Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lying is Not "Misconduct" said LAPD Internal Affairs

Let's hear how the LA Drugboys & Thugboys are going to muscle-up and tell Internal Affairs the cops are a bunch of liars. I did. Running for president on meth? Good luck! Got a pot letter? Stay stoned until the big right-wing double-cross, when your bodies will be dumped in the "Ditches of Ventura County." Reading my mind in 2008 when this former construction field accountant thought, "Not sewers. Not drainage. For dumping bodies?" I hate being right so often.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From The Source of All Human Knowledge + Bill's POL SCI 101

My all-time favorite's political philosophy can be summed-up 1000 Oaks-Style: "My freedom ends where my fist hits your face."

C. Wright said a power elite is generally a bad thing.

Bob Dahl says elites are not so bad if they get a good hustle on and behave as a sort of "democratic" plutocracy. I disagree.

Robert Alan Dahl (born 17 December 1915, Inwood, Iowa) is the Sterling Professor emeritus of political science at Yale University, where he earned his Ph.D. in political science in 1940. He is past president of the American Political Science Association and an honorary member of Manuscript Society. He received an honorary Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) degree from Harvard University in 1998. Dahl has often been described as "the Dean" of American political scientists.

I like you, too. Got a lift to Houston? Salt Lake City? St. Louis?
I read his books from 1953 and 1963.
Newer ones?
Barnes & Noble burned down by reactionary thugs yet?
Don't make me call the Polish Falcons.



Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Talk About Willow & Talkheetna

Put a nuke in my attic, didn't 'ya? Joke's on you, as evidenced by the umbrella, and no, she will not write back until I can support her in the style to which she's too accustomed. 

All self-respecting right-wingers with more than one firearm in the house know when the FEMA troops come knocking, it's best to be in a bomb shelter with MRE's and plenty of ammo. They all know there are prison camps ready for real Americans to be stuffed like so many sweaty Palestinians where there will be no cable TV and you might have to wait for the potty, or to ultimately take a Nazi-style shower. You know, the one where it's your last need for conditioner.

When he fell ill they were afraid to kill him--much like me sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the "Old Town Train Station." In LA, you fools! BTW, I need to check that Emmis stock price.

My take on the "George Jetson" West Coast of USA is that somebody's idea of a utopian, bizarrely leftist society, aided by my Hughes Aircraft "toys," has gone, to borrow a word from the 1000 Oaks senior bingo queen, "haywire." That's putting it mildly. A spiraling descent to anarchy is your course, and the Europeans are about to tell Barack Hussein how downright dumb it was to listen to every human voice on Earth. What did I say to my obviously bugged Zip Code 63105 abode in 2005? "Hell, they've got enough computing power to drop a bug in every American home." Every voice on earth? (Not just on the phone, kids). Joke? "No wonder the C.I.A.'s budget went up so fast. Not long ago, none of them knew how to speak a second language." I know people who speak 6 or 7 languages, regionally adjusted for dialects? Oops! I must not be Howard's grandson. As that mother_ucker Putin said, "It's a bipolar world."As they said in old B&W Westerns, "Are 'ya fer us, or agin us?" [If only I could figure out who "us" is],

Willow, Alaska? My girls sang the song in the 1980's. This Hughes boy got the message, along with untangling that 9/11 mess in 2004. My, my, did Soldier Boy run fast to the library atlas. You should have been at my 911 Clayton apt. as I muttered, "Airstrip...suspicious buildings...a road for FEMA boy...and".....Lock-up the Lindenwood U. yearbooks! All that and more on my primitive GoogleSat, viewed with 56k dial-up. It worked fine, high-speed PodHeads! My nearly 10 year-old comment on Talkheetna, Alaska? "That's the one they'll use. Willow's a decoy." Pack your bags, Palin! "The troops" will be at your door shortly.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Big, politically connected, former dictator & drug dealer. He's long been dining on your tax dollar in a Florida federal pen. Why? Sorry I know, but I'm Mr. Hughes, and you are not.

