Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(805) 249-7265

Long ago I was told, "Get away from that tower, Billy. It might fall down." Later, we rode up on our bikes and found bricks that had fallen off it on the ground. LOOK OUT! Oh my goodness, another legal problem for the City of St. Louis besides many black folks shot without much good reason, and HUGHES.

The Streets, Francis?
Plateau - Left a tank of oil and broke the lease. No problem.
Gustine - Sold my car for cash after a hot sex summer and the Mrs. Hughes got a Ph.D later. As with many, I was screwed by greedy Russians in the 1980's, but we can feed them all today on the Food Stamp card if they "cry poor," and they are very skilled at this procedure around April 15. 

As a bonus, they have lawyers, whereas I don't.
Not yet, Francis.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Francis Needs to Get to AUTO ZONE

The cop SUV had a parking light out and the "Lesbo-cop" wore wrap-around shades? Who's hired cops away from Clayton? (This is a St. Louis joke).

What did the Mayrose company manufacture? (Or, you are dead)

Al, was this post legal? 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"May I have a ride to the airport?"

Alaska Air 261
Will the spies ever tire of my recording of it? 
New Revelation?
ARMY says, "Video, sir."
He uses the word "see" and sounds nervous?
Watching the jet go splash?
Not "good."

BUSTED, Soldier!


In my new not underway yet video reenactment, with Captain Juan assisting, the key line with ROGER C. on the right and Bill H. on the left is:

"I'm tired of this fiddly-fucking around, let's put the plane in the surf."
Roger says? 
"We'll catch hell over that."
"I think it's bad enough. You?"
"We'll get written-up and all that."
"Let's concentrate on slowing the airplane down, and..."
"Honey! Get up here!"
"The wife and I used to go sailing a bit further north of here."
"Get 'em ready to go swimming, dear...you know..."

Sunday, September 13, 2015

3 Johns--No Waiting



New GF
(That's not John Rabun! Found the pic, and Fulton State Hospital is only if I buy a g__ and s____ your ass).

Monday, September 7, 2015

Time Out: Another Dead HUGHES

DICK BUTKIS was discussed at our dinner table along with DICK NIXON and the Straight of Hormuz. Is gasoline free yet, soldier? Do we have to pay the Saudis, or should they pay us to remove this environmentally unfriendly substance from the ground?

My "Hughes" means that Hughes.
Will you lazy, meth-fired, delusional, SSI recipient shits find a job the day after Labor Day? Try some labor organizing and see how fast "The Cops" are summoned.

Maybe that fake liberal Sanders knows some cops after all. POLICE STATE!!! And, what was that address in Missouri? #5. I do not want to see Dee's house. Iowa? New Hampshire? U.K.? 


Bye, Mr. Mafia 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Not Dead Yet, Mr. Mafia GOT WEED? GOT HEROIN?

Mountain View nuked yet?

Like 09-11-2001
Suppressed book, no movie deal.

"They took everything but my life."
No "nice guys" in that organization.
Want a Civil War?
Keep it up!

How 'bout that Bernie Sanders! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Question My Perceptions

It's a new game show on ABC where all of North America says, "Hughes, you are crazy." No, the guy above Squeaky's head said, "Don't go out there."


Tune in tomorrow, Mountain View cokeheads.   

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Where am I?"

The caption is what the DISNEY CORP. girl said in Zip Code 63105, then she ditched those leather pants to jog by in red shorts. So hot! She's a Secret Service girl? Son, you need to get back on that medicine like Joe Biden's. Might work, might not. The man above, formerly with the fbi, likely did not know where he was, either. My phone calls Cuba?

Not yet.