Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lawyers, Lawyers, Excitable Lawyers

I was in the Quad Cities during 2007. Must I discuss it without compensation?

President Barack Obama, for whom Prince was a White House guest last year, said he and his wife "joined millions of fans from around the world" in mourning Prince's sudden death.

The Associated Press has reported that Quad City International Airport public safety manager Jeff Patterson said a private Falcon 900 plane made a "medical diversion landing" at 1:17 a.m. on April 15. He said the plane requested an ambulance at the airport and that a patient was taken to the hospital.

BFU concluded that the probable cause of the accident was:

The longer landing distance due to the increase in approach speed which was not considered.
The airplane touched down late on the runway.
A go-around was considered too late.
A go-around was not performed.
The engine power was reduced too late.
A malfunction of the thrust reverser counteracted the braking force and led to the extension of the landing distance.

They love that number 9. Who are they? What are they?

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