Saturday, June 3, 2017

Better Late Than Never

My family knew this fellow too.
Time to answer "Yes" or "No."
Did you go to a bookstore and the PopeMobile drove by?
Were you smashed up against the President of the United States' limo?
Yes or No, please.

My old address when I received your material was:
911 St. Rita Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63105

Don't ever write a book about 09-01-2001 from such an address!
And, don't ever fuss with HALLIBURTON and GE over Baker Hughes.
[Darn, I already did all of that, with no LAWYER willing to help]

Former Subscriber in Bush 41 Doo Doo

BAKER HUGHES in Houston chatted for two years.
HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS has a security chief who said, "I've been dealing with three of you." I said, "I'm the real one" in 2014. In Culver City, the cops said, "Oh no, you're another one." I said, "No, I'm the REAL one." What did the Houston cops say? "If you have any trouble over there [Allen parkway], give us a call. We'll try to help."

How about Jim Hightower helps? I don't know Texas? Don't you miss Molly Ivens?


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