Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Watch Your Government Fall On c.i.a. Charter Cable

<HUGHES gave up on USA and the Lincoln photo. Go to hell! Why not write Ed Sowden an e-mail? I'm sure his internet connection works better than law-abiding Bill's. Cops here yet with a St.L trump-up? Sheriff here with a 96 hour order yet? Ken F. & Tommie H., I'd watch your mafia Democrat step. Civil Courts building open on Christmas? Got a lift to Florida? My "problem" = ONE WORD: mafia>

Not me babe, but nutcase "B.O." is obsessed with him, I've read. ROCKIN' LIKE BIG RON B. IN THE LOO. What are you gonna do about it? $$$$ CAN'T FIX IT, DEARIE. C-mon .gov hackers, keep fighting that Lincoln pic! "Savannah," it's Hollywood Casino for our big night out. Chinese for dinner first. "Disappeared" yet? Not yet? I'll call the campus cops and report you are 25 years old and a liar. Not illegal?

Now that Hughes has a pot to piss in, I highly recommend Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition. I know some of these people? I'm guessing who the "Waterboard Girl" was/is? I had sex with that woman? Do you have these kind of problems? People, no matter who this writer is, it is long past time for the USA to own up to its terrorism. A cheery holiday thought, but then again, in my old middle-class life, I bought gift cards and consistently said, "Bah Humbug!" 

Barack bring you a lump of coal? C.I.A. releasing their letter to me that said, "We cannot help you until we establish your identity." Not funny, and I got knocked off the web after I registered for "NegroCare." Ha, ha! Beat the deadline, right tax/healthcare lawyer? President resign yet? The letter is to that big Massachusetts horse's ass, John Kerry. Better write it before something blows up. My ride to O'Hare here? If I stay, I need HD TV to watch Obammy kicked to the curb. Hand him a refrigerator box in which to reside, then Michelle will no doubt run off with her soldier boy lover. "The troops?" Fuck 'em! They all volunteered, and have a job; I don't.

Flag burning illegal? I mean a Union Jack. Cameron, you big Tory prick! Worthless!
That wasn't Princess Di not dead? Oh, yes it was!! And what did she say?
The whole staff has turned over (ran for their lives) where it was said?
In this economy? Spies! Bunch of rotten spies!!
The "royal part?" It's bad. Real bad, and not B.A.D., DSM fans.

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