Monday, May 27, 2013

You did what? USDA Food Stamps/CA Advantage Card? 4 fucking years?

Sir, they're so old, the guns might blow-up in their faces, the contractor stopped making the shells in 1986, and there's maybe, uh, you know, like rats and spiders in there, and additionally, we could drown under the hull trying to make her seaworthy, and it would cost, oh my gosh, a whole lot of, uh, money, and...yes, sir. 

Me on USDA Food Stamps/CA Advantage Card for over four fucking years? Clay! Charlie Hughes was Howard's not so secret son, and I am PISSED-OFF. Why did I not think it? I'm rational, not mentally disordered, and typically work my ass off, much like if the voters should lower me into the U.S. Presidency--a job I do not want!!

Surrounded my NutJobs like Howard, with NO MONEY and NO HELP. Would it ruin the Black Caucus forever if I alleged "You picked the wrong black man" for the first Kenyan-American president?

HACK AND BLOCK A CONGRESSIONAL WEBSITE? I SAY CIVIL WAR, and talking about what is already in progess is neither a DELUSION or a CRIME.

As DEPUTY PEACH said, "There's no crime here" [with Hughes].
Later, I spent an hour detained as several deputies put themselves in a Federal pen. Right? Right! BTW, they redistricted the crap out of the St. Louis Metro Area. How about "Senator Bill?"

Congressional hearings--FAST!!! I await your reply, not that of the fbi. It busta rhymes, too! May I boast? I'm the M. Ali of American politics, if I could ever get OUT of California, where you can "check-out," but you can never leave.

William Charles Hughes, V

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