How about the story of the agranulocytosis crash, and by the way, where is "Neil?" ["Bill, you cannot ask two questions in one sentence. We are the UC- Berkeley CommieCops. Come with us."] ("No, get away from me! And I''ll have some niggahs from Berkeley, Missouri fuck up up but good!") The DMH Central office 1990 story? Free!!! "I was at a meeting at the Department of Mental Health, and I saw a guy with his head on the conference table asleep. I noticed he was drooling and asked why. A state official said, 'He's taking a new drug for schizophrenia.' My one-liner? 'I guess he won't hallucinate while sleeping'." When my first suppressed by the United States Government book is published, you can read all about how clozapine was not new--THEY LIED. Why was it shelved long ago? Too many dead bodies. How many after its re-release? Only God and the FDA know, and neither are talking about it.

Gang war upon my departure, Baca-Tanaka?
Not my problem.

3...2...1..."I have no idea."


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bowel Play

Ready? The late Gerald was where? I was on stage as Mr. Big Man on Campus. I gave them an intermission. In the lobby, I commented, "A lot of people are out there smoking." The guy in the center of the photo above put his hands out, palms facing me, and said, "Don't go out there." I said, "I don't smoke" and walked away. Ford as a lame duck in a theater? Too much! 100% Hughes! Ask Mr. Atkins for a 94.7 verification. Smoking his pipe in front of Heckyl & Jeckyl? Outrageous!!

Cardinals fans, I saw this and signaled "Home Run" in the Starbucks I'm closing down to get some WORK done, if my computer, as they said at the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER "freezes up" again.
Since I probably won't have time to reply to "Ria" if she e-mailed to the 2016 Yahoo box, I'd like to state here I was first going to apologize for the way I sent her into the cold California a.m..
Did you hear me, bitch?
I'm not playing some rich kid game.
Any terror event yet?
How would I know?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Oregon State Hospital Joke

I really did get an offer. The joke? It is where they filmed One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. And, Jack did pay a visit to my last legal residence in Concord, New Hampshire. Arnold? I'll be back!
The Kings County, WA mess? Not today. Not for free on google.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Political Boob I'm Not

A SONG ABOUT "SLIDERS" I'D NEVER HEARD? HOW NUTS ARE THEY IN CA? JEALOUS ABOUT EVENTS THAT HAVE NOT OCCURRED? MAY NEVER OCCUR? THAT'S NUTS!! Lern dearest, I previewed some Stampeders (a Canadian band), but the LP's have not stood the test of time. Kinda dated. U-man will play some anyway, that aged kook who once gave me really bad albums out the Crestwood studio window. I can't prove it, because KSHE was throwing them in the trash, and I did as well. Navy Dumpster-Diving frogmen may have found them and put them with the rest of my dad's trash, however. How to word the FOIA? Is there a lawyer in the house? Help! Help!     

Okay, let's quote the U.S. con~stitution before all free server time & space postings on the .mil Internet. What did I say to my hand with great effect yesterday? "I'll lay you all off. DARPA, NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI--all of you cocksuckers." What else? "There used to be two branches of the military. I could call a General. 'Anybody attacking us today?' 'No, sir,' I'd hear. The Navy? 'Admiral, any invading forces spotted?' 'No, sir,' he'd say."

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report I am being allowed to listen to Hillary Clinton's victory speech from the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary. I was there, pinned-down by some sort of political/drug gangsters. So, since the KABC 790 GOP's taught me to "Go in cold...without a plan," I will now complain about my 16 vote experience.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Every Keystroke, Every Depressed Phone [BEEP] Button, Every...what postage stamp, LAPD?

I got the grand tour. Then? Whew! Californians--they just don't get it. Kiddos, after I beat Hillary's big butt senseless, all of Rosary High & LC I & II knows it will be just me in that hotel room. The 15 tractor-trailer trucks are loaded and ready to go. I watch myself on the accursed TV. Doesn't feel right? You'll get, "Fuck it! I'm going back to Ireland!"

