Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If They Saved a Place for Charles Evans

 Woodrow Wilson, Election Thief

Did the BrainJack™ rob you of your memory? Seems they were going to save a place for Joe Biden, but apparently he’s going to retire. So did I, and it was not voluntary. Want a free slogan, GOP? “It’s not the economy, it’s the job.” Meaning what? I was handed a liberal arts diploma by a guy named “Spencer,” and you think you are keeping my diploma? Wrong! The diploma was forked-over to debt-free William C. Hughes, because I worked my ass off. Did you?

My 1977 expectations, as conveyed to a young LESLIE STAHL were “Get a job, any white collar job.” It worked. So did I. Today, the Political Science grad cannot get that job, so he or she works at Starbucks. That’s all of the advice for today, because I have to remain in my fantasy land where someone calls the FAA tower after a business deal, and you get a free airshow. Halliburton won’t do that, or would they? I can picture Saudi guys dressed like they dress chatting with Mr. Test Pilot. “Why won’t they sell us one of those?” And I’d say? “Because you’d put missiles and bombs on it.” I will too, if I don’t get out of Missouri soon.


Healthcare – Keep HillaryCare, but pass a law to make sure all 50 states implement it in the same manner.

Middle East – Argue over shape of conference table now, not later.

Energy – Climate Change is “balderdash.” (He was a Republican, kids)

Defense – Too many tons, Navy.

Homeland Security – Too many dumb cops.

Shot & Killed Persons of Color – (See above).

Immigration – Follow the rules, or be sent back where you came from.

Iran – When is the Mullah visiting? (To talk, not fight)

“Star Wars” – Turn that stuff off.

Women’s Issues – They liked him a lot, but were not permitted to vote much. Sex? Never going out of style (See the Holy Bible/Book of Mormon), so today he’d win, but that was not the result in 1916.

Spooks, it’s the rather spooky 100 year anniversary of an election robbery he never got over. Me? The JOKEPAC is closing, and I’ll find out what Nassau and Managua are like when I get there. Noah Dietrich’s “Wire me fifty thousand” will turn into “Send me a half million, quick.” That is not what I wanted. Jealous, soldier? Don’t be

The answer to all wealthy elitist transportation dilemmas post aviation terror event is:


Malia Obama

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