Monday, September 7, 2015

Time Out: Another Dead HUGHES

DICK BUTKIS was discussed at our dinner table along with DICK NIXON and the Straight of Hormuz. Is gasoline free yet, soldier? Do we have to pay the Saudis, or should they pay us to remove this environmentally unfriendly substance from the ground?

My "Hughes" means that Hughes.
Will you lazy, meth-fired, delusional, SSI recipient shits find a job the day after Labor Day? Try some labor organizing and see how fast "The Cops" are summoned.

Maybe that fake liberal Sanders knows some cops after all. POLICE STATE!!! And, what was that address in Missouri? #5. I do not want to see Dee's house. Iowa? New Hampshire? U.K.? 


Bye, Mr. Mafia 

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