"Let's get this show on the road!" 

"Beavis" might be there. He might not.  

Hughes Family Big Oil Customer History

My house at 1401 Crawford Street is gone? Where is the Bush ranch? Son, you are in trouble, not me. The cross street is Leeland? The Toyota Center is there now? Dear God, "W" will probably do that ad as scripted.

His line is?

"Where 'ya goin' with that thing, Hughes?"  

Charlie Hughes went to no other gas station in the days of the leased white Impala. 35.9 as I recall when we paid 29.9 at Mars. Yes, the gas station was called "Mars."Later, after Jimmy Carter's gas lines and big price increases, it changed to...

...SLU Care, the name of the doc who called my physical exhaustion and near death "malaise." I got the joke in real-time. Dear old late dad ended his gas buying days at Shell. "Bill check the price of gas on the way over," he'd say. You'd think I'd get the hint with all of the dissertations about oil and oil refineries. I denied, Dr. Freud, by figuring the info came from the Wall Street Journal. After I told him my 9/11 theory in the Old County Buffet air lock, I thought he'd never stop eating, kids. [Don't ask who came in and stared at us]. How about my Gangster Nation briefcase? Charlie Hughes asked, "Why are you guarding that briefcase?" I gave him the bibliography? Ouch! Published in New Zealand, right Obama? Copyright 2014, you good as impeached fascist white guy in disguise.

He put 89 octane in the Maxima at Shell? Now I know why. Pammy, we need to talk about that botched "hit." Maryland Heights Al & Leslie? In Mexico? Belgium? Australia? I remind all wise guys my Shell was a company store. Think South Africa nasty, boys. My Chevron is out of gas! I got on the phone and tried to help. The distributor is named what? Another case where I never saw the dad. Not good--for you, LA kook.

I bought bargain gas until the Shell at Big Bend & Manchester. It's still there, CA creeps. Then, I switched to...

The video of Gayle pumping gas, please. She's dead? Let me explain something to CA faggots & potheads. I'm coming back in either an old 737 or a Eurofighter/Typhoon. What did we say in North County, St. Louis? "You fuck with the bull, you get the horns." You spy-obsessed trust fund cases do not seem to appreciate the danger. Personally, I hope for a nuking or conventional bombing daily. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO MENTALLY ILL, WE NEED A NEW DIAGNOSTIC MANUAL.

Later, I asked what the new name meant. On I-24, no lie. I'm walking past a gal on a cell phone at 3 a.m. or so, and she says? "I'm here watching PB and John." I'm John Lennon? You are dying today. Tomorrow? The next day, Ruskie?

The black folk at work said it's all crude from the USA. I figured not, and now? It's my own oil? Bye! I may come back from the EU, I may not. How long ago did I fire the oil company? By mail, VC sheriff. 2010? Oh, it will stick. In Canada, they apparently already think I'm the boss. Do I have to tape my calls again, thugs? Cops? Oh, you're already listening, listening, listening...

Ready for the Manchester, NH Library front steps?

"What the hell has become of your country when the cops think they are spies and the spies think they are cops?"

Soldier/Sailor/Airman, I'm just not wrong!!

Who said it?
"Up here, we think [Barock Obama's] kind of nuts."

a. Planned Parenthood

b. Narcotics Anonymous
c. The JFK Library
d. Mayor Bloomberg

kshe Clue:
Caroline emits a sinister giggle when he's praised. As Quincy Jones wrote, "I heard that!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sheriff Dickhead, Where is My Property?

Leave it to a gal in a Utah public building to ask several logical, rational, questions on the topic of HOWARD HUGHES JR.'s GRANDSON {This Writer} dressed in rags and still homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. She listened? She seemed to understand? And, on the phone line that I never know where it's going, a coworker wanted to know what the call was about? As I moan to the SSI crazies, potheads, and alcoholics, "Ever work for the government?" Yes, the tap on the shoulder from her coworker was my Brig~ham confirmation the voice on the other end was a real county clerk girl. 

