Friday, May 31, 2013

Want a "Real" Revolution? Keep This Crazy Crap Up--You'll get one.

On the sane side of life, I continue to educate the "creatures" as best I can. As Deputy Peach will sure as shit say IN COURT, "There's no crime here." Federal government went insane? It's a job for Bill "Flint" Hughes, for real. For example, I keep telling them stuff like the omnipresent "they" don't have "ESP," they have "intelligence," both in their heads and some damn device I probably manufacture.
If they jog by and I dare to speak, I'm told it's the Lutheran High swim team coaches or some similar shit. The soon to open nationwide movie about me? Never ever a "bum" in sight when we talk it over. They plan it like that, kids. Back home, I can hear it all the way in these LA smogburbs. "He's got it under control. I'm too busy to go out there. Don't they know Bill? What's the big deal?"

HughesBrain has a new not so distasteful task. If ever a case of "They hear me somehow," ready?
Where? When? Easy, CVS creepies, I'll yell it when it nail it--but not her. Single?

"We're happy you came all the way from Liberia, and you know the president personally? He goes to Starbucks every morning. Yeah, just strolls over there. You'll be on your way in a minute. Man, that's brutal what they did to your family. You've got an appointment to see him? Cool!"

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