Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pay No Attention to My Motel

Jeff is allowed to complain; I'm not.
July 11, 2017

Dear Alderman Boyd:

I cannot believe 1120 AM “gave it up” when I asked, “Who was the black alderman in the governor’s face about guns?” Your helper at the Board did not know, but in expressing mild disgust she did say, “Yeah, and he made a commercial where he was shooting guns.” Seems like I called Lewis Reed’s office often when I lived in the “Carondolet Gun Range” off of South Broadway. I now know when the #40 bus driver signals to not board the bus, it’s really bad at the Catalan Loop.

Why do I even know what the Catalan Loop is after driving just about every car in Missouri’s fleet except for the governor’s? The nicest vehicle was the boss man’s new gray Impala. The worst was a 14 passenger van I returned with this comment: “I know what a tie rod is, and it’s broken.” State Hospital’s Motor Pool? Not like the Army, but close. Please keep complaining about gun violence, because you can get next to him; I can’t. I will now distort a quote from a Russian pal, who regarding Mr. Putin said, “We can’t get to him.” For what I cannot say.


William C. Hughes
[Pay no attention to the Wayside, Chippewa, or Duplex]  

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