Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sup. Ct. PR = (202) 479-3050

Mom did not like him.
Dad had to deal with him.
Did you say Russia? Son, that's highly classified.

April 17, 2017

Dear Neil:

If anyone cared, I could prove my writing machines included a Royal manual typewriter, an IBM used by Ronald Reagan, a Smith Corona word processor purchased with spies watching me pick up an old mouse with a ball—no infrared—and fail to know what the hell it was. Later, the U.S. Army would take all day to deliver what was said to be a “special computer” with a model number of “300.” I’d later surf on Bill Clinton’s IBM laptop, and now I type upon the HP Obama and Biden used to kill Osama Bin Laden. If anyone steals it, someone dies by my hand. Then, I suppose I’m a CIA contract employee if only anyone would bother to put me on a shell company payroll.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I noticed LBJ used the same typewriter as daddy, and where is that document image that sounds like Charles E. Hughes’ prose with LBJ’s handwriting striking out passages and inserting corrections in ink? When Charlie tried to start a book I said, “Dad, you don’t write very well,” and apparently Johnson thought so too. Perhaps a rotten soldier boy has breached my free firewall and “disappeared” it.

I really enjoyed spending ten years in the U.S. living a life like a stuck needle in the groove or a skipping compact disc. Now, I’m demanding a Passport from your POTUS #45, a guy I feel sorry for and have labeled “The Incompetent.” Before I go, weak CHARLES EVANS HUGHES genes demand a brief explication on your Amendment #2 before an armed band shoots their way into the White House like the Puerto Ricans aunt Veronica and Kathleen told me all about. How does auntie know they were yelling “Harry! Get down!” with the president at a window bitching at assassins? Gosh, I don’t know; but Howard Hughes, Jr. did have many associates in high places, whereas I do not.

Why not get in “strict constructionist” mode the next time a cop is killed with a big handgun just for fun? When his widow’s suit against the gun manufacturer reaches your panel, here is how I would define “Militia.” A “militia” the way your without ESP Founders conceived it I am sure is something like this:

I still live on gun-heavy Nagel Avenue and Ferguson II erupts. The Saint Louis whites ride north in rusty old Jeeps and start shooting to “help” the police. After weeks of gun battles on CNN, the police decide to check on the dog and spouse only to “vanish.” The National Guard then “throws in” with the whites, but our African-Americans just keep shooting when help arrives from Chicago, Memphis, and Atlanta. Then, with the guard in disarray and Bill Hughes out of pizza, an old pal pulls up with a copy of the Constitution and a big, ugly rifle. Yep, Bill Hughes would go door-to-door and say deep intellectual things like, “Let’s restore some order around here.” Since my old buddies figured on this eventuality we have better weapons than the rabble and suddenly a convoy would pull into Jefferson City by boat with poor old me as “Provisional Governor of the State of Missouri” after some idiots had blown up the bridge. That is a lawful “militia” sir.

Now, a brief discussion with your eight colleagues on the likelihood of this scenario should elicit jokes, not law. However, I’m quite sure that is what the Founders meant when it comes to carrying guns, so in my opinion even the well-regulated “Conceal and Carry” permit is unconstitutional. Who can carry guns freely if I had your job? Military, National Guard, and police—that’s all. No gun shop, no gun range, no pink .32 in the mentally disordered woman’s purse, and no plans for what I mockingly call “The Glorious Revolution” because a “strongman” president muscled-up and took all the damn guns away.

It was a pleasure not serving as Rehnquist’s clerk because I did not want to room with D.C. homosexuals and Charlie Hughes said, “We can’t afford it.”

Have a great time being driven nuts; I’m going to the EU.

With a modicum of respect,

William Charles Hughes
“Just another Hughes from Wales”

Monday, April 17, 2017


Dear Don Trump:

