Thursday, March 31, 2016

From the LA County Files

It was Candy Eve who said: "You can make all the 'To Do' lists you want. Nothing will change."

September 3, 2013

Dear ic3fbi Idiots -

I want PAMELA BXXX arrested for her murders and murder conspiracies. Further, I want this worse than Howard Hughes Jr. torture and detention campaign halted. IMMEDIATELY. You have no legal basis for detaining me in a given geographic location, yet it has taken place many times, and when I get to COURT, the allegation will be that there was a long, well-funded conspiracy to murder me, and failing that, "neutralize" me by stripping me of all property and access to financial resources (It's called MONEY).

As for Mr. STEVE RXXXXXXXXX, I would, without hesitation, kill him with my bare and unskilled at fighting hands if he dared approach. I have a weapon? No. Want some sarcasm? I'd beat him with a piece of homeless guy cardboard sign. What was I supposedly doing at the ARCH MOTEL with his money? Selling drugs, per the usual false allegation. May I be arrested like Chinese dissident Xue Manzi on charges of "Soliciting a prostitute," because enough of them come near, but like higher class U.S. government whores, they want my MONEY.

What I want is a year of peace & quiet. My frustration? Nothing works. Public officials? Police agencies? Professional associations? Colleagues? Friends? I have none, like Howard Hughes, and to do that to someone with no money or housing rises to the level of TORTURE and WAR CRIMES, because I believe I'm rather sneakily related to William IV.

Let's argue that one in a court called The House of Commons, where I can be quickly tutored on protocol. I'm who? I think I'm allowed to talk as long as I want. What's that catchy line, "I need my own tools to finish the job."

You're in trouble, D.C. Big trouble.


It was Candy's late mother who said: "Bill, it's really tough when you are dealing with a bunch of nuts."

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wilma, Cutlery, Pickeling, Hail, Door, & Muhrder, LLC

BBC mafia-hot double-crossed buns
In November 2001, it was an Airbus, not an L-1011
More recently, CBS radio said .gov would not release the names
Why did ABC know them, and named them in a broadcast an hour earlier, soldier?
As R. Castro said, how about some names?

It was 1980 when this guy who described himself as, “Like a German Social Democrat” gave money to a Republican who decided he’d run for president as an Independent. The lawfully wedded wife and I went to see this candidate named “John,” and all Bernie supporters who were not born yet in 1980 can look it up on Wikipedia.

Not far into his address, I said, “Gayle, why are the Secret Service guys staring at us?” She said, as all spies do, “They are not looking at us.” I said, “Yes they are.” The parrot is dead. The parrot is not dead, etc. Bill Hughes now wonders if those guys were two actors in search of a day’s pay, not with the real government at all. Why would the candidate allow that? Did I mention he was from Illinois, where all governors go to the slammer. Do they have legislation to that effect? Get elected, go to prison. Isn’t it about time for that to happen to a president of the USA?

Harry T. warned of many things, like my C.I.A. is already out of control, the Executive Branch is too big for its britches, etc. etc. etc. BTW, only Hughes would meet up with the BHI gurl at the Texas Book Depository. Don’t try this at home. Why would you? Bill Hughes used to dream of many things, like a recreation of the JFK assassination, only nothing happens. You wanted to be an extra? Too late, DARPA ding-dong. Too much torture in the Homeland. Too many sneaky murders. Charlie had a Dictabelt like the POTUS. When I would play with it, I got scolded. Let’s have ABC analyze the recording of too many gunshots to be all by Mr. Oswald again. Is this really necessary? No one believed that one shooter story anyway.

By 1990, Bill was a more temperate Clinton Democrat, but did not know it yet. During that eight years, this Hughes was conned with promotions and compliments. As I’ve complained, life is spy “fine” when in view of the Clydesdale butt in front of you. By the year 2000, the Air Force girl and I had already discussed which apartment was selling cocaine in her hometown, and I’m almost sorry I balked at a $97,000 house we could have fought over later. (The neighborhood was later found flush with Illuminati ready to call the cops).

