Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mafia Mayors and Their Superior Officer

Kenyan Mafia
(With about to S.N.A.P "eat shit" smile)

Italian Mafia
(With fake CHP names and Mazda 323 snitching e-mail box. I said, "No thanks").

Lebanese Mafia
(Christopher "Kit" Bond's bridge is finally complete, but not open for A-rab terrorists yet)

Seriously, readers, how about a near head-on crash due to a drunk with a GUN in the Metrobus at 8:20 p.m. last night on the #40 southbound, but they are closed for complaint/comment until tomorrow. How about the non-emergency cop number? Today? I almost called the cop in blue over a Metrotransit nutcop who informed me Metrolink riders cannot stand inside the mafia Greyhound/waste of taxpayer money since Richard Nixon Amtrak station in The Loo. Niggers are to freeze outside, I suppose. I was among them early this morning. Brunch at the nearby Sheraton next Sunday, girls?

<BTW, I may look like a "narc," but I assure you baggypants boys I'm not.>

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