Sunday, June 25, 2017

James Hodskinson, you can't do that in Shrewsbury

GOD is mentioned on your money.
GUNS are keeping the U.S. Capitol cops busy.
GUTS are hard to come by when it comes to debating health care.


Dear Chief Keller:

After being told I am a “schizophrenic” and “alcoholic,” this was quickly downgraded to “Just see a regular doctor” and “You were a social drinker.” Know any big-time spies? They are prone to change the story and never have a FISA order cut on them. As your FBI Director said recently, nobody can keep a secret. If you concerned with ample “fake news,” read what Jim said.

Given I’m “nuts” and hearing voices, don’t bother to believe I saw Texas license plate FZZ 6188 at the DUPLEX MOTEL on a gray sedan, and now it has taken a room at the WAYSIDE MOTEL affixed to a black Ford Escape. Perhaps the proper paperwork for this “switch” is not known to the authorities in Austin, where my ancestor got an award for his exploits with the Texas Rangers. Go ahead and say it: “That was a long time ago” [Photo attached].

Icing on the cake with these kooky Hughes fans is that faded AREA 51 bumper-sticker. Mine lampooning Mr. Trump is overdue in the postal mail, which is now being delivered by a guy I’d select to play a crazed killer in a movie. To quote an old postal carrier on my former female USPS woman who had tattoos and piercings in the City of Saint Louis, “That shit used to be against the rules.” Perhaps it ought to be again.

William C. Hughes

p.s. I did not reside at the AMERICA’S EXTENDED STAY HOTEL
I did not reside at the AMERICA’S BEST VALUE MOTEL
I did not reside at the PREMIER INN
I do not reside at the WAYSIDE MOTEL

This all began on the law enforcement end with a letter to Clayton’s Chief Byrne when I paid rent on St. Rita Avenue. I was visited by two “detectives” who essentially rationalized the systematic vandalizing of my two automobiles. I now believe one of the detectives was not a “real cop,” and the other was said by a contemporary Clayton cop to have gone, “Back to the Bureau.” Police call their organization a “Department.” Why were your police departments apparently infiltrated by the FBI? Maybe you should ask Mike Brown’s mom or dad, because I am going to Ireland. Period; and that is the end of a very sad story.

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