Even landlord Bob’s B-29 stories could not shake it loose in the immediate “Post 9/11 World.” Nope, dummy me had to move to a 911 address the same as the event and still not “get it.” Why, even the suggestion of that aviator movie got virulent resistance. As the flight video faded into book writing, I suppose you too had F-15E’s in the backyard at treetop level. I recall muttering, “Doesn’t anybody else hear them? Are they deaf?” This Hughes refused to believe, even while wondering how easy it would be to “jack” a few MD-11’s simply by hopping an unguarded fence.

Go into the Boeing HQ? Why? As logical urges and cosmic forces strengthened, many could not drive properly, leading to movie-like road action. Don’t worry IllumiNazis, I have no car, and no way to buy one, according to some. People, when the cop sees you run a stop sign and chases the other guy, you’d think this would stand as a clue, and it did.

By 2010, Bill Hughes has no property, and logically no politics, except his own. Many strange things were heard and said on the JPL/CHP lot. What will the POL SCI landscape look like in 2020 USA? Why would I care if the T.O. finger is being wagged at some EU type and/or brain dead Lord that does not like the European Union? England wants out? We’ll see about that, as soon as more Swiss & Iranian women get me out of here. Thieves and self-styled spooks, that big Indiana monument with my name on it is not going anywhere.

Must be nice to call yourself a "socialist" and have no screws in your tires.
You should thank Hubble-generated  stars this top .000001% godhead thinks making a profit on your product/service/scam is O.K.
Taxes? As the I.R.S. rep said, "One thing at a time."

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bri & The Baron

When I call Las Vegas, I'm speaking English. Right?

 Will reading about Baron Carondolet help? Third gun shop call?

Let's see...Hillary has been indicted... of Trump's spouses sits with Barbara Walters, or someone like her.
Bernie has sufficiently watched his back...
...the GOP Coup has ruled...

As they said at the Castro's Back Room cigar shop in Concord, NH:
"Anything can happen."

C.I.A. critic Gary Webb has risen from the dead?
I thought only Jesus could do that!
People, it wasn't Jesus at a Washington, D.C. stoplight.
His spouse was my neighbor, and...
where are the records?

"We were sold to an offshore LLC that microfilmed them and put them in a mayonnaise jar in Toronto. Later, a fine Indian company bought that company and sent them to Bahrain. This company was later acquired by the Sultan of Swat in a deal that involved DirecTV again." Are you taking notes?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shure Mike Insanity

"What should I do if Hughes figures it out on my watch?"
"Not my problem any more."

Eric – 

Thank you for writing back. Long ago, back when I had a perfectly normal life, I was writing a book about 9/11 and national security issues. (Don’t ever do this!). I read in a published news source that President Bush had activated a Continuity of Government plan (COG) after the 9/11 attacks. 

My research looked into that system, and I thought, “Maybe they would release an old version” because such plans are updated regularly. I submitted an FOIA request, and to my surprise received a response in a FedEx carton that was too thick to merely be a denial. Thus began a quest to find a lawyer willing to take my money. 

The computer, paper records, and reply from the Executive Office of the President were systematically taken from me, yet lawyers continue to shun me like I have AIDS. To the best of my recollection, the request went out in late 2004 or possibly early 2005. My “catchy” address should find it, if you are willing to look. It was: 

William C. Hughes
911 St. Rita Avenue, 2S
St. Louis, MO  63105 

If you want to deny I’m related to Howard “The Aviator” guy, I recently discovered A^^^^^, my neighbor at that time, does not work for a government agency, despite being unmasked as coming to Apartment __ from Washington, D.C. She apparently works at the W**** B*** as her “real job” when not jogging around my block wearing little white headphones. She flirted; I balked, so don’t say, “He’s just like Howard!” 