Can't tell fact from fiction? You might not need Haldol, you may need to put Bill Hughes in charge of Hughes Aircraft--a company that was not really sold to GM in 1985. No, it was busted up into little pieces, like the NSA mess over spying, and as with the .gov crowd, it goes on unabated. Car keys missing? Be glad you have a motor vehicle and call AAA. They will dispatch a locksmith with a tinfoil hat on promptly.

Let us go back to The Year of Our Lord 2008, Baca-Tanaka. I had the money to retrieve my property and I got some idiots with a parrot on their arm. TERESA COLSON? Like CHUCK COLSON? Joke's on a going out the door early Barack Obama. Who was Chuck? California morons on good "weed" should know he was Richard Nixon's really smart lawyer and political strategist helper. As I often say, "I cannot run the backhoe, but getting elected to public office? Too easy!"

I've told you of the prospect of Kennedy-Hughes big trouble, where the GOP will wail & gnash perfect teeth to the effect of, "Never held office. Don't know what the hell they're doing. He's crazy! She's lazy!" This allegation, my friends, is exactly why that ticket, in either order, would win so big. By 7 p.m. Eastern on election night, you'd be watching a bad sitcom. "What? Where are the election returns?" All over baby, before your lazy ass got to the polling place.

Yet I'm always the pessimist in paraphrasing a late I.H.O.P. owner in noting, "Political consultants are a dime a dozen," so no rich Democrat needs me. Nope. However, as the synapses hop, answering the Utah question about Francine's remark made me "Sleep on it" and think, because I am allowed to think (barely), "Why not run in New Hampshire on your own $50,000 maximum FEC amount, kick the big name, big spending asses, and then?" Then what, Mr. Fidel Castro wannabe Democrat dog? I'm too conservative? Have you all gone mad? I think so! I recall "moderate" Bill Clinton was branded as a "sellout" and "In league with asshole Republicans" in my office, and many heard me say it. Monica? EVERY MENTAL HEALTH WORKER TO A MAN OR WOMAN SAID, "Who cares about a blow job?" and went on with their duties unaffected by the "scandal."

Later in my sorry life, I'd skim Kenny Starr's report and mutter, "What a fucking waste of money." I was wrong? No siree Bob! Returning to Al Franken/Bill Hughes liberalism, I can see why I've been "homeless" so long, with absolutely NO SKELETONS IN THE HUGHES CLOSET. We can argue the legalities of the Great Caroline making sure I was not selling LSD tablets by the thousand later. [Caught by that Rolling Stone purse, of all objects]. Ready for a trip back into the Freudian HughesBrain? Again, a "suit" said, "Billy, you cannot go out and play ball." A Kennedy in her white party dress knocking me off the musical chair chair? And my own GoogleSat identified the street the birthday party was on? Holy Toledo, Radar!! 20 Questions from an always late Charlie Hughes is not the only additional clue, spies. Those K-people are very competitive, Hughes is not. By the way, has my assault rifle arrived yet? Why all of the anger? Ready for this allegation? The way I recollect and allege, the "suits" knew daddy JFK was about to lose his head, Caroline and I did not.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

e-z Raintree Livin'

Before it burned to the ground--fast, LAFD. Real fast. 

A Saint Louis County, Missouri cop who looked exactly like my late dad, and I ignored the clue? Wow! The HUGHES clan is your enemy? You are insane!! The "Columbia clues?" No time for that, deadbeat. Let's deactivate those nukes and you can act like nothing happened, nothing was going on, spies. I'm overdue in Zurich since 1977. Don't worry about Baby Seal Team 6--they are likely fictitious, unlike my NAME. And your full name is?

