Thursday, March 31, 2016

From the LA County Files

It was Candy Eve who said: "You can make all the 'To Do' lists you want. Nothing will change."

September 3, 2013

Dear ic3fbi Idiots -

I want PAMELA BXXX arrested for her murders and murder conspiracies. Further, I want this worse than Howard Hughes Jr. torture and detention campaign halted. IMMEDIATELY. You have no legal basis for detaining me in a given geographic location, yet it has taken place many times, and when I get to COURT, the allegation will be that there was a long, well-funded conspiracy to murder me, and failing that, "neutralize" me by stripping me of all property and access to financial resources (It's called MONEY).

As for Mr. STEVE RXXXXXXXXX, I would, without hesitation, kill him with my bare and unskilled at fighting hands if he dared approach. I have a weapon? No. Want some sarcasm? I'd beat him with a piece of homeless guy cardboard sign. What was I supposedly doing at the ARCH MOTEL with his money? Selling drugs, per the usual false allegation. May I be arrested like Chinese dissident Xue Manzi on charges of "Soliciting a prostitute," because enough of them come near, but like higher class U.S. government whores, they want my MONEY.

What I want is a year of peace & quiet. My frustration? Nothing works. Public officials? Police agencies? Professional associations? Colleagues? Friends? I have none, like Howard Hughes, and to do that to someone with no money or housing rises to the level of TORTURE and WAR CRIMES, because I believe I'm rather sneakily related to William IV.

Let's argue that one in a court called The House of Commons, where I can be quickly tutored on protocol. I'm who? I think I'm allowed to talk as long as I want. What's that catchy line, "I need my own tools to finish the job."

You're in trouble, D.C. Big trouble.


It was Candy's late mother who said: "Bill, it's really tough when you are dealing with a bunch of nuts."

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