Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Cheaper Aircraft for Mr. SkinFlint

 "I'm working off my Community Service, Leslie!"

The Saudis were conducting practice bombing runs on my birthday this year? I don't carry a rifle when we redraw the North & South American map lines, soldier. How about a 100% legal selection from the infamous Hughes "NotePad Notes." Day of the Dead is a two-day decadent event? I can't take it anymore!!! Got a nuke, sailor? Before you light it, tell me what Carter did in the Navy.

First, the fortuitous Dave Cameron story. I clicked on an old 1990's technology player for the big EU economic event. Comings & goings recorded with a microphone that sounded suspiciously like the one I'm using to... Anyway, Dave was charging forward, as if he'd answer no shouted question. Suddenly, he cut sharply to the LEFT, and turned to shout over his right shoulder, "Yes!!!"

My Family--Don't You IllumiNazis Love Them?
ON GRANDPA JAMES LEONARD: "He was in the Navy."
ON GRANDPA CHARLES HUGHES: "He was a butcher."

ON GRANDPA HOWARD HUGHES: "Grandma was married three times."

I'd scratch my head and say, "There's the butcher, Bob, and who's the other guy?"
They could not say...
"Howard Hughes, Junior"

How's that mafia extrajudicial "missing" list coming, girls?


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