Another case of, "What are you doing here?" today. Ah, but I'm getting better at whatever you'd like to call this. It sure isn't "work" as I define it. I said nothing, instead of a giveaway, "I've been looking for you." Who? What color was her car? What color was her doggie?No, I want to know where the gal in the VW Beetle went. Another "Catholic Worker Girl," she was, and likely still is. Y'all from St. Louis? You live on the East Side? Step aside, these are real LA gangstahs. Tamed, not neutered. Sauteed, not fried. Oh, no! The Demoncrat Mayor Mafia always, "Takes care of them," and who am I to argue? May I urinate indoors, deputy? Thanks!

Back to the fire story for the LA fireman, I went out there and figured, "They'll knock it down." Oh, no. More and more equipment from all of affordable North County came, and no matter how much water, it kept burning. I went inside to speak to Charles Edward Hughes several times, who was sitting calmly clipping out booze coupons. I think it was some sort of "Bush 41 Code," but we'll get to all of that later--IN FEDERAL COURT. Better get a copy of your original, live Birth Certificate, Secret Service punks!

<BLUM, where's the nuke?>

Finally, Charles got up and took a look. Did not say a word. Later, I was thinking the big-assed fire was going to jump to the next building, then ours. I believe I said something like, "I'm gonna haul my rock & roll albums out on to the lawn if this gets worse." To the best of my recollection, loquacious Charlie said, "Don't."

Back outside I went to wonder, "Was anybody home?" "Anybody dead in there?" Yes, I watched it burn to the ground. Later, like last week, I thought, mind-readers, "Hmmm, it's like the HHMI. They can stop the flame, or stop the effect of the water." Would you like your cancer stopped, or accelerated? Better find me an attorney in the State of Maryland. No? Go ahead and die--slowly. Try quack treatments that do not work. Smoke some pot with that "chemo," why don't you? Or, more likely, Bill Hughes will lay off the entire HHMI staff and sell the nutty Danish architecture building I visited in 2008. Yes, I saw my own medical institute. Yes, I saw Hughes Network Systems, and yes, Charlie Hughes had me drive on Germantown Road in Illinois.

Nauvoo, Illinois? Not tonight, except to note a former president had a middle name of "Fitzgerald," and it was Mr. Fitzgerald who said, "Hughes, you are not going on the Nauvoo trip." Dead at 17? Did not happen, CA kooks! Did Steph steal all of the 1973-1977 yearbooks out of Butler Library? Better not have! Mary Lou--an NSA obsession--worked in the same office? Where? Non mind-reading spies, you'll have to wait until we are all on TV for that factoid. Is Rosary High still standing? My GoogleSat says it is. New name? That damn nun may be headed to prison, girls. My novel legal theory? You want to to NOTHING until word of my death is received? I think that's a crime, Mr. Fake Eight Hundred Dollar an Hour Lawyer on the VC HSA office phone.

The AT&T man sat next to me, and you think you are "taking over?" Tell Uncle Bill all about your new world disorder. You can trust me--not. St. Louie quiz! "Where is the original Uncle Bill's Pancake restaurant? On KINGshighway. The South County location? When I go there, I'll miss Charlie Hughes. You'll be locked-up.

Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of Nauvoo that if any person or persons shall write or publish in said city any false statement or libel any or the citizens, for the purpose of exciting the public mind against the chartered privileges, peace, and good order of said city, or shall slander (according to the definition of slander or libel by Black­stone or Kent, or the act in the statute of' Illinois,) any portion of the inhabitants of said city, or bribe any portion of the citizens of said city for malicious purposes, or in any manner or form excite the prejudice of the community against any portion of the citizens of said city, for evil purpose, he, she, or they shall be deemed disturbers of the peace; and, upon conviction before the Mayor or Municipal Court, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisoned six months, or both, at the discretion of said Mayor or court.

Sec. 2. Be it further ordained that nothing in the foregoing section shall be so construed as to interfere with the right of any person to be tried by a jury of his vicinage, with the freedom of speech or the liberty of the press, according to the most liberal meaning of the Constitution, the dignity of freemen, the voice of truth, and the rules of virtue. 
Sec. 3. And be it further ordained that this ordinance shall be in force from and after its passage.


