Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Austin's Costin'

Driver's License = $
MO Teacher Plates = $$
AAA Insurance = $$$
Fine GM vehicle not more than $2,000
Sleeping Bag = $$$$
Panasonic AG-AC130A = $4,130
Switcher/Mixer = $10,ooo
A wireless thingy, extra mike, condoms, tripod for a machine gun (or the camera)...

Can't go after a physical disability.
So politically incorrect!
However, who signed the ADA, and have you been in the Union Station LA Men's Room lately? The ladies said, "It's hellish in there."

My toys can drain the battery.
Then, they'd have to push him, and...
Dirty tricks? Me?

My new political consultancy? (GEWYWE)
"Got 'Em Where You Want 'Em," LLC

I'll accept no work unless you are "liberal" and down by at least 10 points. [The redder the state the better]

Sun Belt Democrats and hopelessly behind Green Party candidates are encouraged to fork-over your cash.

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