Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Would you like to go to jail today?"

D.O.J. Quiz
Q: If Bill Hughes' life is almost taken every day since May 5, 2008, does he get a "free shot?"
A: Yes.

Back when those lying, closed-down when I win NASA assholes "cried poor" and stopped painting the Space Shuttle's liquid fuel tank, I'm sure I said, "I hope nobody gets killed." We go again to my dad [Howard's son], the Great Charlie, who said, "The association is drying up, and all the members have deserted me.." etc. etc. etc. The clue? "I made friends with a nice Negro man at the casino" (Harrahs).

I said, "Dad , someone will punch you out for that word. Say 'black' or 'African-American'." The nice Negro was who? Michelle was in my office spying on who? Not me.

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