Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shure Mike Insanity

"What should I do if Hughes figures it out on my watch?"
"Not my problem any more."

Eric – 

Thank you for writing back. Long ago, back when I had a perfectly normal life, I was writing a book about 9/11 and national security issues. (Don’t ever do this!). I read in a published news source that President Bush had activated a Continuity of Government plan (COG) after the 9/11 attacks. 

My research looked into that system, and I thought, “Maybe they would release an old version” because such plans are updated regularly. I submitted an FOIA request, and to my surprise received a response in a FedEx carton that was too thick to merely be a denial. Thus began a quest to find a lawyer willing to take my money. 

The computer, paper records, and reply from the Executive Office of the President were systematically taken from me, yet lawyers continue to shun me like I have AIDS. To the best of my recollection, the request went out in late 2004 or possibly early 2005. My “catchy” address should find it, if you are willing to look. It was: 

William C. Hughes
911 St. Rita Avenue, 2S
St. Louis, MO  63105 

If you want to deny I’m related to Howard “The Aviator” guy, I recently discovered A^^^^^, my neighbor at that time, does not work for a government agency, despite being unmasked as coming to Apartment __ from Washington, D.C. She apparently works at the W**** B*** as her “real job” when not jogging around my block wearing little white headphones. She flirted; I balked, so don’t say, “He’s just like Howard!” 

Did you say “Obama?” I called his White House from a county job search office “homeless” and they said, “We don’t have it. Call Bush’s library.” Yes, I’m much more like under-achiever Charles Evans Hughes, so I’ve waited for more people to get in Bush 41 doo doo before calling. Regarding the Hughes who lost to Woodrow Wilson, my late dad said, in commenting upon ancestry, “Maybe you should look into that.” I did, and lost everything I’ve ever owned in the process. 

William Charles Hughes
[Pardon the “redactions.” Shall we move on to what I call “Bureau Cops?”]
{No longer with the police force? Shocking! Where did they go?}

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