Saturday, May 28, 2016

Momorial Day Weakend

Don't worry Trumpists, it's not a photo of his motorcade post-attack, just a shot of displeased French refinery workers who can't tolerate high wages and cradle to the grave social insurance. Hey, how do you sign-up for that "public option" on ObammyCare? Dentist? If I fixed my teeth, I would not be able to blend-in with mountains of Missourah white trash.

Thanks for murdering granny at DePaul, soldier.
Thanks for killing mom, sailor.
Good job whacking Charlie, Shaw.
Doris died horribly, Mr. Marine.
Bob knew it was coming, Air Force.
Carol's "weird disease" many have come from HHMI, Steve.
Was most of your family murdered, Pam?

Don't ask that "overthrow question" when I own the hotel, State Department sluts.
You might not like the delays at America's airports, Rod.
C.I.A.? When will paranoid drug boys "get it?"
I said "No."
NSA = "Not Sure, Asshole"

From the Homeland mail bag:

Have a Great Weekend!
I wish I could be in several places at once, like a sci-fi movie. I will see if Ms. B---- will give me a phone number, because she mentioned she was going to submit her research somewhere, but I do not know to what she referred. As I said this morning, I thought she was in Delphi. Her location in Florida was news to me. 

To review her key points:

1. She apparently thinks we are related, thanks to your "William Hughes" in Carroll County.
2. She does not think the Carroll County William is related to Howard Robard Hughes Jr. a.k.a "The Aviator." I have the research and misery due to criminal gangs since at least 2004 that indicates these gentlemen are indeed related.
3. Is anyone ready to say I'm not related to my murdered by the United States Government mother?
4. How about the POSITIVE DNA TEST in Houston that will come to be if L---- S------ from the oil company gets on an American Airlines flight and visits to H-E-L-P.
5. It does not match? There is almost no need for the science to establish "clear & convincing" evidence through photos that were illegally seized, along with computers, phones, a camera, and everything I've ever owned. I committed a crime? No, it is the U.S. intelligence community and their rotten, paid well THUGS, many of whom came into my life as "friends." Bullcrap!
6. How about a St. Louis County judge helps me prove my grandmother of record HELEN BLAND is not a relative. Who was she? Howard's girlfriend! (One of many).
Angry? You bet! BTW, let's not have a civil war over my drill bit. It's the satellites? It sure as hell is not RKO, the studio that made some fairly decent movies, always labeled as "bad." Why? The Hughes Aircraft engineers were 20-40 years ahead of the competition, so the military started rumors we are from Mars, run around with E.T., etc. etc. etc.
BTW: The event/crash at Roswell, NM was NOT a craft from outer space, but I'd bet Howard Hughes' phone rang!! Mine seldom does.
Thanks for your reading time,

William Charles Hughes

Friday, May 27, 2016

Gangster Upsell: From Mafia to Illuminati

As what this writer calls “The Worldwide Schizophrenic Process” worsens, we go back to two non-incidents that do relate to the photo, ClozarilKook. Yes, the fire copter hovered at about 100 feet as an elderly booster smoked her Maverick Red. It was LOUD when I shouted, “What is he doing here?” “I don’t know Bill,” she said.

Prior to that, as Jill prepared for another day of park board monkey business, unlike in scandal-ridden Saint Louis, my e-mail had been received with an attachment.

She said: “I got your e-mail. I don’t like the graphics.”

I said: “I don’t like the color scheme.”


I don’t like it when military flyboys turn off all the electronics and purposefully ram into a planeload full of civilians. Didn’t see my plane? On that day, it was as clear a sky as the photo above. His F-4 limped back to the base; my people all died.

Find time to read the report, DroneDick Scott AFB airman? Hughes did.


Rogue Roughnecks?
This looks real bad, soldier!
Don't ruin Memorial Day with an ugly incident.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Demented Defense Build-Up

Ronnie did not like Howard Hughes, and was suffering from Dementia the entire 8 years. SOURCE: United States Army, dude.