"Bill, you are off the topic again."
Not really, Mormons. The lady on the train said, "I'm a bad Mormon." Now, I'm buying Amtrak. New name? How about "Amtraxx?" Not too early to look for my .gov handout. [When the U.S. Government reopens for Obammy monkey business]. How many times do I have to say, "It's not racial," it's Watergate II, dummy. Got weed? I'll burn that shit up!!!!!


No spouse.
No crime.
No mental disorder.
No way to steal my OIL COMPANY.
GM got AC Delco.
Where did the rest go?
Did Hillary save the receipt for that bullcrap "missile shield?"

"President Clinton, I am honored to begin the big DNI mud toss. Excuse me, I mean confirmation hearings. I'm sure I'll sail through, like my buddy Caroline."
"I do not know where Vice President Hughes is, and I'll field any question that is not about my Vice President."
- Caroline Kennedy
~~then they get the video--like one of my unsold, not for sale screenplays~~
Can you see the Soviet, excuse me, Russian sub?
Me on the deck of the "other one?"
AUDIO, please...
"What the fuck are you doing following me around? Wanna get nuked, motherfucker? Get your asses away from me! Get gone!"

Demented adults and "Lost Generation" PodBrains, I'm 58 years-old, and what did I say to a young woman this evening who did not "Call the cops?"

"I'm Howard Hughes' grandson, and trying to get out of being president" (of the U.S.). You are jealous/envious of this? It will take a APA psychiatric committee a long time to think of a name for what is wrong with you. Sorry I already know.

Friday, October 11, 2013

More for the Terrorists at FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots)

LAFD, today's topic is Hughes Fire Suppression (If I'm not tossed from Starbucks due to some crazy person's behavior, not mine)

"Dad the building across the parking lot is on fire. Dad, I mean it's really engulfed. Dad, it's like, uh, going to burn to the ground, I think."

MORE LATER. GOTTA SEND SOME e-mail AND GET THE F--- OUT OF HERE!!!Okay fireman, here comes the "I want PAMELA BLUM and STEVE RUTHERFORD arrested NOW communication to Why? 

Why did the Wi-Fi go off just as I sent an e-mail to the Irish Consulate? People, Hughes is "done" with the USA. You cannot continue to treat me like a fugitive with no crime at all. Want to dream one up like China or Russia? Oh, you're spying for them? Sorry I'm sure of that. Your President is a Russian mole? Not my problem, soldier!

What did a simple man named JIM A. KYSOR say?

"It's like the one-armed man."

Get it? No? See The Fugitive.


**Why is e-mail related to long overdue MEDICAL CARE bouncing back? Homeland terrorists!!! Bye! Never, never, never. Man, did you spy-idiots screw this up. My theory? The FISA Board. So in FedPen, and who started that crazy shit? JOE KENNEDY. Go to a library with your pod off, kid. You might learn something breathing library dust. I did it for many years, and I can smell those musty EU books already.

See 'ya!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Don't They Get About the Word "No?"

If I die and join Dick in the sky, that will end it. For the record, my line as a Marine saluted in August of 1969 was, "This is the coolest thing thing I've ever seen!" [Both of my witnesses, MICHAEL MOODY and KEVIN KEZELE, are deceased]. They died young, and you can too, Mr./Ms. Stalker Idiot.

USA? Not for me. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

You Killed My Pets and Think You Are Going to "Wag the Dog?"

DEAD? LET'S SWEAR-IN A NAVY FROGMAN. Let's see the body. Lies, lies, lies!!!

Mr. President, you think dangerously wrong.
Need more?
I need Los Angeles City and County to inform me how to legally carry a GUN.
How many death threats?

Nearly struck by automobiles? 

"Boots," like "Yo mama wears Army boots" was going to be a dead doggie, so Charlie Hughes took him back to the Humane Society. The "cover story" was my totally sane mom Margaret was worried Boots would knock my young sisters down and hurt them. Where is my 8mm film of this, President Barack Mafia Hussein Obama? I died? Not yet, you already Impeached, we don't care where your ass came from piece of spy crap! The "Family VHS Tape?" Go to hell, Obama. If I could get out of Stalag LA and see D.C. again, I'm coming over the fence. It won't be pretty, you HOMELAND TERRORIST. The whole world knows it.

