Saturday, March 19, 2016


SAGE SERIES EDITORS: “That ain’t liberal”

This Hughes knew a Gary Powers fairly well. Not the U-2 guy. Fools!

In today’s first installment of “That ain’t liberal,” we will cover early use of the Saint Louis County, Missouri police helicopter. There was a crime-fighting Republican was in charge, as I recall.

Hughes wanted a 90-day moratorium on any tests bigger than 1 megaton. Hughes hoped that during that time period, the AEC would further evaluate the potential adverse effects of testing, including impact on water supply, radioactive contamination and earthquakes. ”Who is to say it will not be discovered later that detonating bombs underground and poisoning and adulterating the earth for all the future of mankind is not equally as dangerous as an explosion in the air,” Hughes wrote.

Good God, there’s some sort of anarchist gremlin in my HP. However, now that I’m off the topic thanks to hackers, I will say I defended nuke plant construction in Missourah when girly-men suggested it could melt down, and I do remember who insisted I see The China Syndrome. Further, when 9/11 hijacking boys looked down on them in Tennessee, I’m glad they did not mess them up as I traveled to see my USAF girly~friend on I-24 where the Illinois state cop radar gun sat at the bottom of the same hill every time.

Has Governor Bruce scheduled my appointment yet? Sitting at the Anna BP like big rodents they were! Why, governor?

I was told the Kennedy family has a big interest in Chevron. Not a problem, as they have many mouths to feed. I myself did not starve to death because they accept Food Stamps in DT LA. Have the GOP con_vention rules been altered yet to thwart Trumpists?

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