was dis-incorporated in 1970, but he fancied himself as still “working” when I left town in late 2007. Nobody wants my books or screenplays because Charlie was so damn “secret.” Do you people understand evil? I’m not the best Catholic ever baptized, but evil is ruling your nation today.

Don’t believe me? Say so! At holiday time in 1962, dad was told this: “He can’t hit the broad side of a barn.” They were discussing Lee Harvey Oswald. It was mighty quiet at grandma’s house in 1963. Charles got out of LBJ’s doghouse. Could I get out of Obama’s? I thought the voters could not do worse, then we got Donald J. Trump!! As a shabby looking black man said of Barack in Los Angeles, “He didn’t do much for me.” My ongoing Trump joke is: “Has the Bay Area been nuked yet?” One word: INCOMPETENT. What am I requesting? Help!      

Have a great day,
William Hughes

Obituary: The Rev. Carlton Lee, pastor of Michael Brown Sr., dies at 34

“God is not going to judge you by your behavior in heaven. He’s going to judge you by what you did on earth,” The Rev. Al Sharpton said at the funeral for Michael Brown in August of 2014 at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church.

“He will say, ‘when Michael Brown, an 18-year-old boy, laid out in the streets of Ferguson — what did you do? What did I require of you?”

The Rev. Carlton Lee, senior pastor of The Flood Christian Church, was among the first to take action after Brown was fatally shot by a police officer.

On Tuesday, June 13, Lee died suddenly from an apparent heart attack. He was 34.

“Stunned to learn about the death of Rev. Carlton Lee,” Sharpton said on Twitter. “He worked with us as a NAN rep in Ferguson, MO for Mike Brown. I can’t believe he is gone.”

Lee's death was confirmed first to The Root online news magazine, by sources close to the family and in a post Tuesday on The Flood Church Facebook page.

“The pain of dealing with the transition of our pastor is massive,” the post read.

Lee went from relatively unknown man of faith in the St. Louis region, to vocal faith leader in the months of unrest in response Brown’s death.He represented the Ferguson chapter of Sharpton’s National Action Network.

He stood by Brown's family members during news conferences in the weeks that followed.

“We want an arrest, indictment and charges brought against Darren Wilson,” Lee told reporters in front of the Ferguson Police Department in August 2014.

None came to pass, but he stayed committed to what he felt he was led to do as the Brown family pastor.

Lee prayed over and baptized Michael Brown Sr. as the family prepared spiritually for the outcome of the looming decision as to whether or not St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch would issue an indictment against Wilson.

On the evening before a grand jury decided to not indictment Wilson , Lee urged protesters on the stretch of West Florissant Avenue, near the Canfield Green Apartments, where Brown was shot to remain calm and peaceful. At the same time he was doing so, his own church on the other side of West Florissant mysteriously burned to the ground.

“The police called me and told me the church was on fire,” Lee told NBC News. “I was in complete disbelief. I didn’t think anyone would set a church on fire.

I feel like one of my children has died. I put my blood, my sweat, and my tears into this church, getting this church built from the ground up.

To see that it was taken down in a few minutes is really heartbreaking.”

Lee was featured in The Washington Post for his work in Ferguson. The newspaper also covered the loss of his church’s sanctuary during the height of the unrest.

“This last couple days had just been crazy … Since August the ninth, it’s been real crazy.” Lee told The Washington Post just after the fire. “I’m thankful for life, and for my wife, my children, our parents. ... If I lose everything that I have, but I still have my joy, I have enough to build it all over again.

The Flood was still in the process of rebuilding, and worshipping at a temporary location on West Florissant Avenue, at the time of Lee’s death.

He seemed especially hopeful and optimistic about the future of his ministry in his final Facebook message on June 5, which sang the praises of his members for “walking into their assignments” with respect to employment, education and spirituality."

“As their pastor, it’s humbling to see them grow,” Lee said of his parishioners. “I’m so appreciative for each and every one of them.”

Lee is survived by his wife, Chanel, and their five children.

The couple just welcomed their fifth child, daughter Cassiah Royalty Lee, on May 28.

Final arrangements are pending.