Monday, December 23, 2013 is 50/50?
Let's see...downhill skiing class, martial arts class, yoga class, and.....

Short Chapter 17

Hughes has lived to have walked about the hometown downtown once more. Comment? “I wonder what a ‘rave’ would be like if they slipped them some of Timothy Leary’s powerful LSD?” It was good enough for the United States Army. It was used often by the Central Intelligence Agency. It was/is not a “truth serum.” Nonetheless, why not slip some to the new CIA General Counsel? She sure deserves it after starting her career as the boss by lying to Senators Feinstein and Levin all day in her confirmation hearing. Through the miracle of grandpa’s satellite and C-SPAN I saw it, I heard it, and as Mr. Horton used to say on WGNU AM, it “Sent me home” to England, Ireland and Austria. Yes, I must be related to Wilhelm I, as evidenced by my desire to kill all jackasses who get in my way.

Fortunately, “The Cops” in these territories know it would be just, so I saw just one security guard eating snack food near a poorly developed children & family attraction, and only a lone bicycle cop rode by on my bitching aloud route. Thus, when I said, “Jesus Christ! The Wainright building is still here!” only the old bricks heard me. And why was I surprised? First, I was too far west looking for it, and secondly, with that many psycho civic ideas in only five years, I thought it had been torn down for yet another taxpayer-financed fiasco.

Later, I wished for Al-Qaeda to find our/your incomplete “Ballpark Village” on their I-pods. It’s an up and coming corporate ripoff center for the whole family right next that ugly, ugly new ballpark. So depressing for the baseball fan to wish our 1960’s round “flying saucer” model stadium could be resurrected or re-erected. American fads and preferences will find a new one like that going up in about 2050 if there is enough tax base left to be bilked. As a black male bus driver told me, “It’s all about tax revenue.”

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