Saturday, January 11, 2014

Got a Lighter, Grandma?

It was late 1965 when we had settled into our not new suburban home. My dad, who was not Howard's son, got out an LP with the famous Hindenburg disaster radio account. It was kind of scary to this ten year old, and he went on and on and on about it. Like any fifth grader would, I got bored and started doing something else of interest, like looking for KDNA on the FM table radio.

What were those call letters?

Let's see, spies. Grandma did it. Charlie was morbid. No, the "message" was, "It's the guy with the camera and/or microphone, Bill" who sometimes has foreknowledge of American "disasters." Today, I just can't make up my mind where to go outside USA to discuss the 9/11 business, but I know, since I know "Who done it," I waited ten years to hear how unsurprised all of the network people sounded on your mind control screen that day. Only PBS sounded excited about a second airplane, and maybe that was a case of "overacting." 

Yes, Charlie's movie camera looked a lot like Zapruder's, and it wasn't until about my second year in high school when he did not ask for it back. Those airplane spotting binoculars? As late as 1989, I heard, "Gimmie those binoculars back!" and he kept them. Not related to Howard Jr.? Seems some go nuts when I hear too much ATC. Today's highlights:

New York: 
"How long are we looking at?"
"About 55 minutes" (My birth year).

"We're dead in the water. They'll have to send out a tow."
We'll skip the Neo-Nazi discussion of under what conditions passengers may have a drink of water. Isn't that the title of my next screenplay? Wouldn't it be a good idea to sell one first? Yes, whine-Nazis, it would be sound thinking. And as for the court drama, I'd like it to start like this:

Could you state your name? [I still know it]
Address? [The legal one in New Hampshire]
Can you produce a photo of your mother? [No]
Your father? [No]
Any relative? [No]
Why is that? [I am Howard Robard Hughes' grandson] 

And my Jet Blue flight number is?

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