I see the Dictator/Dealmaker of North America has been appointed Chief Alpha Male by several geeky white guys in North Dakota. Bernie still breathing? All rock stars and politicians should know people like MARK DAVID CHAPMAN and JOHN HINCKLEY are given “gate passes,” and it is all kept rather secret by the creeps jogging up & down elementary dear WATSON. Trust me, I know these well-scrubbed scumbags personally. Did you see federal building bomber Timmy put to death? You did not. What did a rather famous sniper say to me in Los Angeles? Lookalike? No, the needle apparently did not go in his arm. CLUE: His little buddy, as I like to say, “Dines on your tab.”
Police state! Military Dictatorship!! MafiaNation!!!
No law!
No rights!!
No justice!!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“Crazy Bernie” Has a Samoan

I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I have several contraindicated mental illnesses simultaneously. That said, I had a Samoan assigned long ago. This is why “Ray” at the Go-Bell said, to some young punks who had come for guidance, “He’s already been there.” “He’s already been though that. “He already done that.” Yes, he was talking about Hughes, which is why you big rodents are here, and I tire of you encamping to hack the Google log-in code. Keep at it!

Yes, Senator Sanders was given an SS Samoan, because I was allowed to pay foreigners and not watch 999 channels of Nazi crap. (On TV). Donald, you don’t have one, but you are safe with my VHS tape buff who asked, “What do you think of Donald Trump?” My review of the presumed GOP nominee’s exploits was much more positive in 2010 than today. Today? I have some advice for the Republican “prince.”

1.       Have a smoke-filled room meeting.

2.      Sit Don down in the Green Room.

3.      Tell him, “Your convention hall pass is revoked”.

4.      When he becomes outraged, hear the Hughes and say: “These are the Cleveland cops. They will be happy to take your ass to jail.”

Done! And so easy with some (R) “testicular fortitude®” a.k.a. BALLS.



p.s. When I coined the term “Trump Riot,” I was joking. I joke no more Ms. Blum.


Fear the Blog, Fear the Van

No rights!
No law!
No justice!

What is the blue Jeep Cherokee doing here?
The red Jeep Cherokee guy was driving drunk every day.
You too?
Must we discuss it with "The Cops?"


Monday, May 23, 2016

The Dying Slowly Suite

[Inset joke here]

I am not old enough to call a female companion my “old lady,” but I am old enough to have advised my buddies that you might be caught by and old lady while stealing Crosby, Still, Nash, & Young’s first album, which was really their second album after the Canadian made them more “radical.” The clerk had a big curved mirror—no cameras. Mr. Trudeau is now roughing-up members of Parliament? I really need to find that woman who said, “I can’t go back to Canada! They’ll throw my ass in jail. [It was some little matter like a rock band, car wrecks, and several DUI’s. More than that? I’d rather not know].

Sorry, HughesWatchers, I’m not going to the last remaining record store in the Midwest to see the big LP cover and comment on her hairdo. What did I say? “Oh yeah, I got your dad’s album. It has a yellow cover, but I can’t remember the title.” [She was not writing down secret codes, soldier]. Later, I was proud to solve the last “T.O. Headache” by barfing directly into an Albuquerque trash can. I then re-boarded the bus to be kicked by a meth dealer the rest of the way. Mitt Romney did this too? I did not read about that in the Huffington Post.

May I watch the Bloomberg ticker all day and then “rescue” some distressed corporate millennial idiots who borrowed too much cash from their wealth granny? Lawyer? Why would I need one to lie, cheat, and steal when I could do that myself? I have such a high opinion of the legal profession, they won’t approach. The Amendment, DNC?

“The President of the United States shall not be an attorney at law.”

Could we get it through before Hillary wins? I didn’t think so. Also, for the “STL Zinger,” I must ask all those fat white men on the MetroLink: Have the Blues choked yet? Why not ride the #94 & #97 instead? I’m sorry if a black man boards the train. Does it go to Hillsboro? Why not? St. Charles? Alton? Dude, why is there a historical marker in front of “The House of Three Bills.” I paid the bills, not hitmen, but maybe I should have been advised the availability of such guys. Movie? And…action!

Why are you so skinny?

I’ve been doing a little crank.

You better cut that shit out!

Who was that man?
Me, motherfucker.

