Sunday, January 26, 2014

7800 anna watson quiz


1. A man from the defense industry told hughes not to sell F-22's to japan because:
a). He was gay and looking for sex.
b). He felt sorry for homeless hughes.
c). He was working for the Chinese.
d). All of the above.

2. Mr. hughes called the F-35 "A big piece of shit" in:
a). 2005
b). 2007
c). 2009
d). 2011

3. The current U.S. Ambassador to Japan is:
a). Robert Redford.
b). Cyrus Vance III.
c). Caroline Kennedy.
d). The ghost of Joe Kennedy yelling anti-Semitic remarks.
e). Konosuki Matsushita.


1. Nazi-hater Howard Hughes Jr. instigated Pearl Harbor.
2. Charlie Hughes was nuts.
3. William Hughes has a spacecraft that goes places.
4. Barack Obama was born in Chicago.
5. Roman Catholics are not really Christians. 


1. Mr. hughes is using a _____ handgun to kill tony.
2. The united states has wasted _____ billion dollars on that piece of shit F-35.
3. In _____, Missouri when we did not like someone, the shout was, "Target practice!"

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