Friday, January 31, 2014

March 1? April 1? [I'm no fool, dude]

Tony -

I am pleased to be paying the rent! The repairs are complete, and thank you for the home improvements. I received a "heads up" that you have a noise complaint on me. This came from my sister, Mary Bxxxxx, so I promised to be quiet as a church mouse. If your tenants hear cursing, gunfire, explosions, etc. it might be from:

a. A movie preview.
b. The computer voice.
c. I'm reading screenplay lines aloud.
d. I'm pissed-off about something.

Tony, a, b, & c ARE NOT LOUD. So, if I am loud, and they are somehow fearful, I suggest they call the St. Louis Police Department, and I'll be happy to talk it over with "The cops." [I worked for the State of Missouri as an investigator, consequently, I've been doing that since 1991].

Have a nice day,


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