Friday, May 31, 2013

Fire her now!! Him too, Negro boy!

Save your skin, Mr. President. Fire this bitch, now!

Pammy, the Secret Service phone does not work, but LA coppers seem to like me.
How about that SS e-mail address I just found, Stephanie?
As I joke, "It's like a letter, only faster."
Would anyone like to go to the Federal Detention Center today?
Die today?
See Mr. Hughes, because I have had enough of this VENTURA COUNTY crap.

Ever the optimist, I wonder if Obammy is perhaps the biggest rockhead n-word ever created, plus he went to Hahvaad, not LCII, and though I'm ready to ride around in an old van, like a heavily armed skinhead too, perhaps instead, Michelle Obama will say, when I take over, "I think you'll be lame and ineffective, like Jimmy Carter, and when we raise a bunch of kinda mafia soft money, we'll be moving back in here, Hughes."

A.T., clear out  your desk, and pack your bags. Hughes has had enough of your Secret Service bullcrap. Uninvited guests in my White House? I'd shoot you dead myself. I thought perhaps, at 3:55 e.d.t., that the SS #2 could take over, but what did my late, and probably "medically murdered" dad say? "Never trust anyone who uses initials instead of a full name." What was that  Wishbone Ash song? Side One, Cut One. Lern, let's hear it! 

"You See Red" 

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