Monday, February 17, 2014

Current River Ass~e.t.~s

How about I pay some select Boston bums to open accounts and hang around the Credit Suisse "soup kitchen." Get out? "We have funds on deposit and smell just fine, officer."

THE hughes $$$ ROUNDUP:

Central Intelligence Bank

Food Stamp About to S.N.A.P. Card

PAC Contributions

*Selling off of food stamp card value is punishable by Family Dollar crack whores at the door wanting more, cops demanding I.D. cards, and potential clever alteration of NegroBus passes to show the correct COLOR in order to travel east to Pops//Oz, get drunk, look for HizHonor Officer's Uzis, bribe the Cahokia cops, then once in a Chicago mafia the first Cubs v. Cardinal game is on...

Brief Phone Card Report
"Is Caroline in? Did she apologize for the nukings? Not yet? Dolphins? What's wrong with John Kerry?"

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