Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SUNDAY = Bonanza, Murder She Wrote, or Disney?

Pappy Bush? I saw his signature. No stamp, no secretary.


Dear Archivists –

This should end up in the Boston Globe, but with all of the “Trump Mania” I’m sure they have other things on their pea-sized brains. During one of your flurries of documents and photos released, I noted that JFK had a Dictaphone machine like my late father’s. As with today, when he could no longer buy the “software,” he gave it to me in 1965. I tossed it out when I got my first 7” reel tape recorder, or did I?

The question here is, did the president’s machine use the same software? If it did, I’m going to allege dad’s recordings were White House bound, and we are not going to keep this secret, are we? No! During 1960-1963, we would go down to his office where I was told, “Don’t play with the postage meter,” etc. Could your six year old kid sit at the conference table quietly for many hours? I did. Charles Edward Hughes typed upwards of 70 words per minute and knew how to take shorthand. Therefore, the dictation was not for St. Louis. I was in the white Impala when boxes of recordings went in the mail. To who?

If it is to “Jack,” that might be why I caught Caroline Kennedy on 8mm film in 1972, and I will swear in a court of law it is her. What is the evening TV entertainment on that memorable vacation? The DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, starring George McGovern, who I talked to for about 45 minutes in 1985. I said, “Senator don’t you have to get ready for your speaking engagement?” He said what?

“Aw, I like talking to you.”

My cassette tape of him was taken from me along with the aforementioned film. Time for some arrests over that mess, I’d say. Witnesses? 1972 teen buddies Stan W. and Jim G. are missing in action, and Kevin K. died way too young. Librarians, it is time to admit that was Caroline Kennedy at the pinball machine. I recall she asked what to do after the machine went into TILT mode. Since Pinball Wizard Hughes had won some games, the quote was, “Press the button.” Good thing she has no presidential ambitions!


William C. Hughes       

Do you say eye-d-ology or id-eology? I like the former, MethBeth BrainJacks

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