(213) MellowDrama

Di is not dead? Man, those French intel types are crafty bastards!
Prozac, my ass!
Attention Spooks -
What does the sensible writer do when every keystroke is being stolen in real-time? 
You put some on the Google site foreign-born pricks took and won’t give back. It had a complete copy in the draft folder along with photos from my now deceased Star Trek actor-helper. Why did the box go away? Partly because I was “BrainJacked” by your murderous criminals at the Pentagon into remembering the passcode, but forgetting my own e-mail address. A guy named WILLIAM BLUM wrote back to that box, but he’s nobody I ever want to know. Who is P—R----? 
You put some on the Yahoo box CBS “players” wrote to in 2012. KMOX? A shell of what it used to be. [You may now sound the EBS tone, Schlossberg]. I said, “They need the scary tone back.” They put it back, ladies. Is it time for the end of the world yet? That’s the Hughes intelligence world specialty, and as my thug-mailgurl said, “I’m ready to go.” Where are the Glomar-recovered 800 kiloton Russian nukes? Not at my semi-scummy hotel. 
You also save the material on gifted storage devices generously donated by creepy spies. Jason the terror specialist Marine said, “Those will never run.” They lit. They transferred the intellectual property to Bill Clinton’s laptop. [See his comedy video, because the gift-giver of that piece of shit is not seeing mine, nor are you]. Why not kill a “Castle Doctrine” violator spy soon, P--? Calling your “coke cops” yet? 
Also, be sure to write on senior center scrap paper and have it stolen by fascist heroin kops who need a good old Harry Truman nuking. Don’t forget to get it back after the B--- family fails to pay enough to effect your “murder by cop.” You forgot a few pages, deputy. 
FACT: Deputy no name said, “Give me the screenplay.”
FACT: Some lesbian bitch in a brown uniform gave most of it back. 
Want a civil war? I like mine hot. You lose. Got some radiation treatment pills Sal invented? My ex whispered to me about her dad’s achievement during a movie called The China Syndrome.” Recently, I looked up his still marketed antidote on the company’s website. She was not lying.
This writer gave up on the 9th of 10 screenplays. What happened? I forgot. Whatever it was, it motivated me to write down all of the missing scenes and go looking for them in a dozen files. There’s still one I have to flesh-out, but the one that really pissed me off I now think the shithead sheriff in a suit stole. He’s not sitting in his own jail if I’m related to HH? Are you nuts? Speaking only for myself, I’d rather not be tortured ever since Ms. B---------- said, “Be careful around P--.” In cahoots? In shit up to your bulging eyeballs? Sorry, I can’t help with that garbage.
The re-written stolen scene? Here it is. Steal! Steal! Steal! 
Movie deal? No, take the money & run. I’d like to go anywhere that is not soon controlled by Hillary’s gangsters or Trump’s Vegas thugs. Bahamas, Mexico, or Nicaragua? A séance with Howie won’t help, because he figured I could kick your totalitarian asses solo.
The Jeep now hurtles down the road with the Chinese Airman in back. 
I heard an explosion. 
Who gives a shit? 
Light tosses a candy bar over his shoulder. 
The Chinese Airman catches it. 
Snickers satisfies! 
Where are we? 
A good question we've been trying to address. Got any gizmos that still work? 
Chinese Airman pulls a device out of his bag. 
Hands it up to Light as he eats the Snickers. 
Check this out. 
What is it? 
We ain't got one. 
Keep your eyes on the road. 
The device is seen as more EXPLOSIONS are heard. 
Holy cow! Will it do the laundry too, or just find the joint?
We need some sort of a decision here. 
How about you stop the Jeep? 
You got it. 
The Jeep pulls into a small clearing. 
Light tosses the device backwards. 
Nice. I'll describe it to a pencil neck. 
You do that. I'm going back where I came from. 
The Chinese Airman hops out of the Jeep. 
Shooting flares and shit? 
Worth a try. 
Light and Bill watch as he walks into the brush. 
They continue on. 
Onward and upward. 
Fuck that. Who's shooting at who? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

AC = 117 or...ZAP 220

Looks like BILL HUGHES, but it's not!


Dear “Maddog”:

I have managed to contact a number of Lindenwood people, but it seems no one wants to talk. I do not consider moronic Facebook posts to be communication. B---- S------? Why that big k--- piece of crap has the same type of job and refused to get off his big ass to help me in any way. Seems Mr. A----- quit KSHE abruptly and now works at some “cut-out” company where they think they are “spies” and sell something or other. The KSHE texter has just called the music industry bad names. How about one word? MAFIA.

“Hey kid, we’ll make your record a hit.” MAFIA. Hey buddy, we got a new guitar player for you.” MAFIA. “Hey pal, your tune is now number one.” MAFIA. “Miss D.J., I’ve got some white powder and a download you will like.” MAFIA. This creep is still called the “A&R Guy?” That I would not know, without calling the KLOS kshe where they answer the phone thusly: “Hey, Bill.” Across the hall at KABC, it’s: “Want do you want, Hughes?”

Not related to Howard? “Oh, they just think he’s an entertaining street person.” No, that’s not it. Sometime in 2009, I was washing dishes and listening to KLOS. The woman’s house was a mess. The deal? “Clean up my house, and you can stay here a week.” The KLOS promo featured an audio effect that sounded like a big transformer frying. The deep voice intoned: “K-L-O-S…Los Angles.” I thought, “Jesus, am I ever in the wrong place.”

