Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bri & The Baron

When I call Las Vegas, I'm speaking English. Right?

 Will reading about Baron Carondolet help? Third gun shop call?

Let's see...Hillary has been indicted... of Trump's spouses sits with Barbara Walters, or someone like her.
Bernie has sufficiently watched his back...
...the GOP Coup has ruled...

As they said at the Castro's Back Room cigar shop in Concord, NH:
"Anything can happen."

C.I.A. critic Gary Webb has risen from the dead?
I thought only Jesus could do that!
People, it wasn't Jesus at a Washington, D.C. stoplight.
His spouse was my neighbor, and...
where are the records?

"We were sold to an offshore LLC that microfilmed them and put them in a mayonnaise jar in Toronto. Later, a fine Indian company bought that company and sent them to Bahrain. This company was later acquired by the Sultan of Swat in a deal that involved DirecTV again." Are you taking notes?

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