Got that resignation letter ready for Johnny Kerry? Howard Hughes helped with Nixon's. Me? I say, "Fuck you, and I hope you are dead soon." Call the Secret Service!! Not when I identified two more stiffs running around on March 30, 1981.  Thanks, Shelly, who was with NBC at the time.

Back to the pets, every damn hamster died young, until I mastered Hamster M.D. work. Finally, we buried a fat one out back like the kids we were. I forgot his name. Ginger the cat;s horrible death? Not here. Got a Eurofighter Typhoon ready, U.K.? THE INSULT HAS GOTTEN TOO SEVERE. I SAY WAR ON THE UNITED STATES, AND IT IS NOT ILLEGAL. Why? I may not have been born here. My birthday is not accurate, and it looks to me like I'm the Duke of Clarence at a minimum, yet all the DSM-VI mentally ill can do is babble about the number "6." Clues for deranged spies? Uncle Clarence was awfully LOUD.


Ed Snow~not~done   

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Black Audi's don't help. So, Lohan directs, Drew is my DREW, and as Jimmie E. pointed out, I simply sit looking disgusted like grandpa Howard. In India? Bulgaria? Estonia?

Kids, the "jury trial," civil and criminal, was invented long ago to take power away from the KING. It works pretty well, but you have to be able to get to the COURT. I like spaghetti & meatballs as well as the next guy, but in the context of you people in LA going nuts, and not me, it does not help much. Since March, 2013 they do not seem to comprehend I need TRANSPORTATION, and no, you are not wrecking my next automobile, spies.


Who's covering for Connor?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Movie Deal?

Coke Queen  [HEATHER]

Old Hag  [SANDRA]

Drunk  [DREW]

Refer media questions to the assistants I do not have.
Hughes dead in Los Angeles at 58?
I'll fuck you up so bad!!!!!


WALT, an itinerant hippie type, is handcuffed and sitting on a curb. His girlfriend ANNA, sits uncuffed and is YELLING at two BALD COPS.

Fuck you! Not doing a damn thing! You pigs are the worst! When did you flunk-out of grade school?


Hey, as with the cops in Ventura County, my computer stopped working.

May I barf now? He was born where?
Inspired by who?
Time to hose-down Starbucks? Not yet, LA fireman.

Run? You'd Better!

Oh, so you think you're getting or keeping something from the Hughes estate.
Nope, you are going to get:

1. A bullet in your head.
2. A long prison term.
3. A war on your planet I've termed "World War Three." It's real, CA potheads!


Too late to discuss it. May I have some privacy to plan your destruction?

Like my Apache Helicopter wallpaper?
It's mine, not yours.
May I fly one?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prior to Running for the Bank

CHARLES EDWARD HUGHES, Howard Jr.'s son, and my dad, often used the term "scientist" derisively. You will be given 30 days notice, you are so important, or at least in your AIDS and nasty virus creating under cover of good science nutty minds.

HUGHES NETWORK, LLC? You scumbags get two weeks notice. The Maryland State Police and I will get your asses out of those buildings. [Sooner than you think, spy sluts].


I'm mentally ill? Take this, heathens!

The NASA-GIFTED coffee mug? Dad asked, "Why do you like that cup so much?" I KNEW NOTHING (Until I saw it on a NASA Houston console in a photo from 1969).

Jimmy Carter's tie? More than one Missouri bureaucrat asked, "Where'd you get that tie?" The 1991 Five Living Presidents Photo from Simi Valley? He's wearing it. Mine is in the soon found PENSKE TRUCK. Right Sheriff Baca? Right!

The computer I'm typing on? I'm not disclosing who advised me to see the Bill Clinton video with this laptop in it. 

Need more "coincidences?"

Go straight to hell!!!