Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hoosiers! Niggers! Unite! (But Stan is Right – And’s He’s Got MONEY)

>I’m Not Protected by USA’s Amendment #14 –Pepperdine, eh?<

My daddy did not meet with every lousy Democrat mayor you’ve ever had? Yes, he did! (And it was really weird when Poelker was in there, because his brother Carl was our Monsignor). Yes, the good Padre said, “As far as I’m concerned, you are excommunicated.” Young Bill Hughes quickly went to a nun and said, “He can’t do that. Only the Pope can do that.”

Much later, at the Sammy Davis Temple, Hughes would whisper, “I know you read it backwards” and no one stared like an automaton. We sure do know how young Jews nail it at the Bar Mitzvah, then exclaim, “I don’t believe a word of that shit!” That’s Judaism. They never seem to be happy with anything, especially the political arrangements in Jerusalem.

On the MetroLink a.k.a. “MonkeyTrain,” The Hughes saw drug deals go down under cameras and said nothing, but when a black dude mentioned the Checkerdome, I was allowed to talk. How about the old Area during Blue Note, year one, fans? I said, “Dad, how did you get these tickets?” Charlie? He always knew some guy, whereas I know no one. What the hell is that, Francis?

Bill likes LOUD. Bill likes the AUDIO, like sticks off the glass. Don’t those chumps at ESPN remember when I said, “Just open an extra mike near the boards.” Yes, our high school match sounded like the damn NHL, and I got what? Screwed!

What happened at that 1967 hockey game with the Area half-full, white man? Someone took offense at blatant slashing, and all the gloves went on the ice. Fighting, Fighting, Fighting. And, when the ref got in the way, they skated around him and kept Fighting, Fighting, Fighting. Hey liberals! The blood was real, unlike show biz wresting when my college chums were almost ejected from the old Kiel, we acted so crazy. Yep, you could hear the ref yelling, “Get in there!” regarding the Penalty Box, and no Saint Louis cops were summoned. Not one. 

Young Bill Hughes turned to Charlie and exclaimed, “This is cool! I think more people will show up!” Yes, they did, and much later, I’d be watching tepid hockey and talking Blues, as with, “These fuckers will never win the cup.” This was uttered to an Air Force girlfriend. As for the broadcasting red light, I said, “Look across the rink. I think we’re on TV.” Bernie Ferderko knows they destroyed the tape. Sure they did, and I resisted temptation to mess-up Ken Wilson’s hair on the air. Why not? Hughes is “Jail Aversive,” when these days, many are not.

A day late and a dollar short, right KSHE?

“Tonight, we’ll be talking to you live from Jefferson City, Missouri where we will be joined by some primarily Republican public officials who resigned for grabbing intern ass. Later, we’ll go on the road a short distance to Columbia, Missouri to chat with redneck Nazi youth who have reportedly never seen black people. Governor Nixon is slated to drop by and describe his maturation growing up in the white trash hills of Jefferson County, Missouri. We’ll be sure to ask him how he could possibly be a Democrat, and character assassination fired at local hick Stan Kronke has national staying power, so we’ll trash him up. They’ve left the light on at the 6 motel we are so damn cheap, and now, the network is in my ear wanting a ‘shout out’ for UFO chasing white lighting chuggers at our West Virginia station, W…  


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