Friday, July 7, 2017

Rat Droppings

Let's see...I thought if that War Criminal on the left had shaved and dyed his hair he might have been in the GOEBEL SENIOR ADULT CENTER computer lab. Nah, not him. As for the War Criminal on the right, I've never seen the asshole, but I must wonder why his name is one letter off from one of my best California "gal pals." Got the all black outfit on, girls? Kind of warm in STL for that bullcrap.


Dear Ms. Rock:

I’ve got a theory for you. But first, did your know the U.S. Secret Service was founded on the Fifth of July,1865? Did you know the Wild Wild West TV show was supposedly based on their early exploits? Did you know Howard Hughes almost bought the network that show was on? And, did you know I got an “insider” explanation for the cancellation of ABC’s Time Tunnel which was on at about the same time. I can’t describe it here, because it was kind of vulgar, but I am sure true, given it came from a guy who was the “Sea Monster” on yet another ABC show I watched on our RCA TV in Saint Louis County during the 1960’s.

I simply can’t believe how everything I’ve tried to tell your local media and appropriate authorities has been ignored. The mail did not arrive? No help on that. The mail was not delivered? No help on that. Drugs were being sold openly? No help on that. And, when it comes to gunshots, somebody just got murdered in the City of St. Louis because they thought it was fireworks. I’m going to give a copy of this to a police Captain in their “Special Ops” department, and here is another true story.

When I injured my leg in California, I shouted at a “gawker,” and that brought out two black & white cop cars. As I discussed the injury with a Captain, he did not suggest any medical attention, but rather he wanted to point out my alleged invisibility. The female with him I later discovered was a Commander in charge of 20 million dollars her department received in an anti-drug block grant. If I had known that, I would have told her what a terrible job she was doing.

My “buddy” who did take interest in the injury told me, to my surprise, that LSD is still a very popular recreational drug. When I expressed disbelief, he said, “I’m going to the Valley; I’ll get your two thousand hits.” My reply was “No thanks,” and by that time I already knew that selling drugs was a common way to get yourself out of Thousand Oaks, CA. In fact, when I suggested that was how a younger pal was leaving town, he threatened to assault me—right in front of a sheriff car. This tends to make your think the lawman is corrupt. 


William C. Hughes


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