Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wilma, Cutlery, Pickeling, Hail, Door, & Muhrder, LLC

BBC mafia-hot double-crossed buns
In November 2001, it was an Airbus, not an L-1011
More recently, CBS radio said .gov would not release the names
Why did ABC know them, and named them in a broadcast an hour earlier, soldier?
As R. Castro said, how about some names?

It was 1980 when this guy who described himself as, “Like a German Social Democrat” gave money to a Republican who decided he’d run for president as an Independent. The lawfully wedded wife and I went to see this candidate named “John,” and all Bernie supporters who were not born yet in 1980 can look it up on Wikipedia.

Not far into his address, I said, “Gayle, why are the Secret Service guys staring at us?” She said, as all spies do, “They are not looking at us.” I said, “Yes they are.” The parrot is dead. The parrot is not dead, etc. Bill Hughes now wonders if those guys were two actors in search of a day’s pay, not with the real government at all. Why would the candidate allow that? Did I mention he was from Illinois, where all governors go to the slammer. Do they have legislation to that effect? Get elected, go to prison. Isn’t it about time for that to happen to a president of the USA?

Harry T. warned of many things, like my C.I.A. is already out of control, the Executive Branch is too big for its britches, etc. etc. etc. BTW, only Hughes would meet up with the BHI gurl at the Texas Book Depository. Don’t try this at home. Why would you? Bill Hughes used to dream of many things, like a recreation of the JFK assassination, only nothing happens. You wanted to be an extra? Too late, DARPA ding-dong. Too much torture in the Homeland. Too many sneaky murders. Charlie had a Dictabelt like the POTUS. When I would play with it, I got scolded. Let’s have ABC analyze the recording of too many gunshots to be all by Mr. Oswald again. Is this really necessary? No one believed that one shooter story anyway.

By 1990, Bill was a more temperate Clinton Democrat, but did not know it yet. During that eight years, this Hughes was conned with promotions and compliments. As I’ve complained, life is spy “fine” when in view of the Clydesdale butt in front of you. By the year 2000, the Air Force girl and I had already discussed which apartment was selling cocaine in her hometown, and I’m almost sorry I balked at a $97,000 house we could have fought over later. (The neighborhood was later found flush with Illuminati ready to call the cops).

Even landlord Bob’s B-29 stories could not shake it loose in the immediate “Post 9/11 World.” Nope, dummy me had to move to a 911 address the same as the event and still not “get it.” Why, even the suggestion of that aviator movie got virulent resistance. As the flight video faded into book writing, I suppose you too had F-15E’s in the backyard at treetop level. I recall muttering, “Doesn’t anybody else hear them? Are they deaf?” This Hughes refused to believe, even while wondering how easy it would be to “jack” a few MD-11’s simply by hopping an unguarded fence.

Go into the Boeing HQ? Why? As logical urges and cosmic forces strengthened, many could not drive properly, leading to movie-like road action. Don’t worry IllumiNazis, I have no car, and no way to buy one, according to some. People, when the cop sees you run a stop sign and chases the other guy, you’d think this would stand as a clue, and it did.

By 2010, Bill Hughes has no property, and logically no politics, except his own. Many strange things were heard and said on the JPL/CHP lot. What will the POL SCI landscape look like in 2020 USA? Why would I care if the T.O. finger is being wagged at some EU type and/or brain dead Lord that does not like the European Union? England wants out? We’ll see about that, as soon as more Swiss & Iranian women get me out of here. Thieves and self-styled spooks, that big Indiana monument with my name on it is not going anywhere.

Must be nice to call yourself a "socialist" and have no screws in your tires.
You should thank Hubble-generated  stars this top .000001% godhead thinks making a profit on your product/service/scam is O.K.
Taxes? As the I.R.S. rep said, "One thing at a time."

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