Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sarge, the Newsgirl Got It Wrong

In 1972, it was Band on the Run
In 2017, it may be Cops on the Run

Apollo 12
Westlake Warrior

Did Finkel flee to the Dominican Republic yet?

Hey Hollywood!

I can’t watch “Atomic Blond.” Mafia garbage!
I won’t watch “Atomic Homefront.” St. Louis garbage!

For your safety, “Tim Hunt” at the Secret Service will be consulted about the first new character names.

[I thought of the last name at random, went to the phone book, and found William Wilcox, M.D. had retired]

[The Keith I had in mind, we cannot discuss. Macklind is a street where the St. Louis Humane Society is located]

[Herbert was a very difficult Jewish mental patient of mine, and a politician named Cohen was nice to me. His nickname came from uncovering waste and fraud at the Pentagon…in the movie we are making after I’m dead]

What is it about?



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