Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another D.C. "Think Tank" is Incorporating Today

A more rested and rational Jimbo

August 19, 2015

William C. Hughes
216 Nagel Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63111

Jim Comey, Director

Federal Bureau of Investigation
c/o Information Dissemination Section
FOIA/PA Request
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA  22602

Dear Jim –

Rushing to JOHN ASHCROFT’S bedside? I was allowed to read the story, thanks to my dial-up service through BRICK NETWORK. Seems I recall filing a lawsuit against them and others with “secret agents” (neo-Nazis) in the Eagleton Federal Courthouse elevator who were so corny the secretaries burst out laughing. I did not know what to make of it, and by the way, Charles Edward Hughes was still alive at the time. Want a Civil War 2.0, buddy? You are going to get it, unless I get out of the USA.

Jimmy Carter has cancer? How did I learn of this? By my only source of news; an old hand me down radio from my evil kinfolk. Marching around with militia groups? Not okay! Not much help closing or enriching my PAC? That is their option. Keeping me captive in a “drug house” of great fame unbeknownst to me? Highly illegal! Justice? Holder and the new cunt at DOJ just don’t get it, Jim. I am very much related to Howard, Felix, and Charles Evans Hughes. More jokes? No, it’s time for war, Jim.

I have a question for you. Why have I met someone from every nation on this Earth except Chad and Paraguay? Odd for a often unemployed guy who has been out of the U.S. one time during the Summer of 1977. Meet any Israeli Army girls lately? I’ve moved up in the world from that to very Jewish former Special Forces guys with nasty legal guns in their homes. He said what? “You don’t even have a can of mace down there?” No, I don’t.

I’m defenseless, except an old 2002 IBM ThinkPad and my “new” 2010 HP. Does it go on the .mil totalitarian internet? Not yet, Jim. My “lethal weapons” are my mouth, pen, and keyboard. That might be why the fascist bums of Southern California yelled “Shut up! Shut up!” as they physically dragged be away from a public computer. My evil sister alleges these stories are “delusions.” Sir, I am free to allege Mr. Obama is delusional. Fair enough? My ride to the Iowa Caucus is here? Not yet. May I purchase a motor vehicle like I did in 1973? It was $600. My Datsun? $1600. Later, the family Fiat 124 was, according to a Reagan era federal agency, going to break in half and was recalled. Was this a “Mafia joke” regarding my Italian spouse? Not funny! The orange Audi 100LS? I recall paying $600. 

Could we discuss this government garbage regarding the number “6” in open court? I’ve certainly done my reading on Howard Hughes, Jr., and it is true that long ago a certain actress worried about too many 6’s in her flight number. The aircraft crashed, and all aboard died. I’m quite sure both that big daddy Howard had nothing to do with it, and he looked into this mass murder. Jim, I’m a big, badass liberal who detests the president and can read NTSB reports competently. Four sets of licensed pilot eyes in Kentucky up front and they got on the wrong, too short, dark runway? The lone air traffic controller had his back turned? Lies! Lies! Lies! I said to my social work colleague back then, and I say today, “Don’t get on that plane.” The Russians shot down another airliner? Don’t worry I’ll run for president and insist something be done about those assholes. I’ve got better things to do.         

Is this request okay with you, Jim? It better be! Enough preamble? The Federal Bureau of Investigation will provide, per the Freedom of Information Act, my entire FBI file with no redactions as soon as practicable, which is, in my opinion the amount of time for a lowly secretary to run the copy machine.

Why is my next Trac Fone call to the United States Supreme Court? Because if you .gov idiots resist, I will prevail 9-0. Why? No crimes, no espionage, no conspiracies, and no intentional contacts with “agents of foreign powers” can be linked to this requestor. Have they scrapped the FISA yet? Maybe Rand Paul will take my calls someday. “Secret court?” May we discuss this ridiculous illegal federal oxymoron in a public venue, like Fox News with Megan Kelly perhaps?  Thanks!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Jim

How rude can those protesters in New York get?


Dear Director Comey:


There is the math on Howard Hughes Jr.’s FBI file, mostly comprised of old newspaper clippings. You might want to resign about now, but not before telling me by e-mail only who the hell DAVE FIRENZA was. He claimed to be a Saint Charles Missouri police officer, but shortly after Dave moved out of 911 St. Rita Avenue, 1S St. Louis, MO 63105 I called the police there and they knew nothing of Dave.

Dave’s comment on the first police harassment traffic stop I’d endured over 25 years besides trumped-up tickets for moving violations that did not take place was: “He was waiting on you.” Indeed he was, and I suppose cops have long been speaking what I call “spy talk” such as saying, “You were on the white line.” I was not on any I-55 paint or cocaine, Comey. Dave also said: “The FBI has an over one hundred thousand page file on you.” What else did he say, Jim? “There’s over a million pages on your family.”

I think your successor should allow me to see this garbage, if it exists. I invite your replacement to examine every e-mail, blog post, and letter I have written since my “missing” Compaq desktop was reluctantly purchased in 1997. Where do you play golf, Jim? I look forward to CNN excitement over your departure.

Be happy retired,

William C. Hughes