Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Long ago I was told, "Get away from that tower, Billy. It might fall down." Later, we rode up on our bikes and found bricks that had fallen off it on the ground. LOOK OUT! Oh my goodness, another legal problem for the City of St. Louis besides many black folks shot without much good reason, and HUGHES.

The Streets, Francis?
Plateau - Left a tank of oil and broke the lease. No problem.
Gustine - Sold my car for cash after a hot sex summer and the Mrs. Hughes got a Ph.D later. As with many, I was screwed by greedy Russians in the 1980's, but we can feed them all today on the Food Stamp card if they "cry poor," and they are very skilled at this procedure around April 15. 

As a bonus, they have lawyers, whereas I don't.
Not yet, Francis.


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