Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"May I have a ride to the airport?"

Alaska Air 261
Will the spies ever tire of my recording of it? 
New Revelation?
ARMY says, "Video, sir."
He uses the word "see" and sounds nervous?
Watching the jet go splash?
Not "good."

BUSTED, Soldier!


In my new not underway yet video reenactment, with Captain Juan assisting, the key line with ROGER C. on the right and Bill H. on the left is:

"I'm tired of this fiddly-fucking around, let's put the plane in the surf."
Roger says? 
"We'll catch hell over that."
"I think it's bad enough. You?"
"We'll get written-up and all that."
"Let's concentrate on slowing the airplane down, and..."
"Honey! Get up here!"
"The wife and I used to go sailing a bit further north of here."
"Get 'em ready to go swimming, know..."

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