Saturday, March 8, 2014

What, me worry?

Given my computer that is indeed the same as Billy Bob Clinton's is being HACKED and I'm a bit hacked off, allow me to pass gas and a suggestion. Death & destruction can be ignored by supporting your local musician, if not cop/deputy. The youngsters seem to think all tunes should be free, meaning you've obviously never been behind the stage at a rock show, as has the Great Hughesiose. The mafia music man came to me long ago and said, "They don't make any money off those records. It's the tour that makes the money."

Thanks. Allow me to quote the ex, who in ObamaLand I don't even know if her status is alive or dead. "Bill, you know more about more things than anyone I've ever met." Now, my helpful Illuminati family members and murdering mafia chums I'm going to kill in Civil War 2.0 can tell me I'm "mental" and:

1. Did not chat with the gal who is on the homepage of the website where I found these most excellent bands.
2. She is not from New Zealand. 
3. I did not talk about re-mixing & re-shooting her video as she took notes. 
4. She did not take a photo of The Hughes. 
5. She is not a talented and good looking young woman who actually talked to me looking likecrap. She did not care, and her pic I refuse to post. 

MAFIA//MAFIA//MAFIA~INTEL//INTEL//INTEL~~~CREEPS!!!!! Can you change your disturb the "Target" playbook a bit before I use the "Get Out of Jail Card" over your crazy polysubstance abusing asses. You've already run me and the oil money out of USA. Independent parties have confirmed the "Kill Bill" parlor game, and two public employees admitted my Howard Hughes genetic link in California. Why did I return to St. Louis? Quoting the Great Quinn, "If you talk about movies in this town, they will think you are nuts." No, you are, and I will enjoy tearing your asses up in courtrooms. Yep, it's them, and what does the Secret Service mostly do? Investigate, moron. Not like in the movies. They already love my plan to attack __________ and [^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^]. More trouble with the old IBM and John Kerry's medication, I believe. Foggy Bottom has never been murkier, but I had a 5 Cheese Tombstone pizza, and I've got a full pack of Pall Mall, so I flat-out don't care about the Baltic or Black fucking Seas. Let Sailor Boy go there and do as he's told.

Once out of the brig for fighting in bars with the local peoples, he can listen too!!




{Thanks, Rebecca. I don't care if they allege you are a "delusion"}

[Old CIA perverts, I don't need the whole FEC report, and just because it printed the whole thing does not mean that...get real!!!

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