Friday, January 1, 2016

The Petroleum Industry: Now Cleaner Than U.S. Politics

Moved-in at age 11, moved out at 19? Next time, consider foster care.
When the Exxon Valdiz hit something and leaked, later determined to be due to a drunken skipper, this Hughes thought, “Don’t I know someone who might have liquored him up?” Again, I hate being right in 1989, or 2009. During the latter year, I reviewed presumed to be genuine copies of Navy Times. Plenty of sexual offenses were dutifully reported, along with mass roundups of Captains I came to describe as, “Driving the boat drunk.” You can go to that Google box to look up how Charles Evans Hughes objected to all of those expensive ships. I’m lucky to find out my local sailor given the “jail or Navy” option long ago has passed away. From what? I dare not ask.
Dirt? Ed failed to pay for his fishing license, said Charlie
When Ed Muskie cried, he did not really cry, but if the networks said he cried, then he cried. I’ve called the mean-assed newspaper that disregarded his candidacy because he cried, but had more response from the Manchester, NH fire department, absent any flames. Today, I’ve judged it wiser to sit and watch the Calgary Flames as a rich guy, instead of inflame both T-Party anger and leftist naysayers simultaneously. The results could case “First Responders” to work overtime, and some damn prosecutor would try to stick me with the bill, if not a long prison sentence for merely turning the First Amendment against the Second. Does anyone know what the Third Amendment says? Be honest, or call Ron Paul on his cell phone I know he has. Mine? It never works too well, regardless of who is taking my money.

“I’d rather staff the U.S. Senate with the first 100 names from the Saint Louis Yellow Book”
I stole that from Bill Buckley. This is legal, because as with McGovern, he died after looking at me like, “Doesn’t he know he's related to..."
Why does George look so happy, secure in the knowledge he’s going to lose big? Google “Larry O’Brian” as I wonder when I’ll get my computer back that has a long interview with Larry on the hard drive. Don’t they look like they’re having a good time with money donated by others? What did a drab spy say to me at a New Hampshire post office in 2008? “Movies and politics are the same, because you are spending other people’s money.” Thanks, I already knew that, sir. Later, I was told, “Mitt Romney is no good,” then a NASA jet flew over my Laundromat. As Letterman often said, “What does it mean?” Nothing! What’s important to the .mil & .gov spy is a story that begins like this: “I pulled up to the ‘no tell motel,’ and they had Tommy guns on me.” What politician was in there cheating? I cannot disclose that without the jingle of cold, hard, cash. Unlike Howard, I promise to pay my taxes.
E. Michael Powers & Driver
“Tonight, we’re live from Culver City, and we’ll be talking to a 92 year-old crazy scientist who worked at Hughes Aircraft back when Northrop was stealing everything the company ever invented. Later, we’ll call the cops to talk over the latest trigger-happy Peace Officer in Jerry Brown’s slapstick utopia. From the Canadian border we’d all like to cross, to the Mexican one too many are crossing, we salute our sister station in…



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