Saturday, July 8, 2017

Keep it to a Dull Roar

July 8, 2017 

Mr. Julin:
I’ve grown tired of three tasks: 1). Contacting lawyers who don’t care about me; 2). Nailing the C.I.A.’s collective force of assholes to the premeditated by Americans 9/11 attacks; and 3). Uncovering more and more information on my identity as “Howard Hughes’ lost son.”
I dream of a jury trial that is such a laugher my attorney says, “The giveaway is the ticker tape” as I produce photos of both my late dad and Howard with a mayor. They named an airport after one of the mayors, the other said this to me: “How ‘ya doing kid?” HINT: Later I asked why his Spanish Pavilion was being disassembled from the World’s Fair and brought to Saint Louis. Daddy said, “They figure it will being in some tourists.” Charles E. Hughes was part of the Saint Louis “they,” while in my case “they” have done nothing but plot on how to end my life.
Hearing about the “black site” detainees from gabby spies in Broward County well ahead of your airtight “media” reporting on these war crimes against largely innocent people has not speeded my “termination.” Even beatings, rape, and murder in Missouri’s state hospitals reported to your USDOJ does not seem to get me on CNN or even CSPAN. The latter I allege is run by robots that stringently screen calls from both human actors and real people to keep everyone in the nation chasing their tail.
When I visited South Florida, I had a favorite coffee stop I called, “The Anti-Castro Donut Shop,” and why would any real socialist begrudge my generous tipping in the shadow of four million dollar condos? Can’t write well? Find ALAN KELLOCK in Boca Raton. He’ll remember my first book confiscated by Russian terrorists! 

Good day, 

William C. Hughes

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