Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Jim

How rude can those protesters in New York get?


Dear Director Comey:


There is the math on Howard Hughes Jr.’s FBI file, mostly comprised of old newspaper clippings. You might want to resign about now, but not before telling me by e-mail only who the hell DAVE FIRENZA was. He claimed to be a Saint Charles Missouri police officer, but shortly after Dave moved out of 911 St. Rita Avenue, 1S St. Louis, MO 63105 I called the police there and they knew nothing of Dave.

Dave’s comment on the first police harassment traffic stop I’d endured over 25 years besides trumped-up tickets for moving violations that did not take place was: “He was waiting on you.” Indeed he was, and I suppose cops have long been speaking what I call “spy talk” such as saying, “You were on the white line.” I was not on any I-55 paint or cocaine, Comey. Dave also said: “The FBI has an over one hundred thousand page file on you.” What else did he say, Jim? “There’s over a million pages on your family.”

I think your successor should allow me to see this garbage, if it exists. I invite your replacement to examine every e-mail, blog post, and letter I have written since my “missing” Compaq desktop was reluctantly purchased in 1997. Where do you play golf, Jim? I look forward to CNN excitement over your departure.

Be happy retired,

William C. Hughes

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