--Action Items—

1.     Hughes uses Internet; Internet OFF – (Must have something to do with Senator Burr and new management at the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence)  This absurdity has included several A/C power failures for an entire public building in California, a “blackout” at the Saint Louis County Library – Headquarters Branch with your correspondent at a desktop, individual library computers disabled, hacked into a nonfunctional state, and when Internet service was paid for, there have been 9-10 service interruptions that require calls to the provider (Cricket/AT&T), and the resetting of passcodes. Even with the service working properly, apparently someone knows how to enter an Android and…turn off the Internet connection. All of this possibly Russian effort, when little has been gained from free blogs, ad-cluttered e-mail, and two ridiculous, internationally sarcastic and spoof-filled Facebook pages (One as “William Hughes” and a second as “Bill Hughes”). Prior to that, your correspondent lampooned his old employer and paid for the address & server at and politely skewered the spies at Dial-up uploads would stop. The speed would slow to where your gainfully employed writer would log-off, call it a day, and a Sony clock alarm would sound so William could babysit self-styled “narcs” and small-time drug dealers at Chestnut Health Systems. The Internet provider, Brick Network, ended-up in a federal lawsuit as a defendant, then closed. With an HP desktop full of adware and “spyware,” Roger Clark answered the call and remains this writer’s computer tech advisor to this day. Later, it was surmised the hacking could not be done without key entry to the apartment, so and all hard drives in question were placed in the care of an IT forensic specialist, Gregory Chatten, who not surprisingly cannot be located, but NTSB records of his plane crash can. Slowly this writer has reached the conclusion that constant and infuriating technical issues related to both software and hardware are due to an attempt to deny access to what is freely on the Internet, and not so much to block lawful speech. Regarding my DNA heritage, a Rick Tanaka in 2010 said, “William, it’s all on the Internet” and indeed it was. My slogan, which you should share is, “If it moves an electron, they can mess with it.” I am no expert on the technology behind service denials and “hacking.” but when it comes to the political angle, you would think someone would offer me a job. Have any vacancies?
2.     Eleven (11) Bogus “Secret Service Agents” Who were they?  Is Hughes v. Department of Homeland Security being filed as a pauper, or with $350 from a movie producer’s paycheck? The excitement is bearable; illegal confinement in a motel room is not. After seeing these clowns migrate from St. Louis to Thousand Oaks California and down to Los Angeles, the jury can wonder if a woman sitting on Virginia Avenue monitoring a 7-11 store was Julia Pearson or not. The plaintiff simply does not care, however, given a “dumbing-down” of America, combined with the satanic preoccupations of many Californians, who would recognize her besides this writer and care one iota? Your correspondent promises to hold it to these impostors when there were also bogus “detectives,” “Homeland” staff, “ISI,” “FSB,” and no jurist grounded in reality should accept it was JPL on a parking lot merely because they said so. Many CHP officers must be believed to be “real” observers of Ventura County madness unless, as this comic often quipped, “Disney painted-up a fake cop car.” I can buy a tin badge at the Family Dollar and print a business card; however this does not make me “Special Agent Hughes.” Once the entourage assembled, excuses on keeping a prisoner in plain view included, “My brakes are shot,” “My water pump is out,” and “I don’t want to put that many miles on my car.” Perhaps Trisha Tennyson could be found to confirm she approached and said, “William, the Secret Service is in trouble again.” Perhaps she works for that organization, and would know of their drug use, embezzlement schemes, and favorite prostitutes.

3.     A “Missing” Continuity of Government Plan Sent Via FedEx From George W. Bush (“We’ve never heard of him. What is C.O.G.?”)  My request under the Freedom of information Act was for an old no longer classified C.O.G. plan. A carton that arrived from the Executive Office of the President at 911 St. Rita Ave. Apt. 2S Clayton, MO 63105 was thick enough to have included the documents, but this writer thought it wise to secure the services of an attorney before examining the contents. It is now eleven (11) years and at least 120 lawyers later. It is past time to locate the cover letter and documents I here assert.

4.     Charles Edward Hughes and His Maritime Service records (From “Get drunk, go Navy”) plus his U.S. Army file (“Bob’s burned up; Charlie’s was singed” in the big St. Louis Army Records fire). My theory from oral historian Charles was that the Merchant Marine boat went to Saudi Arabia and Japan after the criminal and wholly unjustified nuclear attacks. “Ignorance is no excuse” was a phase imparted to me as a child, so I simply do not accept the excuse holding that early nuclear scientists did not know what the U.S. had developed. My own uncles said this: “Jesus, couldn’t they have shown it to them over the ocean?” My alleged dad was the one on grandma’s couch saying, “That would not have stopped them.” I think he really believed that, and we argued the point after I had looked at the cable traffic to and from the State Department before the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare thus far. Charlie’s often repeated statement was that the “horror” would not be repeated. Further, I think he did much “in the dark” during the many nuclear “close calls” since 1945. I read-up on nuclear false alarms, and in response to that research, my life was systematically and criminally destroyed by your government and its drug-dealing, inept spy-lackeys. Moving along to Charlie’s brief service and discharge from the U.S. Army, I suspect he may indeed have injured his arm intentionally, but not out of cowardice as my late mother often alleged. I think he was ordered to do something he considered morally wrong and wanted out. It cannot be cowardly when he apparently told Teamster Union underworld types the facts of lawful life in smoke-filled rooms. For this, he was likely trained by the Office of Strategic Services, and “Wild Bill” Donovan was chosen as the head of its successor agency. If Charles signed-on with that organization, this explains all of my woes. In my opinion, which I am allowed to express anywhere, anytime, the Central Intelligence Agency should be abolished and condemned as a criminal syndicate and terrorist organization. Charlie also spoke of a “mistake” he made and “wrongheaded ideas” he may have briefly endorsed. What I think is simply that he may have played poker with some “card-carrying communists” after World War II, and in the eyes of your government back then that made you one of them. As an informant said of my scrapes with alleged intelligence workers, it is a matter of “Guilt by association.” Not with this writer.

5.     Diane Feinstein and Richard Blum – Closed session invitation, please. Where did Hughes v. Finkel go?  I’m serious about being called to a closed hearing. Moreover, I am certain I do not need a lawyer for that testimony.