Did you say “Obama?” I called his White House from a county job search office “homeless” and they said, “We don’t have it. Call Bush’s library.” Yes, I’m much more like under-achiever Charles Evans Hughes, so I’ve waited for more people to get in Bush 41 doo doo before calling. Regarding the Hughes who lost to Woodrow Wilson, my late dad said, in commenting upon ancestry, “Maybe you should look into that.” I did, and lost everything I’ve ever owned in the process. 

William Charles Hughes
[Pardon the “redactions.” Shall we move on to what I call “Bureau Cops?”]
{No longer with the police force? Shocking! Where did they go?}

Saturday, March 19, 2016


SAGE SERIES EDITORS: “That ain’t liberal”

This Hughes knew a Gary Powers fairly well. Not the U-2 guy. Fools!

In today’s first installment of “That ain’t liberal,” we will cover early use of the Saint Louis County, Missouri police helicopter. There was a crime-fighting Republican was in charge, as I recall.

Hughes wanted a 90-day moratorium on any tests bigger than 1 megaton. Hughes hoped that during that time period, the AEC would further evaluate the potential adverse effects of testing, including impact on water supply, radioactive contamination and earthquakes. ”Who is to say it will not be discovered later that detonating bombs underground and poisoning and adulterating the earth for all the future of mankind is not equally as dangerous as an explosion in the air,” Hughes wrote.

Good God, there’s some sort of anarchist gremlin in my HP. However, now that I’m off the topic thanks to hackers, I will say I defended nuke plant construction in Missourah when girly-men suggested it could melt down, and I do remember who insisted I see The China Syndrome. Further, when 9/11 hijacking boys looked down on them in Tennessee, I’m glad they did not mess them up as I traveled to see my USAF girly~friend on I-24 where the Illinois state cop radar gun sat at the bottom of the same hill every time.

Has Governor Bruce scheduled my appointment yet? Sitting at the Anna BP like big rodents they were! Why, governor?

I was told the Kennedy family has a big interest in Chevron. Not a problem, as they have many mouths to feed. I myself did not starve to death because they accept Food Stamps in DT LA. Have the GOP con_vention rules been altered yet to thwart Trumpists?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Have Time to VOTE, Girls?

I hear if you are a white female...

and single...

and under 30...

and have 2 or 3 jobs...

plus 2 or 3 boyfriends...

plus girlfriends...

you are not terribly thrilled about the candidates.

Packing heat and tossing the latest boyfriend with a cop's assistance?

HUGHES can help.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wizard of Oz/Blizzard of Chad

My assistant will remain updated on her pod and distribute condoms as needed.

"It always comes down to Florida."
- Marco Rubio

"The button doesn't work in Florida."
- P.B. Finkle

Can’t They All Be Fired?

Campaign Crashed? #1 = Sex Act #2 = Money Missing #3 Big Blunder

Who was spying on me in 1972 Kentucky? The photo I may have still had in a box shows me playing tennis and beating the tar out of my step-brother. Who is “Broom Hilda” in the sweatpants? Ah ha! She is explained by the chasing of tennis balls. I said to the cute 16 year-old, “How did you do that?” “I took lessons," she said.

Some political families are very athletic. Mine? We sit and study to ace the bar exam. How the hell can anyone do that? Charlie Evans did. Me? I said, “I’m not lying to make a living.” Yes, I asked a law school Dean the “Guilty as hell” question and did not like his answer.

That was it! That’s all!

How about this for your Con_stitution?

“The President of the United States shall not be an attorney-at-law.”

Oh, now we all love lawyers!

Please fax a good lawyer joke to:
(713) 439-8181

My personal favorite is:
“What’s a good lawyer?”
“One chained-up on the bottom of the ocean.”

Deputy, the guilty party who told me that one is still at (805) 381-2744

“The Real Iran: My Years With a Hookah and Hooker.” The author is in Red Bud, Illinois signing books. May I have a ride?