Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pipe Line


Dear Ms. Granado:

I am happy to report I have no idea what the fuss is about over your pipeline. I am so sure I am related to Howard Robard Hughes Jr. I will be happy to share how he outsmarted all enemies to give me what is mine, not today or next week. By selling Hughes Tool Company to Summa Corporation for a reported 150 million dollars, this was like Howard’s left hand selling the company to his right.

Some have questioned if Howard Hughes really signed the deal. Many might be foolish enough to question his mental competence at the time of the sale. What Howard was thinking was, “If Bill goes after the oil company he’ll get it. If they play games, he can go after Summa and still get it.” I’m Bill. Get it? Howard died in 1976? That’s not what the FBI director thought! My joke you may share on the GE-Baker Hughes takeover bid is: “Why don’t we start making light bulbs and washing machines?” 

William Hughes

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