Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can't Keep Up

Let's see. It looks like the RCA 1 pictured above, and...

NEW HOBBY: Refurbishing old television cameras and gutting items that look like one. 

NEW JOB: A political consultancy where I don't show up until you are good & behind and the election looms. Sagely advice? "You look like crap. My Hollywood makeup artist is on the plane." "You call that a nice suit? I got a platinum card that says otherwise." "Lose that redneck accent, and you might not lose on Tuesday." etc. etc. etc. Oh, that's right, I used to be a mental health authority. How about this? "You need some ECT like Tom Eagleton. I got a man at Barnes. It won't hurt your poll numbers. You're a sensitive gal now, not all broken down, crying, and pol sci psycho. Doc McCoy will fix it."

ON THE SERIOUS SIDE: The PSA possibly CIA killer parachuted out of the Cessna and it's on the video I saw this morning? Holy cow! Bumpy up there, sweetie? Belted-in for the First Officer's mass murder-suicide? Hughes just isn't wrong. Yes, I'm related to Howard, and I'll take the train, thank you.

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