Friday, May 31, 2013

Comedy & USA's Tragedy

I joke a lot about Palin and Bachmann because I am a heterosexual male around their age.

Using military "psychological operations" to imply someone I know very well was, and maybe still is, the C.I.A. "Waterboard Queen" is cruel beyond the wildest Hollywood movie script. This allegation is true, and I demand Barack Obama, President of the United States resign his office immediately.

Saying "perfect," and "Not a problem" all day at the 2755 Agoura Road Starbucks does not get me back to Clayton, Missouri, where I am sitting out front of that store on your company website. Get it, girls? It's the Starbucks where on November 2, 2004, I cracked 9/11 wide open. Gee, I thought we'd have been in a parade or two by now, with soldiers, brass bands, and pom-pom girls. Oh no! Bunch of terrorists! USA's intelligence community? Terrorists! Where is the head terrorist from? Kenya? Hawaii? Chicago? Pluto?

I think Obama, as a young C.I.A. shit, ran the operation to murder Sir John Lennon, and I can prove it beyond any doubt. Bye, Barack!! Want more? As we said at Cornell University in 1985-86. "Get your kneepads on."

[CHURCH.LADY ADVISORY: The Hughes for President campaign is R-Rated. The preceding, in the candidate's view, was a reference to normal, natural, sexual activity].

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