6.     William Charles Hughes & Canada – (Ejected by nutty Canadian border security personnel in 2008 with a destination, a valid Passport, a Missouri Driver’s License, $35,000 liquid, and a $50,000 credit line. Why?) It is my recollection I was surrounded by border police, threatened with immediate arrest, and asked about aluminum foil. Since when is Reynolds wrap illegal in any nation? My answer was deemed satisfactory, yet I was spun around and sent south under the gaze of an armored vehicle full of U.S. Army men. Why? I have noted the foil was invented the same year the National Security Act passed and that it is apparently on the ceiling of the Lunar Module of old and more contemporary U.S. Navy ship bridges. I simply use it around sensitive electronics sometimes on the theory it blocks considerable electromagnetic “grunge” in the air. I never examined the Canadian paperwork on this affront, and it was later stolen by a bizarre German nurse and her male helper from a contract cleaning crew at the Goebel Senior Adult Center in Thousand Oaks.  Most cops would conclude if you are seen next to the item and then it is quickly gone you just might be guilty. Not so in “La La Land” where I was told by city officials not to bark at people about to steal my backpack before “Margaret” succeeded. I did indeed call “Deputy Jeff” on a non-emergency number and though I like former senior center director Andrea Koval and owe her a dinner date, her suggestion that I search Margaret’s car myself was dismissed as odd, to say the least. Relevant to note here is my allegation of a Canadian birth and possibly forged records leading to a 09/15/2015 appointment at the Canadian Consulate in Chicago. Plenty of records could inform you that is my 1955 birth record birthday. I was unable to keep the appointment because no one would drive there, and I can prove my rented house did not lock, and thus much went “missing.” Help yourself to Hughes’ property again, the spies and drug dealers figured correctly. Justice? None for me in the USA or Canada it seems.

7.     U.S. Passport NOW – (The Hughes family is from Wales, the Gano family France, the Gallagher family Ireland, and Jim LĂ©onard? Looks like Australia to “The Prisoner of Mumbai & Marlborough, MO”)  This quest began in 2013 at the Grant R. Brimhall Library in Thousand Oaks, CA. A simple search located a law that said a grandparent born in Ireland could lead to Irish citizenship. Later Mr. Finbar Hill was contacted at the Irish Consulate in Los Angeles for details. As yet another “clue” passed by Charles Hughes, this writer was told to look up certain family members on the Eilis Island website portal. Indeed, a document supported family reports on maternal grandmother Margaret “Maggie” Gallagher Leonard coming to the U.S. as a baby. Therefore, she was born in Ireland. The images of said documents were printed-out and given to Charles Hughes. Three and a half years after speaking to Mr. Hill, this writer would learn via a “Kate” at the Irish Consulate in Chicago that Mr. Hill had concocted an “express” description of the process. Further, he illogically offered to pass documents to the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles. This, when your correspondent cannot even successfully obtain a drivers’ license. Slowly, the Passport and Visa process others navigate easily turned into a “Wild Goose Chase” for lack of caring individuals to HELP. The “stumper” question on a 2014 attempt to apply when John Kerry held the fort was Margaret Mary Leonard Hughes’ birthday. No photo of mom? Don’t know her birthday and have no way to obtain vital records on anyone? This is my perverted world I squarely blame on the United States Government. This writer often asks, “Doing a little spying?” Please explain how a man could be seen at John Rayman’s car lot in Marlborough, Missouri who was intently watching when the aforementioned Irish law was located in California? This is yet another example of the pack of kooks & spooks stalking this writer effortlessly. Never forgetting a face is an asset at a murder trial, and at the Wayside Motel. Data was gathered for the Passport application via a 2014 land-line phone filled with static. Writer could not help but notice the AT&T installer’s paperwork, and that of the Charter Communications man went “missing.” Both were African-American, leading to theorizing that racists are at work when events occur like the severing of a Charter cable line, which was reconnected with minimal discussion. In this allegedly “up and coming” St. Louis neighborhood, it was observed to be a common event to cut the cable wire, pull down  enemy satellite dishes, or gut the AT&T box so as to prevent contact with the world outside of St. Louis, which is large, whereas the local minds are small. Yes, I was almost murdered over a child’s scooter found abandoned in an alley and the highest level political discussion was with my Ward Committeewoman who reported plenty shooting and killing in her neighborhood. I now wonder if all of these homicides make it into the Post-Dispatch. The speed with which I’d like to depart can be supported by my Gunshots, Explosions, and Power Failure Log. Radio stations were being knocked off the air, small explosions were heard, and many weapons were being fired, yet the police were only called twice with a report of “shots fired.” This was because the shooter or shooters were too nearby. I think it is also relevant to note that rent demands were often preceded by a chorus of gunshots, and the “property manager” was an alleged family member. What’s my last name? It is Hughes, and quite frankly if I’m to be constantly threatened both overtly and subversively, I’d prefer it take place in a nation-state that is not descending into anarchy.