Thursday, January 7, 2016

There Goes Seattle!

>I’m Not Protected by USA’s Amendment #4 –That suks!<

Missing any property? “Hi, I’m Bill Hilton, and I want my hotels.” “Hi, I’m Bill Coors, and I want my brewery.” “Hi, I’m Bill Ford, and I’d like a new Navigator.” Apparently, only the Hughes descendant lives like a fugitive. As Jimmy the K. said too long ago, “It’s like the one-armed man.” Get it, film critic pansies?

Amplitude Modulation has informed the HughesGod that North Korea is again blowing stuff up, which harkens back to some advice delivered to people who pillow talk with presidents. It went like this on the mighty AT&T 710. “Why not just give them some food, like Clinton did? Ship them pork and corn syrup. Next thing you know, they will be dropping from heart attacks like us.” A few days later, Bush did just that. Magic!

As for the current Korean crisis, let’s stick to facts. First, when female Chinese joggers pull down their pants in front of Hughes, this is good, not bad. Secondly, when a large Amazon China Girl picks the Hughes up and throws him against a wall, once again we saw the need for sensible shoes, girls. Bottom Line = “No problem,” but you must trust us, whoever “we” are.
Tonight, we’ll be talking live from the nation’s capital with Bernie Sanders’ bicycle courier, who is fully equipped and never once dated Sheryl Crow, nor has he won any awards. This man would never touch an amphetamine, and is a member of Couriers for Cannabis, LC. That’s right, he’s smokin’ some weed and delivering the mail! Later in the show, we’ll talk to some JPL staff displaced by a massive brush fire incredibly still burning despite El Nino, and… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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