Back to good old Saint Louis, and the lady who rented that part of a house with a big MAFIA bitch upstairs walked by smiling. She had threatened to run for Congress, and should do just that. What was she doing in St. Louis? Spying. On who? How the fuck would I know? Later, I saw Jill J. walking up Delmar in the Loop. She’s the one I went to and said, “You know, this president shit is crazy. These people smoke way too much weed. What do you think?” She said? “You might win.” This happened two more times. I said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” The straight as an arrow JillFace said, “No. No, I’m not.” She’s a grade school teacher by now, because it is five goddamn years since that clowning took place an hour outside of LA (If you drive 80-100, as they routinely do).

I told another attractive female out there she could pick out clothes for me since I am not exactly a dapper dresser. She said? “I can do more than that.” Later, always later, I found out in addition to her family and her boyfriend’s family working at, and being laid off by MGM, there was more. What’s that?

Her grandmother introduced Howard Hughes to Jean Peters, who he would later marry. Ouch! That explained her free coffee at the [Start guessing between Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Pete’s, and Panera]. Bill Hughes likes coffee, as you may recall. T----, many people can play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix, act as well as Hepburn or Tracy, write like a Steinbeck, or dance like the ballet, yet they say, “Fuck it! I’d rather bag groceries at Ralph’s.”

Why do they say that an hour outside of LA? The in-law is a rock star. The neighbor won an Oscar. They don’t care. They say, “Fuck it!” I met a lot of people like that, not pop stars, although what one of them did was: a). Took off her makeup; b). Possibly took some good old LSD; and c). Brought a Galaxy phone for poor old Bill to use. I recall yelling, “Are you people all high? Get the fuck out of here! You! And you! You can stay. Everybody else, outta here!” (I then called a certain Democrat U.S. Senator, and subsequently his staff changed the outgoing voice mail message to make fun of us).

Why? The female in question stands to inherit something, and is going to get screwed, but not. What is the product? Where did you work on C------ Road?


Bill H.

[Standing in line at the airport? We could help you with that]

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fire! [It's a four letter word, soldier]

Did a bad guy get on the base, or is that for the air show?
"My bill is in the mail" said the Kennedy-hugging relatives. Then they voted for Goldwater.
What the hell was that?
Be confused no more about the Egyptian plane in the drink!
1. Get a bad guy a job at the airline.
2. Put flammable stuff near the airplane's "nerve center."
3. "Fire! Where? Oh shit!"
4. It's very smoky up there. The airplane's controls don't work too well. The avionics start to "crap out." (Not NTSB lingo, but accurate).
5. Three (3) minutes later...Splash  

Lights out? Book on paper? Must be those communists at AMREN.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Invisible Transit

Hughes v. Metro, d.b.a. Metrobus, Metrolink, and Formerly d.b.a. “BiState Transit”

Plaintiff’s complaint originates in 1959 - 1960, when MARGARET “MAGGIE” LEONARD, plaintiff’s maternal grandmother, said, “The bus is late” too often. As for, “Maybe he didn’t see us,” when passed up by a BISTATE TRANSIT bus, it is here alleged to be a very early clue on how, since the close of World War Two, objects and people can be made to disappear through human technological means. This was, and possibly still is, a poorly kept state secret.

This “vanishing” technology, here alleged to be clandestinely patented property of the plaintiff, is apparently such common knowledge in the State of California, two Ventura County deputies at the “Commander” rank discussed it with the plaintiff. “I’ve been working this area for thirteen years and never seen you” said the male Commander, regarding a “Homeless Hughes” visible on the street every day. It was a clue, as were a second cousin’s 1960’s television ads for toilet bowl cleaner “VANISH.” Clues and blatant admissions of the plaintiff’s genetic link to HOWARD HUGHES, JR. and HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY do not pay utility bills on the Internet or on paper, and thus are relevant to the many death threats plaintiff has received and endured on Saint Louis, Missouri public transit with two “missing” automobiles here alleged to have been wrecked and taken by the United States Intelligence Community, either directly or through “shell company,” “cut-out” proxies. Remain calm. Don't pay attention to the voices in your head Pam, and may I just keep writing?

"Officer, I think you need to go to the hospital where my relative is the Mental Ward Manager and get your ass shot-up with medicine that could kill you." 

"It was Beth's meth? Now, we're going to have to frame you for something or other." Francis! Oh Jay! Not now girls, I'm too busy suing everybody.