Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cops Selling Drugs = old~~~~Cops On Drugs = new

Hey, ought to be de-certified Clayton Cops!

HUGHES rode in one of the cars depicted above. I did not know the Clayton cops were selling drugs at that time. May I provide the address to the fbi FIB SQUAD? When?

People, she was frisking visitors before entering the building.
Humping the steering wheel.
I'm not HH, but I knew what she wanted.
Occupancy Permit, please?
Indictments, please? ON THE CLAYTON COPS!!! 
"Oh, those are in Hong Kong now."
"We con.tracted that out."
"That will be 55 dollars each."

"YOU are a cop? You have the right to remain stupid."

COPS don't allow COPS to be arrested.
Ask our man for legalized murder, BOB.
Bob who?
Get out of the house much?
Got that DirecTV?

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